More into Partnerships in Development of the Infrastructure with Felipe Montoro Jens.

The main aim of any government is to grow the respective economies and improving the living standards of the residents. One of the main drivers of economic development is good infrastructure, the governments of various have initiated numerous infrastructural projects. Some developing countries have resulted to acquiring grants from international financial bodies such the International Development Bank and from developed countries. The other common means of financing infrastructural projects include partnering with the various players in the private sector. The practice has gained prominence even in the developed countries and has yielded good results.

Various development banks in the United States have been holding talks on the possible partnerships to improve the infrastructure. Scholars have always stressed the importance of developing economic partnerships among various players in the economy. With the talks, there is a possibility of developing and implementing transformative infrastructural projects. The talks have often resulted to increased infrastructural developments sponsored by the private sector. Scholars have stressed the importance of training individuals with the necessary skills to drive the infrastructural projects. There is a need to have better solutions in promoting private investments in infrastructure. Read more about Jens at

The governmental plays a key role in encouraging private investments, with a good political will, the rate of infrastructural developments is likely to increase. New investments are crucial to the development of infrastructure, the government plays a key role in promoting new investments. New investors prefer a stable environment that could explain the reason why countries with an unstable political environment lag behind in infrastructural development and the whole economy as a whole. There is a need for governments to partner in developing infrastructure to foster trading among the states. With the partnerships, the trading between the states becomes easier and boosts the local economies.

The government should put in place good plans for infrastructural projects, some projected end up stalled as a result of poor planning. The private sector’s main challenge in initiating infrastructural projects lies in financing. In some countries, the players in the private sector have formed alliances that help in pooling funds together for various development projects, this could be the solution to the problem in financing.

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Flavio Maluf Discusses Tax Incentives and Their Impact on Businesses

The first measure of Brazil’s tax burden was established in 1974. As a result, the 13.5% GDP was effective immediately. Since then, the actual measure has grown gradually. However, according to the state’s Internal Revenue Service the tax revenue burden was at 19% as of 1965. For that reason, entrepreneurs experience difficulties when it comes to establishing strong businesses in Brazil. Even so, Flavio Maluf of Eucatex has taken it upon himself to address the impending tax burden and possibly influence the government to consider exempting entrepreneurs from these destructive burdens that prevent entrepreneurs from investing in more profitable businesses. Read more on Business and Economics about Flavio Maluf

The Background Look

According to Flavio Maluf, the idea of Fiscal Tax Incentives Laws is there to foster significant social, economic growth in Brazil. Therefore, while the unreasonable tax burdens can interfere with entrepreneurs’ chances of making it in other business ventures, there are a few tactics that can help Brazilian’s enjoy the relief of tax incentives.

The Fiscal Incentive Law

Moreover, Maluf states that the new Fiscal Incentive Law is there to give companies the chance to direct some of their revenues made for taxes to constructive projects. Besides, the law will offer a new pathway for entrepreneurs to focus on societal development projects like technology, cultural projects, scientific research as well as useful health programs. For instance, through this path, instead of spending the revenues on the Brazilian government, the money will be spent on beneficial society projects. Finally, in Maluf’s perspective, these incentives are to be utilized in enhancing the development of the country.

Regional Tax Incentives

Besides, it is vital to note that Brazil has instigated regional tax incentives in some regions. It is a policy granted to specific areas. For instance, one of the most significant areas that this tax incentive is acceptable is the Manaus Free Zone. Similarly, in this case, the measure of the incentive is promoting Western Amazon’s development.

The Overview

In addition, Flavio Maluf is the chief executive officer of Eucatex Group. Therefore, he is in charge of the company and its affiliates. Aside from that, he is also the chairman of the board of directors of the same companies. Additionally, when he is out of office serving at Eucatex Group, he discusses business and the best strategies to consider working with for entrepreneurs to succeed. Visit

Successful Investor Shervin Pishevar Tweetstorm Is Full Of Predictions

Famous investors like to talk about how they made their millions. Investors like George Soros and Warren Buffett are always being interviewed. Small investors want to be just like the big dog investors when it comes to building wealth and prestige. Other big money investors don’t like to be in the limelight for a number of reasons, but it seems Shervin Pishevar, one of the early investors in Uber, and the founder of Sherpa Capital is not one of those wealthy capitalists.

Mr. Pishevar sort of disappeared after announcing he was walking away from his main company during a mid-December interview. But the people who know Shervin Pishevar know he doesn’t like to be silent for very long. Pishevar is the investor who convinced Menlo Ventures to take a chance on Uber. And he’s the investor Elon Musk is working with to get Hyperloop One off the ground. He is the executive chairman of Hyperloop One, and he has a stake in other companies like the Dollar Shave Club, Warby Parker, Didi, and Slack.

So when Shervin Pishevar went on a tweeting rage recently, investors got a taste of how talkative he can be when he wants to be. Shervin’s tweetstorm was an eye-opener for many people who follow what he says and does. When he tweeted that Bitcoin’s value will drop to the $2,000 to $5,000 range that message sent a chill through the minds of Bitcoin investors. And that was just one of the 50 tweets Shervin Pishevar sent during his 21-hour rant on Trump’s favorite way to get his frustrations out.

But Pishevar wasn’t tweeting to relieve frustration or to throw anyone under the bus like the commander-in-tweet likes to do. Shervin’s tweets were predictions, not insults. Pishevar sees a financial crisis brewing, and the stock market will drop by 6,000 points during that crisis. Silicon Valley’s potential demise was in another tweet, and the bond market is not going to be as solid for investors as it has in the past. And another tweet claims the U.S. is falling behind China in terms of infrastructure modernization and economic growth. And Pishevar didn’t stop there. But Shervin Pishevar did get a lot of things off his chest. Maybe more Pishevar tweets are coming now that he has everyone’s attention.

The San Diego’s renown plastic surgeon, Mark Mofid.

Mark Mofid is a plastic surgeon. He is based in San Diego. Mark Mofid is a very popular name in the field of cosmetic surgery. He attended Harvard University. He as well went to Johns Hopkins University. Mark brings to the cosmetic surgery industry not only his unquestionable education but also some thoughtful inventions. His innovations have greatly improved cosmetic surgery.

Dr. Mofid has a remarkable reputation in his work. He is known for his safe medical practices. For this reason, many plastic surgery patients tend to prefer him for their procedures. His patients are always willing to pay extra amounts for his services. Dr. Mofid, however, is primarily interested in the safety of his patients. Before performing a procedure, he always ensures that it does not involve major risks to the client.

Dr. Mark Mofid greatly understands how the skin, fat, and muscles operate in a human’s body. This together with his extensive scientific research puts him in a better position to perform his surgeries safely.

When he first joined the industry, he noticed a lot of loopholes that sought for improvement. Instead of just sticking to the basic practices that everyone was used to, Dr. Mark Mofid has greatly evolved the field. He has worked for almost a decade on development of particular varieties of surgeries. For instance, when he joined the industry, generic implants were being used. These implants had a very low compatibility rate. Through research, Dr. Mofid came up with a more compatible gluteal implant.

On an interview, Mark Mofid talked about his clinic. He stated that they are located in La Jolla, California. He states that his wife works with him in the clinic as the hospital’s dermatologist. The clinic also has a full-time nurse. He is also working with two surgical engineers. The clinic offers plastics surgery and dermatologic care.

He also states that in plastic surgery, technologies such as laser lipolysis treatment have really become popular. However, in his clinic, they tend to come up with new technologies to solve the same problems. Their new approaches include thread lifting and mesotherapy among others. The challenge with these new methods is that sometimes the patients might not appreciate them. Lucky for him, his patients have greatly embraced these new methods.

Reserve marks one of Jeunesse Global’s greatest contributions

Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis were two of the most prolific entrepreneurs in the North American direct-marketing business. They had spent a lifetime creating some of the most successful companies in the region. As a result, they had long ago achieved enough wealth that they were not forced to work.

But they continued working at the trade they loved anyway. Finally, in 2009, Ray and Lewis decided that it was time to throw in the towel and try retirement. The couple quickly discovered, however, that they had made an error. The industrious Florida snowbirds were simply not made out for the endless idle hours of retirement and the lack of meaning that comes with not having anything concrete towards which to strive.

They created a small business that was dedicated to selling a few health and beauty products. Named Jeunesse Global, the company quickly began growing. By its fifth year of operation, it was already doing tens of millions of dollars per year in sales and had thousands of distributors across the planet. Ray and Lewis enjoyed the fact that they were able to use Jeunesse as a vehicle to spread genuine opportunity to those disadvantaged people across the globe who, by accident of birth, were not located in an area where such opportunities were common.

But the true secret behind Jeunesse Global’s success was always the company’s top-flight products. One example of the company’s highly innovative and effective products is its Reserve health drink. Made with resveratrol, the key active ingredient in red wine, Reserve enables users to get all the benefits of red wine consumption without incurring any of the risks of consuming alcohol.

Reserve also contains a number of so-called superfruits. These include pomegranate, acai, concord grape, dark sweet cherries, and blueberries. Reserve also contains aloe vera and green tea, ingredients that give users an even bigger boost of health-preserving ingredients.

Reserve is just one of the many products offered by Jeunesse Global that are helping to bring about what the company terms Generation Young, the first generation in the history of humankind that will have all of the tools at its disposal to stave off aging for years or even decades.

The Corporate Legend, Flavio Maluf

Flavio was lucky enough to acquire quality education at the tertiary level from one of the most excellent universities in Sao Paulo known as FAAP. It is important to note that his standard skills in business increased his chances of excelling in the business profession. Flavio had an opportunity to be in charge of two successful companies which include GrandFood and Eucatex.

Flavio’s Experience in Eucatex

Eucatex is a company that is known for making products from unique raw materials such as Eucalyptus, and all their goods don’t cause harm to the environment. It has a diverse processing plant as it manufactures different kinds of products which can be used in all kinds of environment.

Eucatex has been on the market since 1951. For more than fifty years, its entire faculty has shown promises of progress because of their constant improvements in the sector. The company has international connections as they sell their goods to other countries which have positively influenced entire Brazil. The increased profits and transitions can be accredited to Flavio Maluf, the president of the firm from 2005. Flavio is involved in the boards of the company where he participates in the making of crucial decisions.

Flavio Maluf’s strategies

Flavio has come up with updated methods that will aid in completely eradicating methods of manufacture of goods that will lead to the damage of the living organisms’ surroundings. This has brought Eucatex up the charts in marketing their productions which has, in turn, ensured that it doesn’t get complains from the public.

Flavio is an orderly person who represents his life-changing ideas in SlideShare presentations which have been one of the factors influencing his career. Entrepreneurs emulate his advice on business matters because he has been in the field for a long time.

For the convenience of the young people, Flavio Maluf created a blog that has made a platform where one can acquire mentorship that will assist in making critical decisions and becoming a significant figure in the society. Due to his influence in Brazil, major solutions have been implemented to ensure the smooth running of the developing economy. View:


Jeff Yastine Giving His Two Cents as the Editorial Director at Banyan Hill Publishing

Jeff Yastine is amongst the most successful financial correspondents of his time and has the experience of nearly two decades as an equity investor and financial correspondent. Jeff Yastine has worked as TV anchor in the early stages of his career as well, which helped him get considerable popularity among the audience. With the experience of being in the financial world for many years, Jeff Yastine joined Banyan Hill Publishing in 2015 with the aim to make it a leading and the most trusted commercial publishing house in the world and has contributed vastly to the success of Banyan Hill Publishing since he joined. As an investor, Jeff Yastine continues to look out for new opportunities for investments where he could rope in more benefits. Follow Jeff on Twitter.

As a financial correspondent, he continues to write news and thought to provide articles on financial sector from time to time. In one of the items that Jeff Yastine recently wrote, he mentioned that the investors should focus on the retail industry, and must not only be keen on investing in Amazon but its competitor as well. Jeff Yastine says that it might be wrong to think that Amazon has no competition and that it would be able to dominate the retail segment forever. In that context, Jeff Yastine says that three companies to look out for regarding investment that can potentially pose a threat to Amazon in the future are Kroger, eBay, and Grainger. He said that these companies have robust infrastructure, a well-planned business strategy, and sound finances, which can help these companies to grow at a rapid pace and give Amazon a tough fight in the niches it operates in. Check:

Jeff Yastine believes that it is necessary for the investors to explore new forays in the world of finance, including cybersecurity, which he thinks is a niche that is bound to grow heaps and bounds in the years to come. It is because the cyber security is taken more seriously today than ever before, and the companies, as well as individuals, are more aware of the threat that cyber attacks pose. As most of our data is online and in the computers we use, cybersecurity is a sector that is undoubtedly headed for growth. Visit to know more about Jeff Yastine.




Hussain Sajwani: Serial Entrepreneur

Hussain Sajwani, is the creator, Founder, and Chief Executive Officer of the DAMAC Group, based in Dubai. Mr. Sajwani, an Emeriti native, leads the massive and diverse billion dollar enterprise. The savvy businessman arose from a modest, conservative, middle-income background. He worked in his father’s storefront during his early wonder years, approximately since the age of 3. There, his father sold watches and pens as his mother sold fabric and other housewares. Mr. Sajwani was in the trenches, experiencing the ups and downs of true entrepreneurship. His father was absent from family life quite often due to the unceasing demand of managing the family business.

Hussain Sajwani was not fond of this aspect of self-employment and as a result, chose another career route when he became of age. The impressionable young man decided to explore a medical education, which proved to be brief. Mr. Sajwani later ventured into real estate, and there he discovered a career path that would eventually lead to prosperity as well as other avenues of success. DAMAC Properties came about in 2002. Hussain Sajwani leveraged the real estate development industry with his ad hoc childhood business experiences and his keen sense of ingenuity. He has single-handedly ushered DAMAC Properties to the London Stock Exchange, it is the first of it’s kind to trade publicly on the stock market.

Mr. Sajwani has also spearheaded a joint venture with Donald Trump, creating illustrious Trump-branded golf course communities The Trump World Golf Course and The Trump International Golf Course Dubai. DAMAC Holdings was established by Mr. Sajwani, a catering service firm, now known as Global Logistics Services, that has become a market leader in the Middle East. The entrepreneur of many important hats also paired with the likes of fashion designer greats like Fendi, Cavalli, and Bugatti in efforts of creating unmatched luxury apartment styled interiors. Hussain Sajwani relishes in entrepreneurship opportunities like no other-he manages to take his business endeavors to insurmountable levels.

Jed McCaleb, Co-Founder of Stellar Gives Thoughts on the Future of Banking

When Jed McCaleb created Stellar, he did it with the intention of providing individuals who did not have financial options with banking services. His company, Stellar, primarily operated in the underdeveloped world like the South Pacific but also has clients in the United States. Stellar is partnered with IBM to create an easier, faster payment system for IBM.


Jed McCaleb who, along with founding Stellar, serves as the CTO. McCaleb handles the technical aspects of the company because he personally has a strong background in the programming industry. Jed McCaleb has been involved with the internet since the dawn of the world wide web, he is not only an expert programmer but an expert entrepreneur. This expertise also makes him the person to ask about the future of cryptocurrency.


“In the next 10 years, I wouldn’t be surprised if all equity isn’t tokenized on some blockchain somewhere,” he said in a recent interview. McCaleb is referring to not only the banking system but also stocks and bonds.


Dozens of companies aside from Stellar are currently in a race to provide this service. Aside from Stellar, Securrency is a network that has entered the financial world with blockchain technology. Securrency provides a platform to allow individuals to purchase stocks with bitcoin.


It is still too early to tell which company will end up on top as the single global financial exchange network, but if Jed McCaleb’s predictions comes true it would change the world.


About Stellar

Stellar was created to connect financial organizations together at a cheaper cost than previous methods.


Stellar works with organizations like SendX, a company based in Singapore. With the help of Stellar, SendX is able to offer its services to business all over Singapore. Stellar also works with other companies from all over the world including, IBM, Stripe, Poseidon and dozens more.


Stellar was created by Jed McCaleb and Joyce Kim in 2014.

Joel Friant’s Passion for Success

A speaker, writer and entrepreneur, Joel Friant has been making himself known for quite some time. Throughout his career Friant has become an expert in several area including home-based businesses, real estate and the free market. Joel Friant has also become well known for his success in the restaurant space. He is well known for The Habanero Shaker, a popular chile pepper powder that has become a hit across the globe.


Joel Friant has long had a passion for helping people to achieve their goals. His career began in real estate where he gained lots of experience working with clients and helping them to exceed their expectations. In the mid 1990’s he made a transition into the food industry. Friant became known as the ‘The Thai Guy.’ He put together the country’s very first Fast Food Thai restaurant. His work and passion eventually led him to create The Habanero Shaker, a world wide known powder.


Fraint had huge success with his product and was soon in grocery stores all across the nation. Soon Joel Friant would work his way back into real estate. Friant would create his own company that focused on buying and flipping houses. Friant again found success and was able to branch out into other areas of the real estate world. After the financial crisis in 2008, Friant began to study the elements of success in business. Drawing from great writers like Maxwell Maltz and Wallace Wattles, Friant began teaching others his ideas on success.


Throughout his career Joel Friant has continued to evolve and look for new challenges. In last 2012 he became interested in the world of the internet. Learning from other successful online companies, he began selling his Habanero Shaker along with other products online. He has continued to build an incredible brand. Joel Friant seems destined for continued success for many years to come.