Sahm Adrangi: A Successful Short Seller

Sahm Adrangi is a famous name in the world of managing investments. He is the founder Kerrisdale Capital Management LLC. On top of that, he is the Chief Investment Officer of the entity. These are senior positions in the organization. As such, he has a lot of influence. He has been in the firm since its inception in the year 2009 and has been influential in the development of every aspect of the firm. The legendary businesses man has a lot of experience in investment management. He has worked for Longacre Fund Management, LLC. In this firm, he held the role of a financial analyst. Sahm Adrangi was a dedicated staff who gave valuable advice to the clients and the management of the firm based on his careful research and analysis.

Many firms have benefited from his skills in the world of finance. One of such firms is Chanin Capital Partners. In this firm, he did a lot of assignments concerning bankruptcy restructuring. He gained extensive knowledge which he uses up to today in his firm. In this role, Sahm Adrangi closely worked with creditors on how to solve outstanding loans issues with their borrowers. Most of the assignments involved out of court settlements in a bid to speed up the debt recovery process. In the credit market, he represented various parties such as banks, bondholders, holders of preferred equity and the firms which had advanced finances to these distressed institutions. Sahm Adrangi was successful in most of his engagements. This helped to cement his name on the world of finance. He has also worked for Deutsche Bank.

Sahm Adrangi holds a Bachelor of Arts in Economics. This academic qualification was obtained from the prestigious Yale University. The certification formed a foundation for his knowledge which he uses to execute the various deals entrusted upon him. He is a renowned short seller. In his dealings, he takes the approach of an activist. Sahm Adrangi has done a lot of research and publications on Chinese companies. As a successful short seller, he made a return of 180% in the year 2011. This illustrated his firm grasp of the investment markets. He continues to inspire many people who have an interest in the financial markets.

Ian King – Senior Analyst At Banyan Hill Publishing

Ian King is a Contributing Editor and Senior Analyst at Banyan Hill Publishing. He attended Lafayette College, where he majored in Psychology. He received a B.S. degree in Psychology. Ian King’s career includes being a hedge fund manager, and he is now a trader in cryptocurrency. His career experience includes over twenty years as a trader and financial-market analysis. Mr. King has been highlighted on networks such as Seeking Alpha and Fox Business News. The first crypto financing high-tech merchandise of its kind was developed by Mr. King for Investopedia Academy. Read more articles by Ian King at Investopedia.

Ian King’s career began at Salomon Brothers’ as a desk clerk. He worked at Citigroup in the credit derivatives sector. After leaving Citigroup, Mr. King worked over ten years as a head trader, trading options in Peahi Capital.

In one of his recent articles that Ian King wrote for Banyan Hill Publishing, he gave an explanation of the bond market rise in popularity. He stated that the stock market is being challenged by the bond market. There are, however, a few peculiarities, between the stock market and the bonds market. The stock market has been the dominant performer in over ten years. The S&P has seen an increase of 29 percent.

Are Buyers Afraid Of The Trade Wars Between China And The United States?

In an interview with Fox Business News, Ian King spoke about the trade conflict between the United States and China. He states that this feud has a negative impact on the stock market. Within the past weeks, this conflict caused the market to decrease by approximately 3 percent.

What Are Some Major Points In The China And The United States Conflict?

According to Ian King, the major point is that China and the United States are coming to a deadlock that is intense. This allows for the retaliatory state between these two countries and gives them room to intensify, which will be devastating for the markets.

There is an indication that the market is beginning to propel President Donald Trump to take measures to calm the fears of the market. The United States putting levies on goods from China is not as effective as years ago. Visit:


Helping The Average Investor With Paul Mampilly

Paul Mampilly has an MBA from Fordham University. He has worked for a host of investment companies and legal firms. He even started getting job offers from billion dollar brands because of his work ethic. He worked himself up to managed a hedge fund account that increased the companies assets to $25 billion. He was a sought after man on Wall Street for his investment expertise. Even with all of that, Paul Mampilly knew Wall Street was not forever with him. He wanted to spend more time with his wife and children. That longing in his heart directed him away from the super wealthy to where he currently is now. Visit Bloomberg to know more about Paul Mampilly.

Banyan Hill Publishing is an experienced online outlet of written pieces discussing investments and financial planning for the average investor. The publishing company boasts of team of experts. Their experts have a combination of several decades of financial experience. Tens of thousands of readers flock to the headlines this website delivers everyday. The company has made it their mission to put the reader first. They fulfil the reader’s desires by dispensing information about commodities, small cap and mid cap investments. stock market fluctuations and undervalued companies.

Paul Mampilly is senior editor at the investment publication. He works as a financial and investment analyst. It his job to study the markets, analyze the best stocks and create content to promote the most promising returns for investors. He specializes in writing about technology companies and growth strategies to aid investors.

Paul Mampilly works on three newsletters for the publication. Profit Unlimited has drawn over 60,000 subscribers. This newsletter focuses on small low risk investments. It is an eight page weekly newsletter geared towards millennials. It offers a couple recommendations for stocks that require small investment but have the potential to yield high returns. His second newsletter is the True Momentum. This newsletter’s specialty is discussing investments with moderate amounts of risk. The third newsletter is Extreme Fortunes. The content the senior editor creates for this newsletter focuses on investments that require high risk but also higher rewards. He writes on a few different companies for investors to invest in if they are willing to accept the riskiness that comes along with investing in these types of companies.



Ian King: We Are at the End of the Beginning – Why Bitcoin Will Continue to Rise

Ian King is the cryptocurrency expert for Banyan Hill Publishing. According to Ian King, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies give the average Main Street investor a way to beat Wall Street hands down. We all know that investing in the large tech companies at the very beginning would have been very profitable. People who invested in companies such as Facebook and Uber at the beginning saw returns of over sixty percent before it reached the public. However, that is exactly the point: These were all Wall Street insiders who had large hedge funds and were able to invest in the next big company. That opportunity was not available to the average American.

However, this all changed when it comes to cryptocurrencies. Initial Coin Offerings allow people to invest in the next big cryptocurrency. Anyone can help fund an ICO. You need to do your research beforehand to figure out which ICO will likely bring you good returns, but the opportunity is there. Wall Street is just getting started in the cryptocurrency industry, but there is something that is there for every average American. Read:

Ian King says that Bitcoin is at the end of the beginning. We are just getting started. There is a lot of room for growth in the cryptocurrency industry. Only three million of the thirty million Bitcoin wallets have more than one thousand dollars in them. Wall Street investors and bankers have not yet taken the full plunge to invest a large portion of their assets into Bitcoin. When they do so, the price of Bitcoin will rise. The question is not whether you should invest in Bitcoin. The question is in which cryptocurrencies you should invest in and how much of your assets you should pour into Bitcoin.

There is also Coinbase. Coinbase is making it easier for people to invest in Bitcoin. More and more people are downloading the app and investing in Bitcoin. In a more recent article for Banyan Hill Publishing, Ian King said that Bitcoin is thriving against all odds. Even though it is not currently at the price it was last year, it is still doing very well. Ian King says that over the course of the year and the future years after that, you can expect the price to continue to go up.

Ian King graduated from Lafayette College. He lives in Delray Beach, Florida. He writes for Banyan Hill Publishing. View Ian King at Stock Twits for more updates.


Apple Stocks Warning and Paul Mampilly’s Alternative Investment Strategy

Since the year 2007, a decade ago, Apple Inc. stock has beaten many odds and maintained innovation to constantly show good growth. Some financial investors such as Paul Mampilly have urged other technology company stock investors to shy away from Apple Inc. stock as it may not be continue its growth trend in the long run. Paul Mampilly is a recognized financial investor and has featured on several occasions on news platforms such as CNBC, Bloomberg and Fox.

Apple Inc.’s former glory is gradually fading away as purported by financial investor Paul Mampilly. A major reason behind the claim is that the former visionary Steve Jobs, was able to bring great innovations and desirable products, something that Apple Inc. has failed to do ever since his demise, six years and counting. There have been no serious innovations in the iPhones as all models have high similarity.

The Apple computers have also shown very poor performance in sales as a niche market of primary, high and elementary schools have adapted to Chromebooks as opposed to Apple products, a serious disadvantage. This has made the younger generation familiar to Google products and developing less interest in Apple products.

According to Paul Mampilly, reduced innovations have also contributed to the expected downfall especially in voice recognition software. Apple was once dominant in the field but has been overtaken by companies such as Amazon, a noteworthy company to invest in according to Mampilly.

Who is Paul Mampilly?

Born in India and currently residing in the U.S, Paul Mampilly is a skilled investor in the stock market with over 25 years of experience. He started his career back in the year 1991 at Bankers Trust as an assistant portfolio manager. He is currently a senior editor of Profits Unlimited, Extreme Fortunes and True Momentum.

Mampilly has also worked as a senior manager at Kinetic Assets Management where he displayed exemplary leadership skills and potential by causing a 26% annual returns average during his stay. This was a major achievement.

Paul Mampilly has also made continued sharing his knowledge on important stock investments that one can invest in and carefully pinpointing new startup companies that have potential that are worth investing in. He has continued to use his Hedge-Fund Consultant and financial advisory skill as depicted in the newsletters he publishes weekly for Profits Unlimited. Mampilly is considered a great source of investment knowledge that is very reliable.

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Ian King: Cryptocurrency Investment Opportunity

Banyan Hill publishing company has recently employed Ian King to help with their new column centered around the topic of cryptocurrencies. Linking has over 20 years of experience in the industry of finance working as a financial analyst and trader. During those years he has made significant returns on investments with some of them generating over 5000% returns in a span of several months. Ian King is excited to help educate the populace on this new class of digital assets and hopes to help individuals around the world generate significant returns.

Ian King believes in the future of cryptocurrencies so passionately that he ended his former career as a successful hedge fund manager to help educate people on the world of cryptocurrencies. He started out as a desk clerk at Salomon Brothers mortgage bond trading department. Eventually, he became a head trader at a New York-based hedge fund, but after seeing the opportunity poised by cryptocurrencies, Ian King wants his own firm dedicated to the education and advisement of cryptocurrency speculators. Read:

Ian King believes that understanding oneself in human psychology will give an individual better understanding of the market due to the fact that markets are comprised of many individuals acting together. He uses this understanding to investigate cryptocurrency markets. He has been interested in cryptocurrencies ever since the financial crisis of 2008 when interest rates were lowered to zero. About every ten years a new and exciting technology is introduced to the world that changes the way the world operates. In the 2000’s social media rose to prominence as individuals begin sharing their own personal data for profit. In the most recent decade, crypto assets have been developed that allow anyone anywhere to exchange value without the need for an intermediary. While Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency asset, currently it is merely one facet of an entirely new ecosystem of investment opportunities. Go To This Page for more info.

Having had experience during bubble of the late 90s Ian King Banyan sees similar profits in the world of cryptocurrencies. In fact, crypto markets have experienced explosive growth where nearly anyone who invested anything has witnessed at least 500% returns over the last several months. Perhaps the most incredible thing is that institutional money has still not penetrated the market meaning that there is still significant upside to be experienced. While the majority of individuals in the United States has heard about cryptocurrencies very few individuals actually own any of the digital assets meaning there is significant room for growth in these markets.

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