Stream Energy Cares For It’s Community

In August of 2017 hurricane Harvey brought several feet of water to the city of Houston. Many individuals watched the horrific devastation the storm brought with it. Hurricane Harvey would claim the lives and homes of many individuals. One of the first company’s in the city of Houston to step up and help with the recovery process after the storm was Stream Energy. The company is involved in selling energy to its customers and took it upon itself to assist its customers who ended up undergoing financial hardships due to the storm. Stream Energy is a company that prides itself for partaking in philanthropic efforts throughout its community. The company started “Stream Cares”, which is the charity the company recently founded.

Stream Energy launching a new part of their business specifically dedicated to philanthropy is very new in the corporate world. This allows for the company to give back to its surrounding community, but also earns admiration from those who live in the area and who may potentially become future loyal clients. A company undergoing scandals, profit losses and hard times may utilize this method to improve the image of the company. While many people view corporate America as completely greedy, the statistics show that corporate America donates to numerous charities across the United States.

Stream Energy has a history of working with organizations such as the Red Cross and Habitat for Humanity. Company management and the day to day employees make a combined effort to give to the local community. The company encourages its employees to choose ways to help the local community. The workers at Stream Energy are all passionate about caring for the members in their local community who are homeless.

Stream Energy joined efforts with the Hope supply company to help pay for an event called the Splash for Hope. This event helps to bring over one thousand homeless children to a local water park. The entrance to enter the park and their food costs are paid for. Many of these children have never experienced a waterpark before. The companies also offer money and supplies to help the children as well.

After Being Acquired By SoftBank, Fortress Investment Group is Poised to Blaze New Trails

Fortress Investment Group is an alternative asset investment manager which is wholly owned by Japan’s SoftBank. SoftBank completed its purchase of this company in late 2017 and takes a hands-off approach to managing it. The deal to buy Fortress Investment Group was for $3.3 billion and is the first company that SoftBank owns outside of the technology sector. Fortress Investment Group has its main office in New York City and other offices in San Francisco, California, and London, England.

This company manages around $40 billion in assets. These are invested in private equity firms, real estate, and debt instruments. This company was established in 1998 by three co-founders who were Randal Nardone, Wes Edens, and Rob Kauffman. Rob Kauffman has since retired from the financial industry and now focuses on professional car racing. Randal Nardone, Wes Edens, and Peter Briger are now the three principals of this firm and so manage its overall operations and investments.

As a consequence of Fortress Investment Group being bought by SoftBank, they went from being a publically traded firm to one that is now privately owned. This benefitted them because it allows them to be more nimble and efficient. They no longer have to deal with the requirements and scrutiny of being a publically traded company. Through SoftBank, they have also acquired access to a huge number of limited partners across Asia including in Japan, South Korea, China, and elsewhere.

One recent investment they made was into iPass. Fortress Investment Group offered $20 million in funding to iPass with half of that immediately available for use. IPass’ Chief Executive Officer and President Gary Griffiths said that the loan strengthened his company’s balance sheet and allowed them a way to increase their revenues and profits.

iPass created SmartConnect which is a technology they have patented. This company now has the world’s biggest Wi-Fi network already with plans to further extend it using the money it received from the loan. They have 64 million hotspots which are located in places like restaurants, hotels, train stations, airports, and convention centers. They expect to have 380 million of these set up before the close of 2018. Their goal is to provide unlimited Wi-Fi access to people and businesses and this goal is supported by big industry players such as Microsoft and HP.

Ted Bauman: Preparing for a Possible Stock Market Decline

The bulls remain in control of the US stock market and even with record stock valuations, most investors remain optimistic in this market. Other individuals, such as Ted Bauman, would probably start to adopt a more contrarian view of the market in present circumstances. Mr. Bauman is an economist who takes the less popular approach to the financial markets and preaches individuals to focus on defensive investing strategies to build long-term wealth. Ted Bauman traveled to South Africa in his earlier years and would earn his economics degree at the University of Cape Town. He devoted several years working with Habitat for humanity and has over twenty years’ experience working on housing projects for the less fortunate. These days he specializes in wealth preserving tactics an individual should follow.

Ted Bauman feels that the stock market could easily tank due to the record high valuations but that there could be an immediate bounce back after a decline. He brings up the year 1987, where out of nowhere the stock market plunged an extreme amount in just one day. There was panic selling and most of the investing public sold almost all their positions. The smart investors did not panic and held through the decline. The real savvy investors bought into the market at the decline. The individuals who held in the market and did not panic ended the year with a ten percent profit. This is a potential scenario Mr. Bauman feels investors should be prepared for.

Ted Bauman does not share the same enthusiasm as many of the investors currently have about US equities and believes they will return to fair value. He advises investors that when stocks start to fall, the process can take over a year before the investor realizes it’s a bear market. When the mentality of market participants flips, investors will no longer be seeking risky assets and will try to park their money in safer areas. Ted Bauman also points out that the current hawkish stance that the federal reserve is taking is eventually going to weigh heavily on the stock market. He advises strongly against trying to time the market. To know more about him click here.

Why Every Investor Must Pay Attention to Matt Badiali’s Freedom Checks

Matt Badiali is definitely the man to look for this year. He is the current senior editor and the representative of Banyan Hill Publishing. Because of his advisory roles and expertise in investment, he is also managing 2 Banyan Hill newsletters: Real Wealth Strategies and Front Line Profits. He is a geologist by profession and has pursued Earth Sciences course at Penn State University. Because of his investment exposure and experience, he introduced an effective investment strategy, Checks, which favours all Americans.

Freedom Checks explained

Matt Badiali introduced Checks which are a different version of dividend firm. They are private programs which require investors to purchase a particular number of stocks which are then to be awarded after investment. Through the Real Wealth Strategies newsletter, Badiali is able to facilitate the investment of the checks via companies that produce and manage natural resources and mining activities.

Why consider the Freedom Checks

As Matt Badiali has explained many times, Freedom Checks will help investors to get lucrative yields. Those who decide to venture into the program have been able to earn up to $50,000 every month. The profit made can be withdrawn in 2 or 3 installments. In addition, the payments are also made in a timely manner. With the operations of about 568 agencies across the US, investors can easily get their checks through the Master Limited Partnership.

Matt Badiali’s Checks are also obtained without tax. The checks are operated under the 26-F statute which exempts task from all natural resources investment. All companies that invest in gas and oil across the US do not pay any tax; thus, all the profits are divided among the investors.

Assured happy retirement with Checks

Badiali’s Freedom Checks can be the best means of retirement investment. For instance, anyone who invests approximately $1000 is assured of earning at least $149,300 in total. This is contrary to someone who invests in the same amount on a CD which would only generate $320 after a period of 20 years. Any investor in the checks does not have to get investment training to take advantage of this opportunity.

The Greatest Invention of Canadian Businessman Louis Chenevert at UTC

Louis Chenevert is a Canadian businessman and the former CEO of United Technologies Corporation (UTC). He held the position of the CEO between 2008 and 2014. He is among the people who have done so much in upgrading the conglomerate business which has various multi-billion businesses under its name. The contributions of Louis Chenevert includes among other things taking the company through the global financial crisis that hit the world in 2008.

As the CEO, he ensured that the company was cushioned from losses that would bring the business to a halt. He did his work marvelously and attained the short-term goals that he had set out to accomplish. He carried out his work with diligence focusing on the long-term survival of the business. He used his term as a foundation upon which other executives will build on. By facilitating development in the company, he ensured that everything was running in the right and that growth was being recorded.

Before Louis Chenevert was appointed the CEO of the company, he had proved his value to the company when working as the president of one of the businesses under UTC known as Pratt & Whitney. This company deals with the production of jet engines. With the level of growth that the company was experiencing when he was the president, he managed to convince the management of UTC that he could accomplish the same targets with them.

For the years that he worked as the CEO, he proved exactly why he was the best. His performance was better than anyone else who has ever been in this business. UTC recorded growth in its annual returns as well as the products it was producing. During his reign, he led to the invention of the Turbofan geared engine. This is the biggest invention which has ever taken place in the company. Although some people argued that the cost of producing this engine was too high, he proved them wrong when the engine became the biggest income earner in the company.

Louis Chenevert is a qualified production manager who holds a degree in production management from HEC Montreal School of Business.

Ted Bauman: Economist By Training And Editorial Director at Banyan Hill

Ted Bauman is the son of a former United States Senator and Congressman. A true boat-lover and aficionado of the sea, Bauman grew up in a rural area of Maryland on the eastern shore. On more than one occasion he has attributed his direct manner of speaking and the fact that he remains a bit rough around the edges to his rural upbringing. Don’t underestimate this self-professed country boy; however, because he is well-traveled, extremely financially savvy, and exceptionally astute at knowing what the prospective subscribers of his Banyan Hill published newsletters are looking for in a publication. Learn more at Crunchbase about Ted Bauman

After growing up in the U.S., Bauman emigrated to South Africa where he found himself deeply entrenched in the expansion and employment of post-apartheid urbanization and economic policy structuring. He became a consultant to the UN and numerous African and European governments. It was a period of extensive travel and learning for Bauman, and he developed quite a unique understanding of the dynamics involved in politics and finance throughout different societies. Additionally, he earned degrees in economics, political science and history from the University of Cape Town. Following a variety of executive roles within non-profits in South Africa, most frequently as the fund manager for low-cost housing ventures, Bauman moved back to Atlanta to hold a position with a non-profit for five years. In fact, he continues to reside in Atlanta with his family today. Searching for a different career choice, Ted Bauman sought out a new path for the next leg of his life’s journey. Read:

Ted Bauman’s father was a full-time finance writer in 2013 when he decided that he would like to retire. As he contemplated retirement, he offered Ted the prospect to audition for his job at Banyan Hill Publishing, which was then known as The Sovereign Society. Bauman replaced Bauman and then began to steadily climb and expand his position at Banyan. Ted Bauman’s broad background in economics and unique level of comprehension when it came to market dynamics allowed for his rapid advancement from writing solely about topics such as asset protection to covering investment topics, as well. He now operates two rules-based investment services utilizing algorithms to make investment decisions devoid of emotion. One of the services is known as Alpha Stock Alert, a stand-alone investment service, while the other is denoted the Smart Money System and is a portion of the Bauman Letter. Follow Ted Bauman at

Reserve marks one of Jeunesse Global’s greatest contributions

Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis were two of the most prolific entrepreneurs in the North American direct-marketing business. They had spent a lifetime creating some of the most successful companies in the region. As a result, they had long ago achieved enough wealth that they were not forced to work.

But they continued working at the trade they loved anyway. Finally, in 2009, Ray and Lewis decided that it was time to throw in the towel and try retirement. The couple quickly discovered, however, that they had made an error. The industrious Florida snowbirds were simply not made out for the endless idle hours of retirement and the lack of meaning that comes with not having anything concrete towards which to strive.

They created a small business that was dedicated to selling a few health and beauty products. Named Jeunesse Global, the company quickly began growing. By its fifth year of operation, it was already doing tens of millions of dollars per year in sales and had thousands of distributors across the planet. Ray and Lewis enjoyed the fact that they were able to use Jeunesse as a vehicle to spread genuine opportunity to those disadvantaged people across the globe who, by accident of birth, were not located in an area where such opportunities were common.

But the true secret behind Jeunesse Global’s success was always the company’s top-flight products. One example of the company’s highly innovative and effective products is its Reserve health drink. Made with resveratrol, the key active ingredient in red wine, Reserve enables users to get all the benefits of red wine consumption without incurring any of the risks of consuming alcohol.

Reserve also contains a number of so-called superfruits. These include pomegranate, acai, concord grape, dark sweet cherries, and blueberries. Reserve also contains aloe vera and green tea, ingredients that give users an even bigger boost of health-preserving ingredients.

Reserve is just one of the many products offered by Jeunesse Global that are helping to bring about what the company terms Generation Young, the first generation in the history of humankind that will have all of the tools at its disposal to stave off aging for years or even decades.

Matt Badiali Explains Why The U.S. Oil Sector Is Booming

While cryptocurrencies have been dominating financial headlines of late, energy expert Matt Badiali points another sector which has been quietly booming for the past couple of years. The U.S. oil sector has become one of the top “under the radar” stories that almost no one has been talking about.

Matt Badiali points out that the U.S. oil sector is exporting nearly five times the amount of oil than the previous decade. That amounts to over five million barrels a day. So what is responsible for the boom? Mr. Badiali has a one-word response: Shale.

The shale boom has made the United States a powerhouse oil exporter this decade. With shale booms in places like the Permian Basin in Texas, the oil can be easily refined, placed on a ship and sent overseas.

In particular, Matt Badiali points out that U.S. oil exports have surged in the past year from about 4 million barrels per day in 2016 to over 5.5 million per day in 2017. Also, a factor in the U.S. oil export boom is the surging demand from the top U.S. importers – Canada and Mexico.

From January to August of 2017, Mexico imported 237 million barrels of oil while Canada imported 127 million barrels. The list of top U.S. oil importers also includes Brazil, Japan, China, the Netherlands, Singapore and India who combined imported over 300 million barrels of oil in the same 8 month time period.

Mario Badiali points out that the VanEck Vectors Oil Refiners ETF is up over 38% year to date. The energy expert also noted individual refiners such as Marathon Petroleum Corp. and Valero Energy Corp. who have seen stock gains of 17% and 16% this year, respectively.

Matt Badiali is a senior editor and contributor at Banyan Hill Publishing. As a trained geologist and experienced investor, Mr. Badiali has combined his two skills to provide expert insight into the energy sector. Matt has a Bachelors of Science Degree in Earth Sciences from Penn State University as well as a Masters Degree in Geology from Florida Atlantic University.

Mr. Badiali’s writings appear regularly in Medium as well as various social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Google+ and Youtube.


Igor Cornelsen Worked In Banking For Many Years

Igor Cornelsen has been involved in the investment industry for many years. His experience in the arena has earned his clients successful returns on their money. Igor informed investors on how to invest in damaged stocks instead of damaged companies. Damaged stocks come at an extremely cheap price and will guarantee their investors a return on their money in the long run.

Igor Cornelsen was a proprietor of Bainbridge Inc. He held several other high-ranking executive positions in banks throughout Brazil. Igor eventually retired in 2010 and lives in the South Florida area. Cornelsen continues to be involved in investment as a hobby and helps others with their portfolios.

Experts should be dealing with commodities investments and foreign exchange. Igor has a wealth of knowledge in this area and used the Bainbridge Group as a platform for his expertise.

There’s a lot that goes into investing. There is also a lot to learn for those who do not have experience. It is very difficult and there is risk involved no matter what precautions are taken. Beginners should study the rules of the processes and gain a firm idea of how different investment vehicles operate.

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Risk is involved with every type of business venture. That means that there is a chance of losing the money that is invested. Risk can be greatly induced with careful study and planning when entering into a business scenario. Igor believes that an investment that is costing money should be canceled immediately. Investments should always make a profit.

Portfolio diversity is another way to minimize the risk when it comes to investing. A portfolio with a great deal of diversity offers opportunity to make money from a variety of different sources. Mixing sound investments with risky ones optimizes opportunities.

New investors should sit down with an expert and receive intelligent counseling. An experienced advisor will be able to point out the specific losses that an investor will face going into a particular market. After the new investor has gained a firm sense of how things operate they are ready to venture out and make deals on their own.

Igor Cornelsen advises investors to start at an early age. Most people are focused on finding a job and mastering their profession. However, there is a great advantage to learning how to make your income generate revenue as soon as possible.

Investment opportunities offer people a method of generating additional streams of income. There are many investors who are just beginning to understand the importance of passive income. It is easier to make substantial investments once the basic concepts are fully grasped by the client. However, even the basic investment process can be difficult to understand for people who do not have extensive training in finance or economic trends. Without reliable information, it is virtually impossible to make decisions that provide the desired results. Managing risk is essential skill for any investor, and Igor Cornelsen understands the nature of the risks involved in many types of transactions. His background as a leader of an investment banking firm provided him with the type of experiences that are invaluable to his clients.

Igor Cornelsen is an expert in the area of financial investments, and his career offers clients a glimpse into the mind of a person who is skilled at navigating the complex environment of global investments. He combines the insights that only come with personal experience in making investments, which always contain a certain element of risk. As a skilled investment banker, he advises clients who are dealing with volatile markets for the first time. Portfolio diversity and access to reliable information is a great starting point for investors who are looking for new and innovative ways to create wealth. When advising clients on investment opportunities, Mr. Cornelsen offers a variety of insights that are designed to minimize risk and maximize the long-term returns for the investor.

Igor Cornelsen, Informed Investment Advisor

The time value of money is a key area where Igor Cornelsen offers critical advice. When investors are considering their options, they often perceive the importance of location and political conditions in a country long before they consider the importance of timing. For example, investment opportunities are often available to people who are still relatively young, but this group rarely perceives the advantage of getting money into circulation during these prime years. Once they can recognize the nature of their leverage, many young investors do become interested in getting active in countries that are experiencing the early signs of economic growth. As a qualified investment adviser, Mr. Cornelsen offers insights that only come from decades of practical experience. By analyzing the patterns in various markets using only credible sources, he offers solid advice backed by his experiences at the head of major Brazilian investment banks.

Investment History, Igor Cornelsen

Igor Cornelsen is interested in recognizing and seizing opportunities ahead of his competitors. As an advocate of the market system, he is open about his views on the role that government should play in making the conditions in the country ideal for the interests of the investor class. He also proposes that economic activities will improve when investors feel more secure. He believes that the way to accomplish this is to influence the ideology of governments who have the power to shape market conditions. He also focuses on finding ways to bridge the serious gaps that currently exist between lenders and borrowers who do not have access to the types of assets that would otherwise qualify them for traditional loans.

Another important area of focus is the economic conditions of developing nations. He understands the importance of using a model of analysis that accounts for the specific conditions occurring in each country where investment opportunities currently exist. For example, he was able to accurately predict that the Euro would remain strong even after the economic crisis in that region. Once the Euro began to increase in strength relative to the British pound and the U.S. dollar, his analysis of the situation was validated. This is just one example of his ability to assess a particular situation and make decisions that will benefit his clients over the long term. Investing is a risky activity, but Igor Cornelsen can help people who wish to engage in this activity in a variety of ways. He can conduct assessments, review credible literature and consult with colleagues about the conditions that are occurring.

Igor Cornelsen’s Education, Early Career

Igor Cornelsen started working in the financial sector immediately after graduating from the Federal University of Parana with a degree in economics. He attributes the first offer to work on the board of directors of a major investment bank to his mastery of early methods for manually calculating compound interest rates. He also served as the CEO of the Standard Chartered Merchant Bank. After establishing his expertise in the area of investment finance, he began his own business, and he also maintains a portfolio of investments. This helps his clients to understand that he has a personal stake in obtaining accurate information on topics related to investments. He speaks publicly on topics of interest to potential investors.

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Daniel Mark Harrison, a Master of all Trades

Daniel Mark Harrison has made great strides in business and cryptocurrency fields and thus commands tremendous respect. In a nutshell, he is a man who is multi-talented. He is not limited to one line of business. Mark Harrison is a businessman, an entrepreneur, a blockchain evangelist, a businessman to name just but a few. In the Financial Times in August 2015, he was referred to as a journalist, author, publisher, factory banking investor, Editor-in-chief, Bitcoin 2.0 enthusiast and blockchain evangelist by Isabella Kaminska.

Daniel Mark Harrison has an MBA from BI Norwegian Business School he earned between 2005 and 2006 and a Master’s degree in Journalism (Business) he made between 2007 and 2008 at New York University. Additionally, he received a BA in Theology between 1998 and 1999 at Oxford University. Daniel Mark Harrison utilized all that knowledge and skill to create a successful business empire for himself. Since October 2015, Mark Harrison is the Chairman and Chief Executive of Daniel Mark Harrison & Co. Ltd. (DMH&CO). He owns and fully manages the company. The Company’s offices are located in Singapore, Hong Kong, and Bangkok.

Daniel Mark Harrison has numerous successes during his tenure which he contributed to Coinspeaker for quite a long time. When Google news syndication was being prepared, he was the head of the editorial team and helped in optimizing the site. In Marx Rand, he has been the Publisher and Senior Editor in charge of handling matters of interest since 2015.From 2009 to 2015, he was a columnist at the Motley fool. Mark Harrison revealed the woes of Nintendo in 2010, and he showed Jelf PLC intention to pursue acquisition strategy in 2014.

Since March 2016, Mark Harrison has been managing Monkey Capital, a blockchain venture capital as well as a fin-tech Company. The Company under Mark made history recently by being the first company to sell pre-ICO options known as COEVAL. Monkey Capital made history by being the only company ever to complete Crowdfunding Option. Money Capital business has remained at the top of others since it has embraced innovation as a way of doing business.