GOP Leader’s Changes to DACA Put Economy and Dreamers at Risk but Not Without a Fight

The growing fear of the changes that were imposed with the Deferred Action for Children Arrivals (DACA) has escalated since September 2017 when Congress made the decision to implement the changes. The impact could be staggering to the immigrant population as well as the U.S. economy.

A letter from Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton was endorsed by several GOP leaders in other republican-led states. The letter gave threat to additional actions if changes to DACA were not implemented which Paxton clearly specified with detail.

DACA was implemented by former President Barrack Obama. The program was established as a way to permit the younger generation of the immigrant community, who arrived to the United States as minors, to be given a nominal time period to remain in the country undocumented. Although their illegal status is considered to be an issue of widespread conspiracies among many GOP leaders as well as President Trump, the DACA recipients that have remained in the country have been able to be productive members of the society. They’re referred to as –Dreamers. As of 2017, there is an estimated 800,000 Dreamers within the country. Dreamers receive social security numbers through the DACA program and are able to work in the country without any repercussions or fear of deportation. They’re also able to obtain a driver’s license.

After receiving work permits, Dreamers contribute to the economy by paying taxes through the workforce and have helped to build the job market. By rescinding the DACA program, GOP leaders are not only putting the U.S. economy and the job market on the line, but they’re also decreasing the tax benefits which Dreamers bring through the workforce. The effect of the reduction of tax benefits will not be felt for years, but GOP leaders appear to have forgotten that part as well as their compassion for human decency.

Among those that supported Paxton’s letter to President Trump are nine other attorney generals and one governor. Those individuals signed the letter before it was presented to Trump along with the threat of a lawsuit from each of the presiding red states.

Dreamers are not only outraged by the changes, but they’re also scared and fearful of what might occur if GOP leaders continue down this dangerous path. Although, the leaders have requested a phasing in period for the changes, it does not erase the fact that DACA recipients are choosing to fight now. There have been widespread protests around the country with support from many advocacy groups who want the program to remain such as the Hispanic Caucus which also met with Secretary of Homeland Security John Kelly.

The Lacey and Larkin Fund of Arizona is continuing to provide pertinent information about the status of the DACA program and give full access for those individuals who may be affected by the changes. Arizona has approximately 43,000 immigrant youth. The fund is continuing to assess the situation and provide assistance for those who seek the help needed.