Drew Madden Sees Real Interesting Clash In Healthcare Industry

It is not often than the largest companies in the world clash as much as CVS and Amazon are doing right now. The two of them have made inroads in fighting one another by looking at the ways in which they can undercut each other and make for a kind of nasty fight that so many people did not see coming all that long ago.

A lot of this battle got started when Amazon started to apply for licenses to sell pharmaceutical products over the Internet in a handful of states. They did not exactly release press statements saying they were doing this, but the word got out nonetheless. When it did, it was off to the races for the various companies that needed to protect themselves against this onslaught by Amazon entering their market.

Drew Madden has observed all of this as a healthcare IT entrepreneur as it could impact the nature of his own business. He believes that both companies are making interesting logistical moves that at the end of the day may serve only to benefit customers all around. He thinks that it is logical to think of this battle as something that will be a benefit to the public at large at the end of the day.

CVS has purchased healthcare insurance provider Aetna in yet another move to consolidate its business. They have also started to guaranteed next-day delivery on many of the products that they ship out to their customers. This appears to be an obvious reaction to the fact that Amazon offers great shipping options to customers for everything that they order. Clearly, CVS feels the need to also provide these kinds of services. As of right now, they plan on doing exactly that.

You don’t get to see these kind of fights play out in the business sphere nearly often enough. It is interesting and perhaps a bit instructive to see how this is happening like this right now. We may be able to learn a great deal about CVS and Amazon when all of the dust settles from this particular fight.