Steve Ritchie Is Ready For The Hard Work Ahead As CEO

Papa John’s has been working hard and making some big changes under their new CEO Steve Ritchie. Customers lost a lot of trust with the company in the previous years and while they have made a big difference already he and the rest of the team at Papa John’s know that there is still a lot of work that has to be done in order to gain it all back. Steve Ritchie has pride in his company and knows that they can make the company better than it ever has been in the past with enough effort that he knows his team is willing to make.

In order to figure out what his company needs to improve, President and CEO Steve Ritchie asked questions and listened. Along with other executives at Papa John’s, a cross-country trip was taken in order to speak to the people that make the company what it is, their employees. They asked them what they believed the company needed in order to fit the image that they wanted and change the way customers viewed them.

When the public opinion of Papa John’s (@PapaJohns) became negative, Steve Ritchie hired multiple research firms to gather data about the situation and offer suggestions for how the company could improve their public perception. According to the information that they gathered through their research, public opinion is turning neutral and positive. This is great news for the company says Steve Ritchie who thinks the results will have positive effects very soon.

This is good news for the company that experienced a 16% loss in sales compared to the previous year. The “Voices” campaign that was launched by the company is having an impact on their customer base and helping them earn back trust. Steve Ritchie Papa John’s wants his customers to know who the team at Papa John’s is and that they aren’t all represented by the hurtful actions of just one person with the company. They are all part of their communities and were personally affected by what happened. Together as a team, Papa John’s will make things better for their customers and their employees that are so important to the company.


Flavio Maluf — Brazilian Entrepreneur and Agribusiness Leader

A well known Brazilian businessman, Flavio Maluf is Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and President of the Eucatex Group. The Eucatex Group is a family owned Brazilian company that was founded in 1951. The company manufactures a variety of building supplies with the materials for manufacture derived from eucalyptus tree wood fibers. Eucatex Group supplies both the market in Brazil as well as exporting globally. Read this article of Flavio Maluf at Business and Economics.

With his many years in the Brazilian agribusiness sector, Mr. Maluf was recently approached by the on-line news source “Terra” to comment on the economic condition of this market segment (see: “Flavio Maluf reports balance of Brazilian agribusiness for the month of June” — August 8, 2018 —,a43d3b8280a0300024f4c3365d216bc639hjqqgz.html ). Maluf notes in the article that, although the overall Brazilian agribusiness market has contracted a small amount compared to the same period last year, this is primarily due to market segmentation. Overall, Mr. Maluf confirms, the Brazilian agribusiness market is expanding, primarily in the form of exports to Asia and the European Union.

It is no wonder that “Terra” turned to Flavio Maluf as an industry expert for the news piece mentioned above. His reputation precedes him. A good summary of his background and business and life philosophy can be found in an interview conducted by the online news source “Ideamensch.” (see: “Flavio Maluf CEO of Eucatex” — Posted May 1, 2018 — ).

Maluf earned a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Armando AlvaresPenteado Foundation. Through his entrepreneurial mindset and hard work, he went on to become President of Grandfood. Grandfood is a market leader in grain growing, agriculture and forestry. As mentioned previously, Flavio Maluf is currently CEO of the Eucatex Group. He credits the idea behind Eucatex to his great-grandfather, Salim, who had owned and operated one of the most productive sawmills in Latin America.

In the interview with “Ideamensch” Flavio Maluf shares thoughts on how he has achieved success in life. He advises young entrepreneurs to seek perfection and to dedicate themselves wholeheartedly to their endeavors.



Wes Edens, Chairman and Founder of Fortress Investment Group

Wes Edens and Exciting Ventures and Purchases by Fortress Investment Group

Wes Edens is the Chairman and one of the Founders in 1998 of Fortress Investment Group, which is headquartered in New York and is one of the largest and diversified alternative asset managers in the world and has developed a deep expertise in managing acquisitions and mergers. It directs more than $70 billion in assets under management and employs 1,100 people in 15 offices around the world. Its 2007 initial public offering was the initial large private equity firm on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) to go public.

Its three principals are New York-based WesEdens and Randal Nardone and San Francisco-based Peter Briger. They chose to continue their roles after the purchase of Fortress in 2017 for $3.3 billion by SoftBank Group Corporation, a Japanese multinational with its headquarters in Tokyo. Fortress, now in a worldwide market, continues as an independent entity with Wes Edens, Briger, and Nardone staying on as principals. Its operations are in three principal categories of Private Equity, Credit, and Permanent Capital Vehicles.

Wes Edens has a variety of important titles including co-chief executive officer, private equity chief investment officer investing in diverse industries, president of private equity, principal and private equity chief investment officer, chairman of Nationstar Mortgage which Fortress purchased, and more. He received his Bachelor of Science in Finance and Business Administration from Oregon State University in 1984. To know more about him click here.

Fortress has also just broken ground in September 2018 for its Miami-based Brightline Southern California to Las Vegas high-speed private passenger train that, upon completion in 2022, will make the 185-mile trip in two hours instead of the four hours or more that it currently takes for the drive on the busy Interstate 15 freeway that links Southern California to Las Vegas, one of the most traveled USA routes. Construction on the first phase of the rail project is expected to begin in 2019 on the rail line alongside Interstate 15, and the company plans to purchase 38 acres adjacent to the Las Vegas Strip to build a major intermodal hub terminus.


Ted Bauman: Preparing for a Possible Stock Market Decline

The bulls remain in control of the US stock market and even with record stock valuations, most investors remain optimistic in this market. Other individuals, such as Ted Bauman, would probably start to adopt a more contrarian view of the market in present circumstances. Mr. Bauman is an economist who takes the less popular approach to the financial markets and preaches individuals to focus on defensive investing strategies to build long-term wealth. Ted Bauman traveled to South Africa in his earlier years and would earn his economics degree at the University of Cape Town. He devoted several years working with Habitat for humanity and has over twenty years’ experience working on housing projects for the less fortunate. These days he specializes in wealth preserving tactics an individual should follow.

Ted Bauman feels that the stock market could easily tank due to the record high valuations but that there could be an immediate bounce back after a decline. He brings up the year 1987, where out of nowhere the stock market plunged an extreme amount in just one day. There was panic selling and most of the investing public sold almost all their positions. The smart investors did not panic and held through the decline. The real savvy investors bought into the market at the decline. The individuals who held in the market and did not panic ended the year with a ten percent profit. This is a potential scenario Mr. Bauman feels investors should be prepared for.

Ted Bauman does not share the same enthusiasm as many of the investors currently have about US equities and believes they will return to fair value. He advises investors that when stocks start to fall, the process can take over a year before the investor realizes it’s a bear market. When the mentality of market participants flips, investors will no longer be seeking risky assets and will try to park their money in safer areas. Ted Bauman also points out that the current hawkish stance that the federal reserve is taking is eventually going to weigh heavily on the stock market. He advises strongly against trying to time the market. To know more about him click here.

Sahm Adrangi: A Successful Short Seller

Sahm Adrangi is a famous name in the world of managing investments. He is the founder Kerrisdale Capital Management LLC. On top of that, he is the Chief Investment Officer of the entity. These are senior positions in the organization. As such, he has a lot of influence. He has been in the firm since its inception in the year 2009 and has been influential in the development of every aspect of the firm. The legendary businesses man has a lot of experience in investment management. He has worked for Longacre Fund Management, LLC. In this firm, he held the role of a financial analyst. Sahm Adrangi was a dedicated staff who gave valuable advice to the clients and the management of the firm based on his careful research and analysis.

Many firms have benefited from his skills in the world of finance. One of such firms is Chanin Capital Partners. In this firm, he did a lot of assignments concerning bankruptcy restructuring. He gained extensive knowledge which he uses up to today in his firm. In this role, Sahm Adrangi closely worked with creditors on how to solve outstanding loans issues with their borrowers. Most of the assignments involved out of court settlements in a bid to speed up the debt recovery process. In the credit market, he represented various parties such as banks, bondholders, holders of preferred equity and the firms which had advanced finances to these distressed institutions. Sahm Adrangi was successful in most of his engagements. This helped to cement his name on the world of finance. He has also worked for Deutsche Bank.

Sahm Adrangi holds a Bachelor of Arts in Economics. This academic qualification was obtained from the prestigious Yale University. The certification formed a foundation for his knowledge which he uses to execute the various deals entrusted upon him. He is a renowned short seller. In his dealings, he takes the approach of an activist. Sahm Adrangi has done a lot of research and publications on Chinese companies. As a successful short seller, he made a return of 180% in the year 2011. This illustrated his firm grasp of the investment markets. He continues to inspire many people who have an interest in the financial markets.

Shiraz Boghani: Why is He worth Emulating?

Shiraz Boghani is an accomplished British businessman living in Harrow, UK. Besides being an entrepreneur, he’s also a chartered accountant who has managed to launch a firm in the healthcare industry and a successful chain of hotels.

Shiraz Boghani is a business-minded fellow. The first company that he established was known as Splendid Hospitality Group, a business entity based in Haydon House in Middlesex. He founded this firm way back in 1986 with the firm currently operating a significant number of hotels across the United Kingdom. Mr.Boghani plays a vital role at Sussex Healthcare chief among them being ensuring that the medical staff is able to effectively offer quality healthcare services to people living with disabilities and the elderly. Another vital role that Boghani plays includes guiding Sussex Healthcare in the right direction by providing excellent leadership in the face of cut-throat competition.

Besides being at the helm of Sussex Healthcare, Shiraz Boghani also owns and subsequently manages Splendid Hospitality Group, a company that has a good number of hotels all across the entire region of the United Kingdom. Just like his other businesses, Boghani’s role at Splendid Hospitality is to ensure that clients are able to get a grand place to stay as long as they desire by making sure that all their needs are taken care of. Another equally important role that he plays includes making more additions to Splendid Hospitality Group, a move aimed at satisfying the increasing number of clients.

Shiraz Boghani is a committed and hard working individual and due to this, he has won a number of awards. For instance, in 2016, Mr. Boghani was awarded the Asian Business Award for recognition as the best and most impressive hotelier of the year due to his leadership skills and the willingness to offer his clients more than they expected.

Boghani is an educated fellow. With a desire for education, he moved from Kenya all the way to the United Kingdom and immediately studied accounting in a small chartered accounting firm before joining the Thomson McLintock (KPMG) to advance his studies in the field of accounting.


Matt Badiali

Matt Badiali had no idea when he graduated from Florida Atlantic University with a degree in geology that he would leave that field behind in order to enter the financial world. Encouraged by a close friend, he took what he had learned about the earth and its resources and began advising people about investing in companies producing oil and other natural resources. His studies showed that there were huge pockets of fossil fuels that were available within the United States boundaries and that big corporations were not taking full advantage of them. See more of Matt on Facebook.

Matt Badiali learned that in the 1970’s President Nixon signed a decree which allowed companies who drilled for oil in order to use it in the country would be able to keep their profits free from any federal tax. As long as the company would pay their investors ninety percent of their profits, this money would also be tax free to them. This was an effort on the part of the government to encourage domestic drilling of natural resources and to lessen the dependence on foreign fuels. Matt saw an opportunity to work with these large corporations and knew that he could offer this to the average American.

Within a short period of time, Matt Badiali put together a company called Freedom Checks where people could open accounts in order to purchase interests in these tax free returns. The checks would be paid out in regular intervals, either monthly or yearly. Investors flocked to this idea because of the promise of tax free profits. Big oil companies knew this was the best way to get more people interested in investing with them and Matt saw an increase in his business right away. Matt Badiali has been speaking at conferences and seminars all over the country in order to bring his message to many more people. Check:


Meet Ted Bauman: A Renowned Economist

Meet Ted Bauman: A Renowned Economist

Ted Bauman started working at Banyan Hill in the year 2013. He moved to South Africa from the U.S in the 1980s. He played an important role in the implementation as well as the development of urbanization and economic policy. In the years the 1990s and 2000s, this brilliant man held a position of a consultant in entities like United Nations and European and African governments. Read more at Daily Forex Report about Ted Bauman.

Work history

Ted Bauman traveled to various parts of Asia and Africa. This helped him learn how economic and political dynamics interact in various societies. Ted has published research as well as commentary in various international journals.

In the year 2008, Ted went back to America and started working for a non-profit organization situated in Atlanta. Here, he assumed the role of the Director of International programs. This talented man applies his economic knowledge to assess sustainability and effectiveness of an organization. In 2013, he started working as an editor. His international experience, as well as his broad knowledge, helped him perform excellently.

As a renowned economist, Ted can look at an investment landscape from a wider standpoint. His unique capability enables him to provide his readers unique information regarding market trends and development, which offer profit potential. Besides editing Alpha Stock Weekly, Plan B Club, and The Bauman Letter, he also writes for the Sovereign Investor Daily.

Alpha Stock Alert

Here, Editor Ted provides stock recommendations as per the Alpha Code System. His broad knowledge in the field enables him to offer proper guidance to those in need. With the help of some of the best professionals in the Industry, Ted was able to develop the “algorithmic” trading system.

Plan B Club:

This is actually a guide for getting a secondary citizenship as well as planning a move abroad. The guide is helpful to people intending to move overseas to enjoy opportunities available there. Editor Ted provides accurate and up-to-date information on how to protect your wealth and also escape the excessive tax burdens in the U.S. and living a comfortable life overseas.

The Bauman Letter

It is usually published on monthly basis. Here, Ted Bauman advises people to secure and preserve their property using innovative investment, personal, and legal strategies. The aim of Ted is to help people have a say in their financial destiny. He gives ideas on how to grow wealth while preserving their privacy.

More about Ted Bauman

Washington, D.C. is the birthplace of Bauman. He grew up on the eastern shore of Maryland. He later migrated to South Africa. He attended the University of Cape Town where he acquired his postgraduate degree in history and economics. He worked in South-Africa for about 25 years. He has helped about 14 million people in more than 35 countries.



More into Partnerships in Development of the Infrastructure with Felipe Montoro Jens.

The main aim of any government is to grow the respective economies and improving the living standards of the residents. One of the main drivers of economic development is good infrastructure, the governments of various have initiated numerous infrastructural projects. Some developing countries have resulted to acquiring grants from international financial bodies such the International Development Bank and from developed countries. The other common means of financing infrastructural projects include partnering with the various players in the private sector. The practice has gained prominence even in the developed countries and has yielded good results.

Various development banks in the United States have been holding talks on the possible partnerships to improve the infrastructure. Scholars have always stressed the importance of developing economic partnerships among various players in the economy. With the talks, there is a possibility of developing and implementing transformative infrastructural projects. The talks have often resulted to increased infrastructural developments sponsored by the private sector. Scholars have stressed the importance of training individuals with the necessary skills to drive the infrastructural projects. There is a need to have better solutions in promoting private investments in infrastructure. Read more about Jens at

The governmental plays a key role in encouraging private investments, with a good political will, the rate of infrastructural developments is likely to increase. New investments are crucial to the development of infrastructure, the government plays a key role in promoting new investments. New investors prefer a stable environment that could explain the reason why countries with an unstable political environment lag behind in infrastructural development and the whole economy as a whole. There is a need for governments to partner in developing infrastructure to foster trading among the states. With the partnerships, the trading between the states becomes easier and boosts the local economies.

The government should put in place good plans for infrastructural projects, some projected end up stalled as a result of poor planning. The private sector’s main challenge in initiating infrastructural projects lies in financing. In some countries, the players in the private sector have formed alliances that help in pooling funds together for various development projects, this could be the solution to the problem in financing.

Learn more:,4d1cfee159791826fd7c00be88ff5defx4uhd4g6.html


Matt Badiali Freedom Checks

Matt Badiali is a financial analyst. While at Penn University, he studied Earth sciences. In Florida Atlantic University, he did his Masters of Sciences in Geology. These achievements have taken him all over the world. He has inspected the wells and mines of Switzerland, Turkey, and Haiti. He worked as a geologist teaching at the University of North Carolina. This was before receiving a call that changed his life. It was from a financial expert who needed to invest in the energy, mining and natural resource sector. Learn more about Matt Badiali at Crunchbase.

The media recently introduced freedom checks. One ad features Matt Badiali holding a 114,287 dollar check. It resembles the one given by the government for a tax refund. Many may dismiss this and label it as a scam or a get-rich-quick technique. This is due to the nature of most ads that makes the freedom checks concept seem impossible. Much of the confusion arises from the fact that most people don’t understand them. A big percentage of people aren’t familiar with Matt Badiali. They also do not know why he is talking about freedom checks for that case.

For this, a background check on freedom checks and underlying principles are necessary.

The check is private, not from the government. The same script used to bribe people into ‘Patriot Checks’ is the same one used in U.S Freedom Checks. The only thing that differentiates these checks from scams is the fact that it is an investment. Nobody is giving away money. It promises you cash from a thing it needs you to buy.

This investment is a commitment. To receive payouts in the future, you have to invest on a regular basis. This is the reason why it requires much thought. The ads are not going to tell you this.

The truth is that Matt Badiali is promoting Master Limited Partnerships. An MLP is a partnership playing the role of a public limited partnership. Thus, you get to enjoy tax-related advantages. Your profits also will only get taxed after the investors receive theirs. The MLP can enjoy the high liquidity that comes with a company that has gone public.

When using freedom checks, payments are not subjected to income tax. This is because of the consideration that they are capital returns. They also allow investors to skip opening a special account to benefit. Also, you can trade them for as low as 10 dollars or less.

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