Betsy DeVos On Topic Article

With nearly two years in office, Betsy DeVos has done some major work in education reform. While her appointment to a shock to many in the education sector, DeVos has stood by her platform and promoted educational choice as the answer to America’s public school issues.


Education reform has been a polarizing topic since the 1980s when the Reagan Administration issued a report on the failing American public school system. Ever since then, educators and lawmakers have differed on how to teach America’s children. Some believed in standardized testing and Common Core, but both have their pitfalls. For one, children may not be comprehending as much as they are memorizing for standardized tests.


DeVos has been in several interviews over the past few years talking about the challenges and successes she has found since coming into office. Of course, American education isn’t going to change overnight. She has seen success in a few states however that have embraced educational choice, including Florida and Louisiana. Florida now has the most private choice options for education, including private schools and charter schools. Florida also has a tuition-based scholarship program that is helping many children attend the schools that were once out of reach due to where they lived.


This is what DeVos says is the biggest problem with the American school system. While many believe that she supports public funding for private choice, much of the funds have come from philanthropy, including supporters like Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg.


As Education Secretary, DeVos has vowed to change the way that people see education in America and has given more options in states for virtual schools, private schools, charter schools, and homeschooling.


For many years, DeVos has backed these programs. In the early 2000s, she worked with her husband to lobby a ballot with “Kits First! Coalition,” which was in support of private choice and adding more charter schools. While the legislation was unsuccessful, Michigan continues to be a state with the least regulations on charter schools, which is a cause for concern for Democrats and Republications alike.


DeVos says that these schools promote focus on the student. The programs are all about what education has to offer the student and how students are responding to these changes has been remarkable. Many students who were floundering in failing schools have found new opportunities through private schools.


Trump also recently appointed Betsy DeVos as the leader of school safety reform. Due to the recent school violence in America, DeVos now must make some tough decisions on how schools will treat violence, particularly with guns. DeVos says that she is up for the task and has always considered school safety to be one of her biggest concerns.


As DeVos moves into the next two years of her term, it will be interesting to see what new states adopt private choice and whether it will be a long-term success.


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Sawyer Howitt – Fighting The Millenial Stigma By Offering Reliable Advice

As a young entrepreneur, Sawyer Howitt is extending his success to many who are looking to start their own business or looking for ways to advance their business. He has many years of success behind his belt and has figured out ways to promote his endeavors into successful ventures. He will be attending the University of California in Berkeley to study a degree in entrepreneurial finance. He has been working for Meriwether Group as their project manager since 2017. Meriwether Group is a company that is based in Oregon that focuses on building brands and expanding international services in relation to those who are starting a new business or getting involved in the commerce industry. As the project manager, Howitt is responsible for overseeing many of the company’s projects and financial aspects. He learned in a short amount of time how necessary it is for customer service to become a positive mannerism. Without good customer service, you will not have customers interested in your business. He also provides many meaningful ways to allow customers to interact with their favorite brands. In addition to his tasks as the project manager, he also takes part in many philanthropic organizations and charity events. He is always looking for ways that companies can adapt to the technological changes that the world faces on a daily business.

Howitt recently discusses his financial endeavors and success as an entrepreneur in hopes to help many who are stuck or need of an extra boost. As a very young entrepreneur, he has come to realize that millennials may have a battle to fight because of the many stereotypes placed on them. He is here to show a different outlook on millennials and show the business world that they are a force to be reckoned with. Howitt has worked very hard to show many older professionals that he is capable of working hard and standing up for what is right which runs parallel to great work ethics. Many young business owners may start to feel intimidated because they don’t have years of success underneath their belt, however, Howitt is here to help them get the confidence they need and ensure that if they work hard with their passion always in mind, they will be able to succeed in their business. Many entrepreneurs are very valuable; they just need to be fed with reliable resources and a drive to fulfill their dreams. Once they can achieve that, they will be able to accomplish anything.

Dick DeVos, the Trajectory of the successful Businessman

Born in the United States in the state of Michigan, Richard “Dick” DeVos is a businessman that has many talents at his disposition. DeVos has a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Northwood University and has obtained as well several honorary doctorates from different institutions. He began his career in Amway where he held responsibilities in many divisions such as finance, marketing, sales and research.


When I first read about him, it wasn’t hard to notice that he was an asset of much value in the company due to the fact that just ten years after he was hired he climbed to be one of Amway’s vice presidents and his decision making on his work had influence on a lot of counties.


In my opinion, DeVos is a man with a lot of vision who presented to Amway many other markets that would bring great profit to the company and that’s not even counting how he managed to increase foreign sales in a scale that was never seen in the company before. He is great in what he does because of the simple reason that he knows where the money is and how to get it.



After leaving Amway, DeVos was devoted to help his family manage their newly acquired National Basketball Team, Orlando Magic. DeVos stepped in as chief operating officer and some people had doubts on how well he could perform in such a different organization than Amway, for me it was clear that he would do a spectacular job judging by his work story and how well he had been doing and the fact is, DeVos was up to the challenge and did a spectacular job.



After working with the Orlando Magic, Dick DeVos decided to return to Amway as its President where he returned and did just what he was doing before he left, expanding and earning a large amount of money to the company. Seven years later after his reincorporation, Amway suffered a corporal restructuration process that led to the company known as Alticor. After two years since the restructuration, He left the company and I supposed he did it with a smile on his face knowing that he had a great influence on the company’s growth and large income. Without the initiative and decision making of DeVos, the former Amway would not have turned out the same. He is truly a business mastermind.



Nowadays, the businessman is helping his wife, Betsy DeVos, with her philanthropic movement to renew the American education and create a better school system for the future generations. Both of them have already achieved a lot in their “educational-choice movement.”


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