Richard Liu Qiangdong – From Rags to Riches

Richard Liu Qiangdong is a Chinese billionaire with one of the largest e-commerce businesses in the world. He built his business,, from scratch to become a global leader in the world of internet retail. With millions of products available at the click of a button, has an innovative and progressive business model that helped it become the giant it is today.

Things, however, were not always easy for Liu Qiangdong growing up. His parents had a coal shipping business which didn’t do too well. Finding how the family business was not even able to provide for medical expenses of his grandmother, Richard Liu decided to enrol at the Renmin University of China and gain higher education. He graduated with a degree in sociology, while learning computer programming and developing software. He later earned an EMBA from the China Europe International Business School. After working for a health firm for years, Richard Liu set-up his own business in 1998. His shop sold computer accessories and soon he had 12 stores. It was a seemingly unfortunate turn of events that actually proved critically important for Liu Qiangdong. An outbreak of the SARS epidemic meant that Liu Qiangdong had to close his physical stores. This led to the idea of an online retail outlet and was born.

Under Richard Liu’s leadership JD has grown through the years. Each year the company has added hundreds of thousands of new products. Its closest rival Walmart does not have the variety that JD has. So JD offers its customers with increased choice. Their vast network of warehouses means that they store a huge proportion of their products in locations throughout China, so delivery anywhere within China takes a maximum of just six hours. The express delivery along with nearly unlimited choice makes it really stand out as an e-commerce firm.

On the cost side, Richard Liu’s vision is to reduced turnover from their current 34 days to even less. Which means right now, JD warehouses retain a product for a maximum of 34 days. Richard Liu Qiangdong is truly a businessman with a lot of foresight and the drive to expand and grow. He has been able to use challenges he faced in his favour and build an empire out of nothing in doing so.

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Stream Energy Cares For It’s Community

In August of 2017 hurricane Harvey brought several feet of water to the city of Houston. Many individuals watched the horrific devastation the storm brought with it. Hurricane Harvey would claim the lives and homes of many individuals. One of the first company’s in the city of Houston to step up and help with the recovery process after the storm was Stream Energy. The company is involved in selling energy to its customers and took it upon itself to assist its customers who ended up undergoing financial hardships due to the storm. Stream Energy is a company that prides itself for partaking in philanthropic efforts throughout its community. The company started “Stream Cares”, which is the charity the company recently founded.

Stream Energy launching a new part of their business specifically dedicated to philanthropy is very new in the corporate world. This allows for the company to give back to its surrounding community, but also earns admiration from those who live in the area and who may potentially become future loyal clients. A company undergoing scandals, profit losses and hard times may utilize this method to improve the image of the company. While many people view corporate America as completely greedy, the statistics show that corporate America donates to numerous charities across the United States.

Stream Energy has a history of working with organizations such as the Red Cross and Habitat for Humanity. Company management and the day to day employees make a combined effort to give to the local community. The company encourages its employees to choose ways to help the local community. The workers at Stream Energy are all passionate about caring for the members in their local community who are homeless.

Stream Energy joined efforts with the Hope supply company to help pay for an event called the Splash for Hope. This event helps to bring over one thousand homeless children to a local water park. The entrance to enter the park and their food costs are paid for. Many of these children have never experienced a waterpark before. The companies also offer money and supplies to help the children as well.

Ian King – Senior Analyst At Banyan Hill Publishing

Ian King is a Contributing Editor and Senior Analyst at Banyan Hill Publishing. He attended Lafayette College, where he majored in Psychology. He received a B.S. degree in Psychology. Ian King’s career includes being a hedge fund manager, and he is now a trader in cryptocurrency. His career experience includes over twenty years as a trader and financial-market analysis. Mr. King has been highlighted on networks such as Seeking Alpha and Fox Business News. The first crypto financing high-tech merchandise of its kind was developed by Mr. King for Investopedia Academy. Read more articles by Ian King at Investopedia.

Ian King’s career began at Salomon Brothers’ as a desk clerk. He worked at Citigroup in the credit derivatives sector. After leaving Citigroup, Mr. King worked over ten years as a head trader, trading options in Peahi Capital.

In one of his recent articles that Ian King wrote for Banyan Hill Publishing, he gave an explanation of the bond market rise in popularity. He stated that the stock market is being challenged by the bond market. There are, however, a few peculiarities, between the stock market and the bonds market. The stock market has been the dominant performer in over ten years. The S&P has seen an increase of 29 percent.

Are Buyers Afraid Of The Trade Wars Between China And The United States?

In an interview with Fox Business News, Ian King spoke about the trade conflict between the United States and China. He states that this feud has a negative impact on the stock market. Within the past weeks, this conflict caused the market to decrease by approximately 3 percent.

What Are Some Major Points In The China And The United States Conflict?

According to Ian King, the major point is that China and the United States are coming to a deadlock that is intense. This allows for the retaliatory state between these two countries and gives them room to intensify, which will be devastating for the markets.

There is an indication that the market is beginning to propel President Donald Trump to take measures to calm the fears of the market. The United States putting levies on goods from China is not as effective as years ago. Visit:


Matt Badiali

Matt Badiali had no idea when he graduated from Florida Atlantic University with a degree in geology that he would leave that field behind in order to enter the financial world. Encouraged by a close friend, he took what he had learned about the earth and its resources and began advising people about investing in companies producing oil and other natural resources. His studies showed that there were huge pockets of fossil fuels that were available within the United States boundaries and that big corporations were not taking full advantage of them. See more of Matt on Facebook.

Matt Badiali learned that in the 1970’s President Nixon signed a decree which allowed companies who drilled for oil in order to use it in the country would be able to keep their profits free from any federal tax. As long as the company would pay their investors ninety percent of their profits, this money would also be tax free to them. This was an effort on the part of the government to encourage domestic drilling of natural resources and to lessen the dependence on foreign fuels. Matt saw an opportunity to work with these large corporations and knew that he could offer this to the average American.

Within a short period of time, Matt Badiali put together a company called Freedom Checks where people could open accounts in order to purchase interests in these tax free returns. The checks would be paid out in regular intervals, either monthly or yearly. Investors flocked to this idea because of the promise of tax free profits. Big oil companies knew this was the best way to get more people interested in investing with them and Matt saw an increase in his business right away. Matt Badiali has been speaking at conferences and seminars all over the country in order to bring his message to many more people. Check:


Helping The Average Investor With Paul Mampilly

Paul Mampilly has an MBA from Fordham University. He has worked for a host of investment companies and legal firms. He even started getting job offers from billion dollar brands because of his work ethic. He worked himself up to managed a hedge fund account that increased the companies assets to $25 billion. He was a sought after man on Wall Street for his investment expertise. Even with all of that, Paul Mampilly knew Wall Street was not forever with him. He wanted to spend more time with his wife and children. That longing in his heart directed him away from the super wealthy to where he currently is now. Visit Bloomberg to know more about Paul Mampilly.

Banyan Hill Publishing is an experienced online outlet of written pieces discussing investments and financial planning for the average investor. The publishing company boasts of team of experts. Their experts have a combination of several decades of financial experience. Tens of thousands of readers flock to the headlines this website delivers everyday. The company has made it their mission to put the reader first. They fulfil the reader’s desires by dispensing information about commodities, small cap and mid cap investments. stock market fluctuations and undervalued companies.

Paul Mampilly is senior editor at the investment publication. He works as a financial and investment analyst. It his job to study the markets, analyze the best stocks and create content to promote the most promising returns for investors. He specializes in writing about technology companies and growth strategies to aid investors.

Paul Mampilly works on three newsletters for the publication. Profit Unlimited has drawn over 60,000 subscribers. This newsletter focuses on small low risk investments. It is an eight page weekly newsletter geared towards millennials. It offers a couple recommendations for stocks that require small investment but have the potential to yield high returns. His second newsletter is the True Momentum. This newsletter’s specialty is discussing investments with moderate amounts of risk. The third newsletter is Extreme Fortunes. The content the senior editor creates for this newsletter focuses on investments that require high risk but also higher rewards. He writes on a few different companies for investors to invest in if they are willing to accept the riskiness that comes along with investing in these types of companies.



Meet Ted Bauman: A Renowned Economist

Meet Ted Bauman: A Renowned Economist

Ted Bauman started working at Banyan Hill in the year 2013. He moved to South Africa from the U.S in the 1980s. He played an important role in the implementation as well as the development of urbanization and economic policy. In the years the 1990s and 2000s, this brilliant man held a position of a consultant in entities like United Nations and European and African governments. Read more at Daily Forex Report about Ted Bauman.

Work history

Ted Bauman traveled to various parts of Asia and Africa. This helped him learn how economic and political dynamics interact in various societies. Ted has published research as well as commentary in various international journals.

In the year 2008, Ted went back to America and started working for a non-profit organization situated in Atlanta. Here, he assumed the role of the Director of International programs. This talented man applies his economic knowledge to assess sustainability and effectiveness of an organization. In 2013, he started working as an editor. His international experience, as well as his broad knowledge, helped him perform excellently.

As a renowned economist, Ted can look at an investment landscape from a wider standpoint. His unique capability enables him to provide his readers unique information regarding market trends and development, which offer profit potential. Besides editing Alpha Stock Weekly, Plan B Club, and The Bauman Letter, he also writes for the Sovereign Investor Daily.

Alpha Stock Alert

Here, Editor Ted provides stock recommendations as per the Alpha Code System. His broad knowledge in the field enables him to offer proper guidance to those in need. With the help of some of the best professionals in the Industry, Ted was able to develop the “algorithmic” trading system.

Plan B Club:

This is actually a guide for getting a secondary citizenship as well as planning a move abroad. The guide is helpful to people intending to move overseas to enjoy opportunities available there. Editor Ted provides accurate and up-to-date information on how to protect your wealth and also escape the excessive tax burdens in the U.S. and living a comfortable life overseas.

The Bauman Letter

It is usually published on monthly basis. Here, Ted Bauman advises people to secure and preserve their property using innovative investment, personal, and legal strategies. The aim of Ted is to help people have a say in their financial destiny. He gives ideas on how to grow wealth while preserving their privacy.

More about Ted Bauman

Washington, D.C. is the birthplace of Bauman. He grew up on the eastern shore of Maryland. He later migrated to South Africa. He attended the University of Cape Town where he acquired his postgraduate degree in history and economics. He worked in South-Africa for about 25 years. He has helped about 14 million people in more than 35 countries.



Achievements of Michael Hagele as an Investor and Advisor

At the time that Michael Hagele had not started the work he currently does, he used to work for many venture capital companies where is position was general legal counsel. Michael took care of several issues that concerned the employment , corporate governance, mergers and acquisition, intellectual property tactics and stock option plan administration. Hagele studied his law degree course at the University of California found in Berkeley. He acquired B.A at the University of Lowa. Michael Hagele gained his first experience when he started working with a Licensing and Online Commerce Group in the Fenwick & West LLP at Silicon Valley offices. Today, Mr. Hagele works for the technology companies as the general counsel. Some of the industries that he worked for are aerospace, biotechnology, defense, and internet.

What he does in investing in the technology companies while they are at their early stages. Furthermore, he has established and provided financial support to several businesses in the industry of hospitality and restaurants. Michael used to put more efforts towards drafting, negotiating and closing several agreements in the telecommunication fields that are both international and domestic. Michael Hagele has also dealt with a lot of corporate transactions, commercial agreements and the matters about intellectual property rights. The experience of Hagele out of the in-house counsel, made him realize that the small companies or the independent practitioners are capable of offering legal services that are cost-effective and of high quality to the customers that are in the technology-based businesses. View White Pages for more info.

This is what generated the idea that resulted in the person he is today, a successful advisor and investor. One of the trends that Michael love is the artificial Intelligent and the different applications it has as well as genetic programming. Michael is an advisor and investor to a firm that has developed an application which the non-companies used so that they identify the excellent and most productive funding use. For the purpose of finding the data patterns and obscured relationships to pass light on and offer transparent insight, the machine algorithms are in use. The insights and the patterns can provide clarity to the program expansion.

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Matt Badiali Freedom Checks

Matt Badiali is a financial analyst. While at Penn University, he studied Earth sciences. In Florida Atlantic University, he did his Masters of Sciences in Geology. These achievements have taken him all over the world. He has inspected the wells and mines of Switzerland, Turkey, and Haiti. He worked as a geologist teaching at the University of North Carolina. This was before receiving a call that changed his life. It was from a financial expert who needed to invest in the energy, mining and natural resource sector. Learn more about Matt Badiali at Crunchbase.

The media recently introduced freedom checks. One ad features Matt Badiali holding a 114,287 dollar check. It resembles the one given by the government for a tax refund. Many may dismiss this and label it as a scam or a get-rich-quick technique. This is due to the nature of most ads that makes the freedom checks concept seem impossible. Much of the confusion arises from the fact that most people don’t understand them. A big percentage of people aren’t familiar with Matt Badiali. They also do not know why he is talking about freedom checks for that case.

For this, a background check on freedom checks and underlying principles are necessary.

The check is private, not from the government. The same script used to bribe people into ‘Patriot Checks’ is the same one used in U.S Freedom Checks. The only thing that differentiates these checks from scams is the fact that it is an investment. Nobody is giving away money. It promises you cash from a thing it needs you to buy.

This investment is a commitment. To receive payouts in the future, you have to invest on a regular basis. This is the reason why it requires much thought. The ads are not going to tell you this.

The truth is that Matt Badiali is promoting Master Limited Partnerships. An MLP is a partnership playing the role of a public limited partnership. Thus, you get to enjoy tax-related advantages. Your profits also will only get taxed after the investors receive theirs. The MLP can enjoy the high liquidity that comes with a company that has gone public.

When using freedom checks, payments are not subjected to income tax. This is because of the consideration that they are capital returns. They also allow investors to skip opening a special account to benefit. Also, you can trade them for as low as 10 dollars or less.

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Igor Cornelsen Trusts His Gut in Finance

As a former Chief Executive Officer of Multibanco Bank in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, Igor Cornelsen was born in 1947 and attended the Federal University of Parana. He has worked for many Investment Banking firms including Standard Chartered, Multibanco, Unibanco, Libra Bank, and now his own investment firm. A large reason for his success, he says, is the fact that he decided to study engineering at a time when complex calculators that we use in today’s society did not exist… and parlaying this leverage in combination with his Finance degree, propelled to the top where he enjoyed a thriving Financial career amongst many peers who did not always see trades the same way that he did. Follow Igor Cornelsen on Twitter.

In one particular example, Russia defaulted on defaulted on its debt, and none of his friends thought that Russia would pay it back. Igor Cornelsen thought the opposite and was greatly rewarded for his diligence and sticking to the facts, rather than listening to people’s opinions. It turned out that Russia did pay back its debt or attempt to pay back its debt. This is just one example in which Igor Cornelsen has decided to listen to his own gut rather than trusting others’ opinions.

The venues for much of Igor’s Investment Banking career have been varied. First he started out at Multibanco where he worked his way up to the CEO. Next, he moved over to Unibanco before it was bought out by Bank of America in 1985. After the buy out, Igor saw this as an opportunity to move to Libra Bank, until there was a position opened at Standard Chartered which he swiftly took and enjoyed seven good years with. Standard Chartered is one of the most respected banks in Singapore, and he worked at their satellite branch in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. Learn more:


Jeff Yastine Giving His Two Cents as the Editorial Director at Banyan Hill Publishing

Jeff Yastine is amongst the most successful financial correspondents of his time and has the experience of nearly two decades as an equity investor and financial correspondent. Jeff Yastine has worked as TV anchor in the early stages of his career as well, which helped him get considerable popularity among the audience. With the experience of being in the financial world for many years, Jeff Yastine joined Banyan Hill Publishing in 2015 with the aim to make it a leading and the most trusted commercial publishing house in the world and has contributed vastly to the success of Banyan Hill Publishing since he joined. As an investor, Jeff Yastine continues to look out for new opportunities for investments where he could rope in more benefits. Follow Jeff on Twitter.

As a financial correspondent, he continues to write news and thought to provide articles on financial sector from time to time. In one of the items that Jeff Yastine recently wrote, he mentioned that the investors should focus on the retail industry, and must not only be keen on investing in Amazon but its competitor as well. Jeff Yastine says that it might be wrong to think that Amazon has no competition and that it would be able to dominate the retail segment forever. In that context, Jeff Yastine says that three companies to look out for regarding investment that can potentially pose a threat to Amazon in the future are Kroger, eBay, and Grainger. He said that these companies have robust infrastructure, a well-planned business strategy, and sound finances, which can help these companies to grow at a rapid pace and give Amazon a tough fight in the niches it operates in. Check:

Jeff Yastine believes that it is necessary for the investors to explore new forays in the world of finance, including cybersecurity, which he thinks is a niche that is bound to grow heaps and bounds in the years to come. It is because the cyber security is taken more seriously today than ever before, and the companies, as well as individuals, are more aware of the threat that cyber attacks pose. As most of our data is online and in the computers we use, cybersecurity is a sector that is undoubtedly headed for growth. Visit to know more about Jeff Yastine.