Herbalife Nutrition Collaboration

Herbalife Nutrition has taken off since its founding in 1980 by Mark Hughes. Currently, Herbalife employs in the range of eight to ten thousand employees worldwide. A little about who they are, the company is a multi-level marking corporation whose focus is on nutritional supplements that help with weight control, nutrition for athletes, and products for personal care. As an all-inclusive company, they provide all their own developmental ideas, marketing, and distribution of their product. Mark Hughes founded the corporation in Los Angeles, California which is where their headquarters is still located today.


Taking the business to the next level, Herbalife Nutrition has recently announced they will be holding a design competition in association with the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising (FIDM). The competition will be focusing on international manufacturing and product development where students will have the opportunity to design a line of activewear for the company’s independent distributors.

This unique opportunity is a once in a lifetime chance for many. Students will be placed in teams to design the unsurpassed activewear they can come up with prior to presenting their final product to the Herbalife Nutrition team and FIDM faculty members. Not only must they design the activewear, but also provide a demonstration of how they would merchandise the product as a collection, plus creating a design on an individual level to show their creativity.


The collaboration between these two companies is going to provide new and improved techniques and products that have not been seen before as they are both elite companies with innovative focuses. The goal of this project is to provide an opportunity for the next generation of entrepreneurs and employees with the chance to provide products that can help others lead happier and healthier lives. Due to the elite nature of the work and being a new collaboration only fifteen students were selected to be apart of the project that will end in late spring of 2019. FIDM has collaborated with other corporations in the past, however, this will be the first collaboration with Herbalife Nutrition. With the focus being on the next generation the product that is produced will focus on the millennial market base rather than on past generations desires. This will not be a project that will want to be missed!





Fabletics Is Rising Among New Fashion Companies And Going At Amazon

Announcements that retail chain stores are closing saddened many customers in 2017. JCPenney, Toys R Us, Dillards, Macy’s and other longtime retail chains have been battling losses and coming to grips with the future of shopping and even more so as Amazon swoops in and fills the void. But even though old stores may be moving out of brick and mortar locations, there are new online companies that are moving into them. Fabletics is one of them, and while this online first company offers most of its perks on its website, customers have still expressed their love of visiting stores to try on outfits. The reason this company may be primed to compete with Amazon is because of their affordability, their use of data analytics, customer reviews and being able to get items picked up in the store.


The owner of Fabletics is none other than the famous Kate Hudson who won the Golden Globe award for her role in “Almost Famous,” and won the People’s Choice award twice. She’s also been an Oscar award nominee though she’s never quite come home with it. But as a side hobby to acting, she’s taken up promoting athletic wear on social media for her company. She was offered the ownership as a partner of JustFab, Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler’s company. Now JustFab and Fabletics are operating under the parent company Techstyle Fashion Group, though Hudson has the independence to direct the company along with her colleague Gregg Throgmartin. Pop singer Demi Lovato also endorsed Fabletics at a fundraising event this last year.


What’s made Kate Hudson good at running this company is that even though she has no business expertise, those who know her know that she will never buy into something she will not use herself. She’s been enthusiastic about Fabletics ever since the day she bought into it, and when driving or walking around Hollywood on her daily routines, people see her in Fabletics outfits. Hudson also gives her input to all operations at Fabletics from the designing departments of the company, to the marketing and public relations departments and customer service centers. Hudson has especially taken the voices of customers into consideration by improving communication with them, and when hearing concerns about privacy or opting out of the company VIP program, Hudson had the company make those changes. It’s easy to get started as a Fabletics member. You just need to answer questions on their lifestyle quiz at Fabletics.com.

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Kate Hudson and her Dedication to Fabletics

Kate Hudson has put together a plan to take Fabletics to a whole new level. She is doing what many people may have never expected an actress to do. She is putting her career in entertainment on the back burner as she pursues more of a full-time role as the spokesperson and co-founder of Fabletics.

She is in a leadership role, and she is not going to squander the opportunity to gain more customers. Kate Hudson is really doing what it takes to build a brand that people will recognize and appreciate. Fabletics is growing strong, but Kate Hudson really believes that she can grow the brand even more if she has more of an active role in it. That may be one of the reasons why people have not seen her in many movies in recent months. She does not have time to take on both so she juggles any side jobs that she can get for an acting role, but this is not her main priority anymore. That is what people are coming to embrace about Fabletics.

It has ultimately become the company that is giving people a chance to really look at the entertainment moguls and see that there is more to the story than simply a celebrity endorsement. People are excited about Fabletics because this company is something that Kate Hudson really believes in.

She is someone that is doing much more than just marketing. Kate actually has her mind on the development process for Fabletics as well. This is something that many entertainers do not really engage in.

They may promote a brand and receive royalties for their connection to the brand through advertising, but they may not always have a direct involvement with the brand. Kate Hudson wanted to be someone that stood out as of entertainer that was actually connected to her brand in every way.

There is a lot of interest in Fabletics largely because Kate Hudson has been connecting to the brand and her customers have actually been seeing it. When she talks to magazines like Marie Claire in an article she talks very specifically about the designs and the way that the clothes are made. Readers of Marie Claire magazine can instantly tell that Kate Hudson has an intricate part inside of the company. She is not just a figurehead that is in place because of her celebrity status. Kate Hudson is showing drive and passion for Fabletics.

Customers get excited about this because they believe that she believes and what she is promoting. She is not trying to make a quick buck. Hudson is not trying to get someone into clothing that will not have the quality that they need for their work out process. To the contrary, Kate Hudson is one of her own customers. She wears the clothes that she is trying to sell to so many others. This makes her marketing campaign genuine. People see what she is doing, and they want to emulate her style.

Weekend #workout plan inspired by @gingerressler's high-power moves ????

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Kate Hudson’s Award-Winning Fabletics

Before Kate Hudson launched her fashion brand Fabletics, she had a lot to think about. Running a company is no small task; especially a fashion company. Fashion requires a constant awareness of trends, designs, social attention, economic shifts, as well as dozens of other factors. What convinced Kate to do it was remembering how dedicated her mother was to her craft.

Kate Hudson is the daughter of two famous parents, so she grew up in the spotlight. For decades, she’s been seen as a fashion icon. So, it should come as no surprise that Fabletics is now one of the most popular brands in the world.

Fabletics is part of the ‘activewear’ trend; made popular by millennials. Activewear combines the functionality of fitness wear with the comfort of casual wear. The problem with most activewear is that it’s rarely fashionable. Fabletics not only creates stylish fitness wear but at affordable prices.

This is what keeps Fabletics at the top of everyone’s shopping lists. Fabletics also found a way to use a subscription mechanic to make its members feel special. One perk of Fabletics is the monthly selection of outfits experts recommend for each member, based on their personal styles.

This feature is one of the main reasons Fabletics is such a high-value brand. They even offer a free lifestyle quiz so that non-members can see which outfits expert would recommend them if they were members. Fabletics understands that the modern consumer cares about more than just price and quality these days.

Part of that understanding is continuously expanding their brand. The next step Fabletics took was opening physical stores. Transitioning from e-commerce to local markets is a difficult task. Most brands don’t survive the jump unless they use other avenues of transitioning. Instead, Fabletics is doing in a similar way as Warby Parker.

To thrive in today’s economy, Fabletics had to figure out a way to overcome people urge to buy elsewhere for cheaper. They solved that problem by relying on relationships with local members and getting to know the local markets.

Over the years, many have reviewed the quality of Fabletic’s products. Surprisingly, many found Fabletics to actually be worth the money. Some said that a pair of Fabletic’s leggings can rival a pair of Lululemon’s leggings. Not to mention, Fabletics has more styles than anyone.

Fabletics Wear on the Rise

In recent years, a brand of athletic wear has been growing rapidly. The brand is a branch of the very famous JustFab company and was founded about four years ago. It was co-founded by the famous American actress Kate Hudson, and it is called Fabletics – a play on the words fabulous and athletic.


Fabletics sells online. It mainly focuses on sportswear such as shorts, sports bras and running shoes, tracksuits, sports gear and much more. Fabletics offers a subscription service. Costumers receive products that have been picked out specifically for them. When someone signs up for the brand’s monthly subscription service, they are asked to fill out a survey. The survey collects data about the preferences of the person in terms of sportswear. For example, if they prefer shorts and tank tops or long legged and long sleeved tracksuits. The answers of each person are added to a personal database that is referred to by in-house stylists at Fabletics who curate the monthly subscriptions to fit with the costumer’s preferences. For each person, there are about 50 outfits available from which they can choose.


Fabletics has been well recognized ever since it first launched. A big part of the reason why is their choice of marketing strategy. Just like Amazon, Fabletics use the so-called ‘’reversed showroom technique’’. This means that the customers are allowed first to see and feel the product they are thinking of buying before they actually make their purchase. It allows the customer to check for any flaws or inconsistencies with the product. This marketing strategy requires constant delivery of high quality and making sure there have been no ungrounded claims made for the products that Fabletics are offering on their website. That prompts Fabletics always to deliver exactly what they have promised. While it keeps standards high, this marketing strategy also allows the brand to build a close rapport with their customers. The ‘’reversed showroom technique’’ has a higher chance of turning first-time buyers into loyal long term returning ones. That kind of trust is very important for a company’s success not only in term of clothing but any other line of work as well. There, the buyer can check out the clothing for themselves and even consult the in-house stylists.


The kind of sportswear they offer can be found in other high-end brands that are far more expensive. Fabletics has the goals of providing very high quality as well as elegance for an affordable price. The pride themselves on the quality they provide with and more and more people are reaching towards their products. Recently, not only athletes have been buying their sportswear but non-athletes as well. The comfort of the clothing has prompted people that don’t work out to wear their clothes as well. That only proofs the quality of Fabletics.