Madison Street Capital Raises the Bar, Bringing in Clients Like Infiniti HR

Madison Street Capital, a global investment banking agency, served as the sole financial advisor, providing a debt department for Infiniti HR. Established in 2008 and based in Maryland, Infiniti HR provides human resource and company process resolutions that allow small to medium-sized companies to focus better on core services. The department was presented by Oak Street Funding.


The deal was declared by CEO of Madison Street Capital, Charles Botchway, and directed by Barry Petersen, Senior Managing Director. “Admittance to capital is the sole thing that’s been holding us back from bringing Infiniti HR to a whole new level,” Scott Smrkovski, Infiniti HR CEO, detailed. “This latest partnership can let us continue to give innovative resolutions to the SMB and Franchise communities.”


Rick Dennen, President & CEO of Oak Street Funding stated, “As a loaner within the insurance arena, we’re used with the sophistication of Infiniti HR’s business plan. Our talent, paired with the force of Infiniti HR’s management operations, and Madison Street Capital overseeing the transaction, concluded in a reciprocally advantageous funding and relationships.”


“Infiniti HR grants a specialized service program in the PEO field, allowing for a more widespread service platform using key direct coverage product provisions which have generated extremely strong increases,” Petersen closed. “Oak Street’s experience in granting capital to growth businesses with work in the insurance service world is the ideal partner for development.”


Regarding Madison Street Capital


Madison Street Capital is a worldwide investment banking company committed to excellence, integrity, service and leadership in delivering corporate economic consulting services, financial opinions, merger and acquisition advising, and valuation work to privately and publicly owned businesses. Such services position their clients in a place to succeed amidst the international marketplace.


When starting a new project, the client’s objectives and goals become theirs, varying from M&A transactions to financial advisory and successful capital improvements to transference of ownership. Madison Street Capital believes emerging markets to be the core element driving the global improvement of their clients and will remain to focus significant funds on such markets. Their agency has gained the trust of clients all over the world with their unwavering commitment to the greatest levels of professional services.


About Infiniti HR

Infiniti HR is a service provider for human resource and company process plans that enable small to medium-sized company a better concentration on their core functions.


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