Doe Deere

Doe Deere is a successful beauty influencer and cosmetic company owner. She was born in Izhevsk, Russia. She has used her very bold personality and looks to create bold and bright makeup for people around the world. Deere has been imaginative and creative since she was an adolescent. She hosted slumber parties that had themes no one else would turn to. Instead of having princess themes she had witch themes. She was also an entrepreneur long before she started her makeup company. She was very confident in her abilities, so she moved to New York City to find new opportunities.

Doe Deere was then interested in becoming a musician. She started a band, sky Salt while in New York City. Years later she married her band mate Mark and began Lime Crime. She has acquired a great deal of success, but she continues to keep her life simple. She wakes up every day at 8:30 a.m without an alarms help. She eats breakfast, answers emails, and catches up with all that’s going on in the world. She does her makeup and then prepares to go to the office. She sticks to her routine to ensure that she takes care of herself.

She then heads to the office to get work done at her company Lime Crime. Lime Crime began as a fashion line on eBay in 2004. Lime Crime became a makeup company when she couldn’t find vibrant makeup colors that fit her. Doe Deere calls herself Queen Unicorn. In 2008 Lime Crime was launched and is now a thriving makeup company that sells makeup nationally and internationally. She works hard to make sure that she is serving her customers excellent quality makeup. Lime Crime is a vegan makeup company. She stands by her vegan makeup company very proudly.

Lime Crime has changed and recreated over the years to satisfy customers. Lime Crime and Doe Deere are very popular because they provided people with bold colored makeup when it was not able to be found anywhere else. She expresses her love for bright colors through her makeup and her bold colored hair. She calls herself and her followers unicorns because she is confident in her uniqueness. She believes that people are born different her difference is her love for color. Unicorns symbolize originality and boldness to express your uniqueness despite the things that society has to say. Learn more:


Doe Deere Has Built A Makeup Empire With Her Own Hands

One of the most popular and growing makeup brands in the world currently is Lime Crime. The company was founded by a colorful and determined young woman named Doe Deere. Doe is originally from Russia and knew that she wanted to be in business from a very young age. She even began to sell temporary tattoos to the children she attended school with in order to make extra money. Learn more:

When she moved to New York at the age of 17, she took her entrepreneurial spirit with her and began working as a musician. Her stint in the music world offered her many benefits including giving her an outlet for her creative expression through makeup and clothing. She also picked up invaluable marketing skills and PR insight that would later help her to propel her company to success. Her time in New York helped her to grow and blossom as a person, and it is also where she met her husband. They were working in a band together and collaborated on writing music and other interests of the band. Learn more:

Doe realized at that time that there was a gap in the makeup market for individuals who wanted to use bright and bold colors to express themselves. Quality makeup that came in all of the colors of the rainbow was exceedingly difficult to find, so Doe decided to create her own products. She started giving makeup tutorials on Youtube, which made her a Youtube celebrity. ONce people saw her makeup, they began ordering it faster than she could make it. Years later, she has managed to grow her company into a household name that has tons of devoted fans. When Lime Crime releases new products, fans are waiting to snag the latest releases as fast as they can.

Doe’s advice for any young entrepreneurs just starting out in the world is to follow their heart and reach for their dreams. She credits her success to her drive to do the things she truly enjoys. She feels fortunate to have a job that she never gets tired of and loves to be a part of daily.

Lime Crime is growing and releasing incredible new products all the time. Doe herself has a hand in the concept and creation of these wonderful products. She comes up with ideas and helps the scientist create the products, including assisting with the testing process. She insists that the products always remain cruelty-free as well as dermatologist tested to ensure customer satisfaction. Doe is a woman with a vision and she is making her dreams a reality every day.

Empowerment and Wine: How Julia Jackson is changing the industry


As the youngest daughter of the wine industry archetypes Jess Jackson and Barbra Banke, the co-founders of the famous Jackson Family Wines, Julia grew up in the industry. Julia used to pick and sort grapes with her father as a child. She now is a prominent figure in the industry. Julia holds a certificate in General Management from the Stanford School of Business, as well as a degree from Scripps College in Studio Arts. Julia, along with her mother and sister Katie, own and run the Cambria Estate Vineyards and Winery in the Santa Maria Valley.

Inspired by her mother’s business acumen and ambition, Julia wanted to empower inspirational women, who push through hardships and obstacles to lead and support their communities. Julia noted that strong female role models are necessary to inspire women empowerment. From there, Cambria Seeds of Empowerment was born. The Program provides up to $100,000 each year in grants to organizations that are working towards equality, community, and spirit. The initiative was launched in 2014. Cambria Seeds of Empowerment grants were awarded to activists working in Myanmar and Tanzania, both women, working on related projects. As a consumer, you can purchase Seeds of Empowerment Wines, to support the program. Seeds of Empowerment Wines have the added bonus of including an original watercolor painting by Julia herself, highlighting one of her many creative talents.


The Family’s different brands of Cabernet, most notably La Joie, Le Désir, and La Muse, have continually received high praise and scores from wine experts.

Julie Zuckerberg ‘s Extensive Recruitment Career

Since Julie Zuckerberg was right out of college, she has worked as a recruiter. This has helped her to hone the skills that she has and it is all reflected on her LinkedIn. There, it is easy to see that she has a lot of experience that helps to qualify her for the jobs that she holds with the Deutsche Bank. It is something that has given her a chance to try more and to do more with what she has. It has also given her the ability to try new things so that she can be the best recruiter possible.

When Julie Zuckerberg first started out, she worked for Hudson. This was right out of college and it made the most sense because it is where she had interned at while she was in college. She used Hudson to gain all of the recruiting experience that she needed. She wanted to make sure that things would work out and that she would be a good recruiter so that she could try more with the options that she had. Thanks to her experience that she had at Hudson, she knew that she could do more and would be able to bring more opportunities to the recruitment field for banking.

Not only did Julie Zuckerberg move on to work with major bank, Citi, it was there that she learned everything that she needed to know about recruiting and the way that it could work with the way that she tried new things. Thanks to the opportunities that she had at this bank, she knew that she would be able to try more things and that her strategy could get so much better than what it had been in the past with the other companies that she played a major role in while she was working with them.

Despite the fact that Julie Zuckerberg did well with the opportunities that she had, she still wanted to try more with the experiences that she could gain from a different industry. Since she figured that insurance was not that much different from banking, she chose the New York Life Insurance Company to be able to work with. While she made a huge difference there, she did not like the work and did not find it as rewarding as what she had found the banking industry. It was something that she worked hard with and tried her best to be able to make work but it simply did not happen.

After working with the insurance company, Julie Zuckerberg went back to the banking world. She was hired by the Deutsche Bank. This was a company that was international similar to Citi but it was a better opportunity because she had a chance to try more there. She was able to invest her time and make sure that she was doing more with the recruitment strategies. She also did her best to make sure that she had new strategies that enabled her to experience a better recruitment plan.

Julie Zuckerberg: Inspiration and Role-Model for Women in Business

Julie Zuckerberg is best known for her role within Deutsche Bank, a thriving financial institution that deals primarily with the needs of high-profile clients and world-class businesses. Ms. Zuckerberg is a well-learned executive that works as a Lead Executive Recruiter within Deutsche Bank’s New York office, and her success in this position is attributed to her 15 years of related experience in the field. As a lead recruiter, she is responsible for coaching, guiding, and directing recruiting teams to ensure fast and efficient work for clients around the globe. Zuckerberg also oversees company processes and performs audits to ensure that the work being done is not only excellent quality but also complies with company policy. With her work, she guarantees that the candidates she looks for are the perfect fit for her employer to fill difficult positions. For her strategy, Julie Zuckerberg stays in close contact with recruiting offices, executive search firms, and university placement offices to find new and prospective employees to hire. These areas offer younger people just beginning in the business world a chance to work with one of the most esteemed banking establishments and gain valuable experience in the workforce.


To work in such a demanding, high-stress job such as executive recruiter, Ms. Zuckerberg employs many skills and strategies that make her stand out from others in her field. She gets to know her employees on a personal level, getting to know their work ethic to ensure that they are always in a position that they can excel in. When hiring, Zuckerberg searches for employees already familiar with or in the field of banking as they already possess the skills and know-how to do the job efficiently and accurately. For other prospective candidates, she will often ask her current employees for their opinion, as well as any information they may have on the candidate before the interview process as an added screen. Involving her team in the hiring process creates an open-ended dialogue that serves to strengthen the bond between manager and employee. Additionally, it creates an additional step in the screening process to weed out potential candidates that may not be a good fit within the company.


When she is not working, Julie engages in running, home decorating, cooking, and photography. She enjoys eating at many of New York’s finest restaurants and looking for delicious looking foods online. If she is not running or looking at home decoration, she is actively involved in many social issues such as human and animal rights. All of these various hobbies keep this busy woman grounded in a business that is dominated by busy schedules, overflowing timetables, and demanding clients. However, she does it with a smile on her face; she does her job with an enthusiasm that many people in her field can aspire to emulate. The combination of her personality, hiring method, and willingness to go above and beyond for her job makes her one of the most successful Executive Recruiters in New York.