Daniel Taub on milestone for unity between Israel and Britain

Daniel Taub is a popular diplomat from Israel as well as an international lawyer who served as the Israel ambassador to the court of St. James UK for years until 2015. He was born in Britain in 1962. Read more: Daniel Taub – Crunchbase

As the Israeli diplomat in Britain, he has lived in the country for close to thirty years. He gave up his British citizenship in 2011 when he met the Queen of England after he decided to become Israel’s ambassador to the United Kingdom.

As a proud Jew, he mentioned that it was a privilege for him to have raised his family in their original homeland. He found hope in this and wants to give back to his country by uniting the two countries, Israel and Britain.

He is a very influential figure to many including the Jewish community in Britain who supported him for they too shared in his vision and hope for unity. Daniel Taub can be said to be as popular as another previous envoy Shilov Argov, who met his tragic death in London, 1982. He is a firm believer that faith in oneself can bring change and repair broken bridges.

He has been on the front line speaking for the people of Israel both to the government by collaborating with the media as well as important men and women in the business world and academics. He claims that the two countries are looking into a bright future particularly through initiatives between the two countries in academic and research operations.

Talking on behalf of Israel as a nation, he pointed out they take Britain seriously because it offers a gateway to unity with the whole of the United Kingdom as its media covers news around the word and also as the world’s financial center.

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Daniel Taub mentioned that his job was simply letting the world know where the Israeli people are as a nation in leadership. He did quite well considering the difficult times in the Middle East.

During the tenure of Daniel Taub, the ties between Israel and the United Kingdom were replenished. The two countries shared a lot in terms of trade, cultural exchange, and education.

Daniel Taub also left a legacy among the Jewish community living in the United Kingdom for his excellent representation. In his farewell party, they described him as the best envoy that that Israeli has ever appointed to represent their interest in a foreign country.

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