Steve Ritchie Is Ready For The Hard Work Ahead As CEO

Papa John’s has been working hard and making some big changes under their new CEO Steve Ritchie. Customers lost a lot of trust with the company in the previous years and while they have made a big difference already he and the rest of the team at Papa John’s know that there is still a lot of work that has to be done in order to gain it all back. Steve Ritchie has pride in his company and knows that they can make the company better than it ever has been in the past with enough effort that he knows his team is willing to make.

In order to figure out what his company needs to improve, President and CEO Steve Ritchie asked questions and listened. Along with other executives at Papa John’s, a cross-country trip was taken in order to speak to the people that make the company what it is, their employees. They asked them what they believed the company needed in order to fit the image that they wanted and change the way customers viewed them.

When the public opinion of Papa John’s (@PapaJohns) became negative, Steve Ritchie hired multiple research firms to gather data about the situation and offer suggestions for how the company could improve their public perception. According to the information that they gathered through their research, public opinion is turning neutral and positive. This is great news for the company says Steve Ritchie who thinks the results will have positive effects very soon.

This is good news for the company that experienced a 16% loss in sales compared to the previous year. The “Voices” campaign that was launched by the company is having an impact on their customer base and helping them earn back trust. Steve Ritchie Papa John’s wants his customers to know who the team at Papa John’s is and that they aren’t all represented by the hurtful actions of just one person with the company. They are all part of their communities and were personally affected by what happened. Together as a team, Papa John’s will make things better for their customers and their employees that are so important to the company.


Flavio Maluf — Brazilian Entrepreneur and Agribusiness Leader

A well known Brazilian businessman, Flavio Maluf is Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and President of the Eucatex Group. The Eucatex Group is a family owned Brazilian company that was founded in 1951. The company manufactures a variety of building supplies with the materials for manufacture derived from eucalyptus tree wood fibers. Eucatex Group supplies both the market in Brazil as well as exporting globally. Read this article of Flavio Maluf at Business and Economics.

With his many years in the Brazilian agribusiness sector, Mr. Maluf was recently approached by the on-line news source “Terra” to comment on the economic condition of this market segment (see: “Flavio Maluf reports balance of Brazilian agribusiness for the month of June” — August 8, 2018 —,a43d3b8280a0300024f4c3365d216bc639hjqqgz.html ). Maluf notes in the article that, although the overall Brazilian agribusiness market has contracted a small amount compared to the same period last year, this is primarily due to market segmentation. Overall, Mr. Maluf confirms, the Brazilian agribusiness market is expanding, primarily in the form of exports to Asia and the European Union.

It is no wonder that “Terra” turned to Flavio Maluf as an industry expert for the news piece mentioned above. His reputation precedes him. A good summary of his background and business and life philosophy can be found in an interview conducted by the online news source “Ideamensch.” (see: “Flavio Maluf CEO of Eucatex” — Posted May 1, 2018 — ).

Maluf earned a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Armando AlvaresPenteado Foundation. Through his entrepreneurial mindset and hard work, he went on to become President of Grandfood. Grandfood is a market leader in grain growing, agriculture and forestry. As mentioned previously, Flavio Maluf is currently CEO of the Eucatex Group. He credits the idea behind Eucatex to his great-grandfather, Salim, who had owned and operated one of the most productive sawmills in Latin America.

In the interview with “Ideamensch” Flavio Maluf shares thoughts on how he has achieved success in life. He advises young entrepreneurs to seek perfection and to dedicate themselves wholeheartedly to their endeavors.



Sahm Adrangi: A Successful Short Seller

Sahm Adrangi is a famous name in the world of managing investments. He is the founder Kerrisdale Capital Management LLC. On top of that, he is the Chief Investment Officer of the entity. These are senior positions in the organization. As such, he has a lot of influence. He has been in the firm since its inception in the year 2009 and has been influential in the development of every aspect of the firm. The legendary businesses man has a lot of experience in investment management. He has worked for Longacre Fund Management, LLC. In this firm, he held the role of a financial analyst. Sahm Adrangi was a dedicated staff who gave valuable advice to the clients and the management of the firm based on his careful research and analysis.

Many firms have benefited from his skills in the world of finance. One of such firms is Chanin Capital Partners. In this firm, he did a lot of assignments concerning bankruptcy restructuring. He gained extensive knowledge which he uses up to today in his firm. In this role, Sahm Adrangi closely worked with creditors on how to solve outstanding loans issues with their borrowers. Most of the assignments involved out of court settlements in a bid to speed up the debt recovery process. In the credit market, he represented various parties such as banks, bondholders, holders of preferred equity and the firms which had advanced finances to these distressed institutions. Sahm Adrangi was successful in most of his engagements. This helped to cement his name on the world of finance. He has also worked for Deutsche Bank.

Sahm Adrangi holds a Bachelor of Arts in Economics. This academic qualification was obtained from the prestigious Yale University. The certification formed a foundation for his knowledge which he uses to execute the various deals entrusted upon him. He is a renowned short seller. In his dealings, he takes the approach of an activist. Sahm Adrangi has done a lot of research and publications on Chinese companies. As a successful short seller, he made a return of 180% in the year 2011. This illustrated his firm grasp of the investment markets. He continues to inspire many people who have an interest in the financial markets.

Whitney Wolfe Created Bumble for Every Woman

Whitney Wolfe made sure that Bumble was a safe spot for women. She knew there were things that would help them connect. By putting the power into the hands of women around the world, Wolfe knew what she could do and how she could help other people with the issues they were fighting. She didn’t want women to deal with harassment any more than they had to so she made a point of always showing people what they could do on their own. There were times when she had to help people understand the right way to do things and that’s how she did business when she came up with the idea for the app. Now Bumble is better than any other app that was a part of the industry before. For Whitney Wolfe, this meant she had to help people have a clear understanding of the things that were happening around the world. Follow Whitney Wolfe on Instagram for more updates.

When the women signed up for Bumble, they could get more from the experiences they had. Bumble gave women a chance to try different things and a chance to do things on their own. With Bumble, they had to initiate the contact. Men couldn’t just start harassing women in a way that was uncomfortable for them. Wolfe made the app so it would be different from any of the other apps that people had access to. The dating app world is changing and Whitney Wolfe is setting the stage for it.

Whitney Wolfe had experience with other dating apps. She wanted to help people make sure they had a chance to do things and she felt it would give her the ability to do things on their own. Since Wolfe knew what they needed, she felt there were times when they could come up with positive experiences. She always wanted people to understand they could do things on their own without the help of a man. She also felt things would change based on the way she ran the app. Wolfe set the scene for apps in the future. It helped them see things that would be different on their own. Read more:

Ian King – Senior Analyst At Banyan Hill Publishing

Ian King is a Contributing Editor and Senior Analyst at Banyan Hill Publishing. He attended Lafayette College, where he majored in Psychology. He received a B.S. degree in Psychology. Ian King’s career includes being a hedge fund manager, and he is now a trader in cryptocurrency. His career experience includes over twenty years as a trader and financial-market analysis. Mr. King has been highlighted on networks such as Seeking Alpha and Fox Business News. The first crypto financing high-tech merchandise of its kind was developed by Mr. King for Investopedia Academy. Read more articles by Ian King at Investopedia.

Ian King’s career began at Salomon Brothers’ as a desk clerk. He worked at Citigroup in the credit derivatives sector. After leaving Citigroup, Mr. King worked over ten years as a head trader, trading options in Peahi Capital.

In one of his recent articles that Ian King wrote for Banyan Hill Publishing, he gave an explanation of the bond market rise in popularity. He stated that the stock market is being challenged by the bond market. There are, however, a few peculiarities, between the stock market and the bonds market. The stock market has been the dominant performer in over ten years. The S&P has seen an increase of 29 percent.

Are Buyers Afraid Of The Trade Wars Between China And The United States?

In an interview with Fox Business News, Ian King spoke about the trade conflict between the United States and China. He states that this feud has a negative impact on the stock market. Within the past weeks, this conflict caused the market to decrease by approximately 3 percent.

What Are Some Major Points In The China And The United States Conflict?

According to Ian King, the major point is that China and the United States are coming to a deadlock that is intense. This allows for the retaliatory state between these two countries and gives them room to intensify, which will be devastating for the markets.

There is an indication that the market is beginning to propel President Donald Trump to take measures to calm the fears of the market. The United States putting levies on goods from China is not as effective as years ago. Visit:


The Greatest Invention of Canadian Businessman Louis Chenevert at UTC

Louis Chenevert is a Canadian businessman and the former CEO of United Technologies Corporation (UTC). He held the position of the CEO between 2008 and 2014. He is among the people who have done so much in upgrading the conglomerate business which has various multi-billion businesses under its name. The contributions of Louis Chenevert includes among other things taking the company through the global financial crisis that hit the world in 2008.

As the CEO, he ensured that the company was cushioned from losses that would bring the business to a halt. He did his work marvelously and attained the short-term goals that he had set out to accomplish. He carried out his work with diligence focusing on the long-term survival of the business. He used his term as a foundation upon which other executives will build on. By facilitating development in the company, he ensured that everything was running in the right and that growth was being recorded.

Before Louis Chenevert was appointed the CEO of the company, he had proved his value to the company when working as the president of one of the businesses under UTC known as Pratt & Whitney. This company deals with the production of jet engines. With the level of growth that the company was experiencing when he was the president, he managed to convince the management of UTC that he could accomplish the same targets with them.

For the years that he worked as the CEO, he proved exactly why he was the best. His performance was better than anyone else who has ever been in this business. UTC recorded growth in its annual returns as well as the products it was producing. During his reign, he led to the invention of the Turbofan geared engine. This is the biggest invention which has ever taken place in the company. Although some people argued that the cost of producing this engine was too high, he proved them wrong when the engine became the biggest income earner in the company.

Louis Chenevert is a qualified production manager who holds a degree in production management from HEC Montreal School of Business.

More into Partnerships in Development of the Infrastructure with Felipe Montoro Jens.

The main aim of any government is to grow the respective economies and improving the living standards of the residents. One of the main drivers of economic development is good infrastructure, the governments of various have initiated numerous infrastructural projects. Some developing countries have resulted to acquiring grants from international financial bodies such the International Development Bank and from developed countries. The other common means of financing infrastructural projects include partnering with the various players in the private sector. The practice has gained prominence even in the developed countries and has yielded good results.

Various development banks in the United States have been holding talks on the possible partnerships to improve the infrastructure. Scholars have always stressed the importance of developing economic partnerships among various players in the economy. With the talks, there is a possibility of developing and implementing transformative infrastructural projects. The talks have often resulted to increased infrastructural developments sponsored by the private sector. Scholars have stressed the importance of training individuals with the necessary skills to drive the infrastructural projects. There is a need to have better solutions in promoting private investments in infrastructure. Read more about Jens at

The governmental plays a key role in encouraging private investments, with a good political will, the rate of infrastructural developments is likely to increase. New investments are crucial to the development of infrastructure, the government plays a key role in promoting new investments. New investors prefer a stable environment that could explain the reason why countries with an unstable political environment lag behind in infrastructural development and the whole economy as a whole. There is a need for governments to partner in developing infrastructure to foster trading among the states. With the partnerships, the trading between the states becomes easier and boosts the local economies.

The government should put in place good plans for infrastructural projects, some projected end up stalled as a result of poor planning. The private sector’s main challenge in initiating infrastructural projects lies in financing. In some countries, the players in the private sector have formed alliances that help in pooling funds together for various development projects, this could be the solution to the problem in financing.

Learn more:,4d1cfee159791826fd7c00be88ff5defx4uhd4g6.html


Flavio Maluf Discusses Tax Incentives and Their Impact on Businesses

The first measure of Brazil’s tax burden was established in 1974. As a result, the 13.5% GDP was effective immediately. Since then, the actual measure has grown gradually. However, according to the state’s Internal Revenue Service the tax revenue burden was at 19% as of 1965. For that reason, entrepreneurs experience difficulties when it comes to establishing strong businesses in Brazil. Even so, Flavio Maluf of Eucatex has taken it upon himself to address the impending tax burden and possibly influence the government to consider exempting entrepreneurs from these destructive burdens that prevent entrepreneurs from investing in more profitable businesses. Read more on Business and Economics about Flavio Maluf

The Background Look

According to Flavio Maluf, the idea of Fiscal Tax Incentives Laws is there to foster significant social, economic growth in Brazil. Therefore, while the unreasonable tax burdens can interfere with entrepreneurs’ chances of making it in other business ventures, there are a few tactics that can help Brazilian’s enjoy the relief of tax incentives.

The Fiscal Incentive Law

Moreover, Maluf states that the new Fiscal Incentive Law is there to give companies the chance to direct some of their revenues made for taxes to constructive projects. Besides, the law will offer a new pathway for entrepreneurs to focus on societal development projects like technology, cultural projects, scientific research as well as useful health programs. For instance, through this path, instead of spending the revenues on the Brazilian government, the money will be spent on beneficial society projects. Finally, in Maluf’s perspective, these incentives are to be utilized in enhancing the development of the country.

Regional Tax Incentives

Besides, it is vital to note that Brazil has instigated regional tax incentives in some regions. It is a policy granted to specific areas. For instance, one of the most significant areas that this tax incentive is acceptable is the Manaus Free Zone. Similarly, in this case, the measure of the incentive is promoting Western Amazon’s development.

The Overview

In addition, Flavio Maluf is the chief executive officer of Eucatex Group. Therefore, he is in charge of the company and its affiliates. Aside from that, he is also the chairman of the board of directors of the same companies. Additionally, when he is out of office serving at Eucatex Group, he discusses business and the best strategies to consider working with for entrepreneurs to succeed. Visit

Luiz Carlos Trabuco: Increasing The Value Of Bradesco Bank

Bradesco Bank has been in a constant rivalry with two of its closest competitors in the industry – Banco Itau and Unibanco. However, their competition ended up with Bradesco Bank being in the bottom place. After the merger of Banco Itau and Unibanco, the number of investors working with Bradesco Bank significantly decreased. The same thing happened to their assets – it plummeted down to its lowest levels since the establishment of the bank several decades ago. The growth of the newly established rival bank, on the other hand, is posing significant threats to the company. Itau Unibanco became the largest bank in Brazil after the merger in 2009, and Bradesco Bank is trailing far behind. Adding to the woes of Bradesco Bank is the resignation of their president because he already reached the age of retirement. The board of directors back at Bradesco Bank needs to look for a replacement immediately, and after reviewing the application papers of those who are interested in the position, they saw the profile of Luiz Carlos Trabuco, and they realized that he is the one that deserved to become the company’s next president.

From being the executive vice president of Bradesco Bank, Luiz Carlos Trabuco was promoted to become the newest president of the company. His primary objective after his promotion was to introduce reforms within the company that would allow Bradesco Bank to experience tremendous growth. Under his leadership, there would be frequent corporate meetings where he would ask the department heads about the condition of their departments. He would also question his colleagues about ideas on how they could increase the company’s value and assets. These frequent meetings provided him with vital information that he could use to further the company’s interest.

Read more: Conselho do Bradesco escolhe Octavio de Lazari Junior para substituir Trabuco como presidente

One of the ideal solutions to secure the position of Bradesco Bank to become the country’s largest and leading bank once again is to acquire financial institutions in the country that has a sizable market. What he thought about was the acquisition of HSBC Brazil, and it was valued at $5.2 billion according to At first, the board of directors back at Bradesco Bank is warning him about his decision, and they are telling him that the amount asked by HSBC Brazil is too much, and it could make the company go bankrupt. However, Luiz Carlos Trabuco assured the board of directors that the decision to purchase HSBC Brazil would benefit the company in the long term. He managed to persuade the board of directors to agree with his decision, and the acquisition took place in 2015.

After Bradesco Bank bought HSBC Brazil, the company’s stock market value skyrocketed. The board of directors is grateful that they allowed Luiz Carlos Trabuco with his decision to purchase HSBC Brazil. Today, Bradesco Bank keeps on getting more investors, and as a result, their assets are growing steadily. The company’s value at the stock market is also on an upward trend, and even if Luiz Carlos Trabuco already announced his retirement, his legacies would continue shaping the company for a brighter future ahead.


Igor Cornelsen Trusts His Gut in Finance

As a former Chief Executive Officer of Multibanco Bank in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, Igor Cornelsen was born in 1947 and attended the Federal University of Parana. He has worked for many Investment Banking firms including Standard Chartered, Multibanco, Unibanco, Libra Bank, and now his own investment firm. A large reason for his success, he says, is the fact that he decided to study engineering at a time when complex calculators that we use in today’s society did not exist… and parlaying this leverage in combination with his Finance degree, propelled to the top where he enjoyed a thriving Financial career amongst many peers who did not always see trades the same way that he did. Follow Igor Cornelsen on Twitter.

In one particular example, Russia defaulted on defaulted on its debt, and none of his friends thought that Russia would pay it back. Igor Cornelsen thought the opposite and was greatly rewarded for his diligence and sticking to the facts, rather than listening to people’s opinions. It turned out that Russia did pay back its debt or attempt to pay back its debt. This is just one example in which Igor Cornelsen has decided to listen to his own gut rather than trusting others’ opinions.

The venues for much of Igor’s Investment Banking career have been varied. First he started out at Multibanco where he worked his way up to the CEO. Next, he moved over to Unibanco before it was bought out by Bank of America in 1985. After the buy out, Igor saw this as an opportunity to move to Libra Bank, until there was a position opened at Standard Chartered which he swiftly took and enjoyed seven good years with. Standard Chartered is one of the most respected banks in Singapore, and he worked at their satellite branch in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. Learn more: