The U.S. Money Reserve, A Perpetual Source Of Value

At some point in our life, we all have heard of the U.S. Money Reserve (founded in 2001), but what is it and more importantly how does it affect our lives? At its most basic level, the U.S. Money Reserve is one of the United States biggest distributors of precious metal and government issued coins in the world. In general, government issued coins consists of gold, platinum and silver. The next obvious question is “why should I trust the quality I receive from the U.S. Money Reserve?“ One reason why you can trust the integrity the U.S. Money Reserve provides, is due to its current president was the former Chief Of Staff of the U.S. Treasury Department and 35th Director of the U.S. Mint, Philip Diehl. Philip Diehl’s former positions are some of the highest regarded positions, held by anyone employed by the U.S. government. In addition, the U.S. Money Reserve is accredited by the backing of the business Consumer Alliance, in the form of a AAA rated award for their trustworthiness and ethical business practices. To receive AAA rating from the Business Consumer Alliance, helps to solidify the trust of the American people and the rest of the world by labeling them as a reliable, trustworthy and reputable business.



By servicing over a half a million clients along with shipping over a billion dollars in coins to very satisfied clients, the U.S. Money Reserve offers a 30 day buyback guarantee as a safety option. In addition, there’s a list of other great things this organization does to go above and beyond what’s expected by their clients and potential clients.


“Okay, you told me about the U.S. Money Reserve and you gave me reasons why I should trust them, but how does this have the potential to affect my life?” Well, our currency historically has been based on the physical value of the coins the U.S. Money Reserve handles. In addition, the value of our currency has evolved to more than just the basic “our Fiat currency is supported by gold and silver concept”. At the moment, our Fiat currency is based on the credit and faith of our economy and the delicate relationship of demand and supply. So you might say “okay, our Fiat currency may or may not be based on gold or silver, but what does that mean to how we value the coins issued by the U.S. Money Reserve?” The one thing that everyone knows on this planet, is that there will always be a value to silver and gold, because they are physically finite. However, Fiat currencies around the world are not finite, which means they can potentially lose all of their value. Therefore, the U.S. Money Reserve will always serve as a great source of value.


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