The San Diego’s renown plastic surgeon, Mark Mofid.

Mark Mofid is a plastic surgeon. He is based in San Diego. Mark Mofid is a very popular name in the field of cosmetic surgery. He attended Harvard University. He as well went to Johns Hopkins University. Mark brings to the cosmetic surgery industry not only his unquestionable education but also some thoughtful inventions. His innovations have greatly improved cosmetic surgery.

Dr. Mofid has a remarkable reputation in his work. He is known for his safe medical practices. For this reason, many plastic surgery patients tend to prefer him for their procedures. His patients are always willing to pay extra amounts for his services. Dr. Mofid, however, is primarily interested in the safety of his patients. Before performing a procedure, he always ensures that it does not involve major risks to the client.

Dr. Mark Mofid greatly understands how the skin, fat, and muscles operate in a human’s body. This together with his extensive scientific research puts him in a better position to perform his surgeries safely.

When he first joined the industry, he noticed a lot of loopholes that sought for improvement. Instead of just sticking to the basic practices that everyone was used to, Dr. Mark Mofid has greatly evolved the field. He has worked for almost a decade on development of particular varieties of surgeries. For instance, when he joined the industry, generic implants were being used. These implants had a very low compatibility rate. Through research, Dr. Mofid came up with a more compatible gluteal implant.

On an interview, Mark Mofid talked about his clinic. He stated that they are located in La Jolla, California. He states that his wife works with him in the clinic as the hospital’s dermatologist. The clinic also has a full-time nurse. He is also working with two surgical engineers. The clinic offers plastics surgery and dermatologic care.

He also states that in plastic surgery, technologies such as laser lipolysis treatment have really become popular. However, in his clinic, they tend to come up with new technologies to solve the same problems. Their new approaches include thread lifting and mesotherapy among others. The challenge with these new methods is that sometimes the patients might not appreciate them. Lucky for him, his patients have greatly embraced these new methods.