Flavio Maluf — Brazilian Entrepreneur and Agribusiness Leader

A well known Brazilian businessman, Flavio Maluf is Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and President of the Eucatex Group. The Eucatex Group is a family owned Brazilian company that was founded in 1951. The company manufactures a variety of building supplies with the materials for manufacture derived from eucalyptus tree wood fibers. Eucatex Group supplies both the market in Brazil as well as exporting globally. Read this article of Flavio Maluf at Business and Economics.

With his many years in the Brazilian agribusiness sector, Mr. Maluf was recently approached by the on-line news source “Terra” to comment on the economic condition of this market segment (see: “Flavio Maluf reports balance of Brazilian agribusiness for the month of June” — August 8, 2018 — https://www.terra.com.br/noticias/dino/flavio-maluf-reporta-saldo-da-balanca-do-agronegocio-brasileiro-do-mes-de-junho,a43d3b8280a0300024f4c3365d216bc639hjqqgz.html ). Maluf notes in the article that, although the overall Brazilian agribusiness market has contracted a small amount compared to the same period last year, this is primarily due to market segmentation. Overall, Mr. Maluf confirms, the Brazilian agribusiness market is expanding, primarily in the form of exports to Asia and the European Union.

It is no wonder that “Terra” turned to Flavio Maluf as an industry expert for the news piece mentioned above. His reputation precedes him. A good summary of his background and business and life philosophy can be found in an interview conducted by the online news source “Ideamensch.” (see: “Flavio Maluf CEO of Eucatex” — Posted May 1, 2018 — https://ideamensch.com/flavio-maluf/ ).

Maluf earned a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Armando AlvaresPenteado Foundation. Through his entrepreneurial mindset and hard work, he went on to become President of Grandfood. Grandfood is a market leader in grain growing, agriculture and forestry. As mentioned previously, Flavio Maluf is currently CEO of the Eucatex Group. He credits the idea behind Eucatex to his great-grandfather, Salim, who had owned and operated one of the most productive sawmills in Latin America.

In the interview with “Ideamensch” Flavio Maluf shares thoughts on how he has achieved success in life. He advises young entrepreneurs to seek perfection and to dedicate themselves wholeheartedly to their endeavors.

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OSI Industries: From Small Store To Big Story

OSI Industries is a cutting-edge food service company, who has plants in many countries across the globe. However, they weren’t always an industrial giant. Like many large, well known companies today, this giant had a humble beginning.

First founded by a man named Otto Kolschowsky, who was a German immigrant, OSI Industries began as a small, family owned butcher shop in a small neighborhood on the west side of Chicago. Otto’s butcher shop was so successful that within a decade of founding, which coincided with the end of the first World War, he had expanded not only into another neighborhood in Chicago, but also into the wholesale sector of the market. This move would prove to be an important step towards the company’s future in the global market.

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In 1928, Otto renamed his business Otto & Sons. Not long after that, he had an opportunity to expand his company even more. In 1955 Otto was approached by a man named Ray Kroc. Ray was a franchiser for the McDonalds restaurant, and was seeking a supply line for the expansion of McDonalds. After a discussion and a handshake, Otto and Kroc entered into an agreement; Otto was to supply McDonalds with a consistent, quality ground beef product.

This proved to be challenging after McDonalds expanded and grew in popularity. The demand for Otto’s ground beef patties forced his company to look for new ways of supplying and transporting his product to McDonalds. One way they achieved this was through a technological advance call flash-freezing, a process done with liquid nitrogen. This step into the technological world proved to also be their first step into becoming OSI Industries, a globally operated company.

1975 saw Otto & Sons become OSI Industries, to better signify their ever expanding reach. In 1977, they opened their first plant out-of-state in Iowa. 1978 marked their first expansion into the global market, opening a plant in Germany, and another in Spain in 1980. Today, OSI Industries continues to show remarkable growth, bringing in $6.1 Billion in revenue, and ranking #58 on Forbes list of the Largest Private Companies.

Fid more about OSI Industries: https://www.glassdoor.com/Reviews/OSI-Group-LLC-Reviews-E19677.htm

Stream Energy Cares For It’s Community

In August of 2017 hurricane Harvey brought several feet of water to the city of Houston. Many individuals watched the horrific devastation the storm brought with it. Hurricane Harvey would claim the lives and homes of many individuals. One of the first company’s in the city of Houston to step up and help with the recovery process after the storm was Stream Energy. The company is involved in selling energy to its customers and took it upon itself to assist its customers who ended up undergoing financial hardships due to the storm. Stream Energy is a company that prides itself for partaking in philanthropic efforts throughout its community. The company started “Stream Cares”, which is the charity the company recently founded.

Stream Energy launching a new part of their business specifically dedicated to philanthropy is very new in the corporate world. This allows for the company to give back to its surrounding community, but also earns admiration from those who live in the area and who may potentially become future loyal clients. A company undergoing scandals, profit losses and hard times may utilize this method to improve the image of the company. While many people view corporate America as completely greedy, the statistics show that corporate America donates to numerous charities across the United States.

Stream Energy has a history of working with organizations such as the Red Cross and Habitat for Humanity. Company management and the day to day employees make a combined effort to give to the local community. The company encourages its employees to choose ways to help the local community. The workers at Stream Energy are all passionate about caring for the members in their local community who are homeless.

Stream Energy joined efforts with the Hope supply company to help pay for an event called the Splash for Hope. This event helps to bring over one thousand homeless children to a local water park. The entrance to enter the park and their food costs are paid for. Many of these children have never experienced a waterpark before. The companies also offer money and supplies to help the children as well.


After Being Acquired By SoftBank, Fortress Investment Group is Poised to Blaze New Trails

Fortress Investment Group is an alternative asset investment manager which is wholly owned by Japan’s SoftBank. SoftBank completed its purchase of this company in late 2017 and takes a hands-off approach to managing it. The deal to buy Fortress Investment Group was for $3.3 billion and is the first company that SoftBank owns outside of the technology sector. Fortress Investment Group has its main office in New York City and other offices in San Francisco, California, and London, England.

This company manages around $40 billion in assets. These are invested in private equity firms, real estate, and debt instruments. This company was established in 1998 by three co-founders who were Randal Nardone, Wes Edens, and Rob Kauffman. Rob Kauffman has since retired from the financial industry and now focuses on professional car racing. Randal Nardone, Wes Edens, and Peter Briger are now the three principals of this firm and so manage its overall operations and investments.

As a consequence of Fortress Investment Group being bought by SoftBank, they went from being a publically traded firm to one that is now privately owned. This benefitted them because it allows them to be more nimble and efficient. They no longer have to deal with the requirements and scrutiny of being a publically traded company. Through SoftBank, they have also acquired access to a huge number of limited partners across Asia including in Japan, South Korea, China, and elsewhere.

One recent investment they made was into iPass. Fortress Investment Group offered $20 million in funding to iPass with half of that immediately available for use. IPass’ Chief Executive Officer and President Gary Griffiths said that the loan strengthened his company’s balance sheet and allowed them a way to increase their revenues and profits.

iPass created SmartConnect which is a technology they have patented. This company now has the world’s biggest Wi-Fi network already with plans to further extend it using the money it received from the loan. They have 64 million hotspots which are located in places like restaurants, hotels, train stations, airports, and convention centers. They expect to have 380 million of these set up before the close of 2018. Their goal is to provide unlimited Wi-Fi access to people and businesses and this goal is supported by big industry players such as Microsoft and HP.

Do You Know Why GreenSky Credit Is So Great? You’re About To

GreenSky Credit, a popular lending program supported by GreenSky of Atlanta, Georgia, has been in operation for the past 12 years. Over that span – beginning in 2006 and continuing to the present day – GreenSky Credit was responsible for facilitating upwards of two million transactions with a total dollar value exceeding $13 billion.

This lending program is different than most traditional means of financing for several reasons – here are a few of the most important.

GreenSky Credit operates through the Internet

That’s not to say that GreenSky and its GreenSky Credit program are the only businesses in all of financial services to utilize the Internet; GreenSky Credit is, in fact, one of the few companies in the industry to conduct all of its business through mobile applications and web browsers.

However, customers can apply by taking snapshots of their identifying documents and fill out a handful of forms – both of them – through its mobile app or the World Wide Web.

GreenSky doesn’t take on any substantial financing – at least not directly for lending

It’s true that most businesses – especially those that are traded openly on public stock exchanges, which includes GreenSky – take out financing for various purposes. In short, all such financing is dedicated to beefing up operations and not having to go without cash in the short-term or sell a company’s long-term assets in the name of paying important bills and obligations in the interim.

It’s also true that GreenSky has debt on its balance sheet; however, none of the money it took out loans for was used to lend money to customers. A vast majority of companies that compete in the lending arena simply take on major, colossal loans in the hundreds of millions of dollars range just to break them down in smaller amounts and charge higher interest rates on such smaller loans.

The company employs a boatload of workers

How many financial institutions that lend relatively small amounts to consumers employ more than 1,000 individuals? Not very many, especially not local financial institutions. This mass of employees encourages potential loan recipients to shop with GreenSky Credit due to GreenSky having enough employees on duty at all times to deal with any problem thrown at them.

Sahm Adrangi: A Successful Short Seller

Sahm Adrangi is a famous name in the world of managing investments. He is the founder Kerrisdale Capital Management LLC. On top of that, he is the Chief Investment Officer of the entity. These are senior positions in the organization. As such, he has a lot of influence. He has been in the firm since its inception in the year 2009 and has been influential in the development of every aspect of the firm. The legendary businesses man has a lot of experience in investment management. He has worked for Longacre Fund Management, LLC. In this firm, he held the role of a financial analyst. Sahm Adrangi was a dedicated staff who gave valuable advice to the clients and the management of the firm based on his careful research and analysis.

Many firms have benefited from his skills in the world of finance. One of such firms is Chanin Capital Partners. In this firm, he did a lot of assignments concerning bankruptcy restructuring. He gained extensive knowledge which he uses up to today in his firm. In this role, Sahm Adrangi closely worked with creditors on how to solve outstanding loans issues with their borrowers. Most of the assignments involved out of court settlements in a bid to speed up the debt recovery process. In the credit market, he represented various parties such as banks, bondholders, holders of preferred equity and the firms which had advanced finances to these distressed institutions. Sahm Adrangi was successful in most of his engagements. This helped to cement his name on the world of finance. He has also worked for Deutsche Bank.

Sahm Adrangi holds a Bachelor of Arts in Economics. This academic qualification was obtained from the prestigious Yale University. The certification formed a foundation for his knowledge which he uses to execute the various deals entrusted upon him. He is a renowned short seller. In his dealings, he takes the approach of an activist. Sahm Adrangi has done a lot of research and publications on Chinese companies. As a successful short seller, he made a return of 180% in the year 2011. This illustrated his firm grasp of the investment markets. He continues to inspire many people who have an interest in the financial markets.


Whitney Wolfe Created Bumble for Every Woman

Whitney Wolfe made sure that Bumble was a safe spot for women. She knew there were things that would help them connect. By putting the power into the hands of women around the world, Wolfe knew what she could do and how she could help other people with the issues they were fighting. She didn’t want women to deal with harassment any more than they had to so she made a point of always showing people what they could do on their own. There were times when she had to help people understand the right way to do things and that’s how she did business when she came up with the idea for the app. Now Bumble is better than any other app that was a part of the industry before. For Whitney Wolfe, this meant she had to help people have a clear understanding of the things that were happening around the world. Follow Whitney Wolfe on Instagram for more updates.

When the women signed up for Bumble, they could get more from the experiences they had. Bumble gave women a chance to try different things and a chance to do things on their own. With Bumble, they had to initiate the contact. Men couldn’t just start harassing women in a way that was uncomfortable for them. Wolfe made the app so it would be different from any of the other apps that people had access to. The dating app world is changing and Whitney Wolfe is setting the stage for it.

Whitney Wolfe had experience with other dating apps. She wanted to help people make sure they had a chance to do things and she felt it would give her the ability to do things on their own. Since Wolfe knew what they needed, she felt there were times when they could come up with positive experiences. She always wanted people to understand they could do things on their own without the help of a man. She also felt things would change based on the way she ran the app. Wolfe set the scene for apps in the future. It helped them see things that would be different on their own. Read more: https://www.crunchbase.com/person/whitney-wolfe

Digital Entreprenur Robert Deignan

Robert Deignan is one of the founders of ATS Digital Services. He serves as the chief executive officer for the company. Him and the other founders of this company has built their brand into being a leading digital company that serves many customers. Robert Deignan’s company help to support customers have technology issues. They help out with issues that relate to troubleshooting to figure out problems, internet network issues and connectivity. The company is able to serve customers remotely.

ATS Digital Services was created after the co founders had worked for another company. Robert Deignan and his co founders had previously worked for a company that specialized in malware protection software. They began to notice an issue while working for this company. It was hard for them to get their software properly installed. After creating and launching their software, they allowed users to test out the software for a free trial. If customers were pleased, they were then able to make a purchase. But they ran into an issue. Some people had issues with getting their software installed. So, they attached a phone number at the bottom of their download page and opened up communication with customers. This is when the founders learned of how anti malware software was prohibiting customers from installing the software. So, their solution to this problem laid the framework of ATS Digital Solutions. Today, the company keeps customers happy by removing malware and solving issues that relate to malware infected devices.

Robert Deignan has a lot of experience in being a serial entrepreneur. He was born in Florida. He went onto attend college. He went to Purdue University. He earned a full scholarship from the university to play football. His studied organizational leadership which led to him working for big companies like the New York Jets and the Miami Dolphins in the late 1990s. After that the young man co founded Fanlink. This was his first venture as an entrepreneur. Today, he still dabbles in the sports industry, especially with offshore fishing. He resides in Florida with his family where he runs ATS Digital Services.


The Greatest Invention of Canadian Businessman Louis Chenevert at UTC

Louis Chenevert is a Canadian businessman and the former CEO of United Technologies Corporation (UTC). He held the position of the CEO between 2008 and 2014. He is among the people who have done so much in upgrading the conglomerate business which has various multi-billion businesses under its name. The contributions of Louis Chenevert includes among other things taking the company through the global financial crisis that hit the world in 2008.

As the CEO, he ensured that the company was cushioned from losses that would bring the business to a halt. He did his work marvelously and attained the short-term goals that he had set out to accomplish. He carried out his work with diligence focusing on the long-term survival of the business. He used his term as a foundation upon which other executives will build on. By facilitating development in the company, he ensured that everything was running in the right and that growth was being recorded.

Before Louis Chenevert was appointed the CEO of the company, he had proved his value to the company when working as the president of one of the businesses under UTC known as Pratt & Whitney. This company deals with the production of jet engines. With the level of growth that the company was experiencing when he was the president, he managed to convince the management of UTC that he could accomplish the same targets with them.

For the years that he worked as the CEO, he proved exactly why he was the best. His performance was better than anyone else who has ever been in this business. UTC recorded growth in its annual returns as well as the products it was producing. During his reign, he led to the invention of the Turbofan geared engine. This is the biggest invention which has ever taken place in the company. Although some people argued that the cost of producing this engine was too high, he proved them wrong when the engine became the biggest income earner in the company.

Louis Chenevert is a qualified production manager who holds a degree in production management from HEC Montreal School of Business.


Meet Ted Bauman: A Renowned Economist

Meet Ted Bauman: A Renowned Economist

Ted Bauman started working at Banyan Hill in the year 2013. He moved to South Africa from the U.S in the 1980s. He played an important role in the implementation as well as the development of urbanization and economic policy. In the years the 1990s and 2000s, this brilliant man held a position of a consultant in entities like United Nations and European and African governments. Read more at Daily Forex Report about Ted Bauman.

Work history

Ted Bauman traveled to various parts of Asia and Africa. This helped him learn how economic and political dynamics interact in various societies. Ted has published research as well as commentary in various international journals.

In the year 2008, Ted went back to America and started working for a non-profit organization situated in Atlanta. Here, he assumed the role of the Director of International programs. This talented man applies his economic knowledge to assess sustainability and effectiveness of an organization. In 2013, he started working as an editor. His international experience, as well as his broad knowledge, helped him perform excellently.

As a renowned economist, Ted can look at an investment landscape from a wider standpoint. His unique capability enables him to provide his readers unique information regarding market trends and development, which offer profit potential. Besides editing Alpha Stock Weekly, Plan B Club, and The Bauman Letter, he also writes for the Sovereign Investor Daily.

Alpha Stock Alert

Here, Editor Ted provides stock recommendations as per the Alpha Code System. His broad knowledge in the field enables him to offer proper guidance to those in need. With the help of some of the best professionals in the Industry, Ted was able to develop the “algorithmic” trading system.

Plan B Club:

This is actually a guide for getting a secondary citizenship as well as planning a move abroad. The guide is helpful to people intending to move overseas to enjoy opportunities available there. Editor Ted provides accurate and up-to-date information on how to protect your wealth and also escape the excessive tax burdens in the U.S. and living a comfortable life overseas.

The Bauman Letter

It is usually published on monthly basis. Here, Ted Bauman advises people to secure and preserve their property using innovative investment, personal, and legal strategies. The aim of Ted is to help people have a say in their financial destiny. He gives ideas on how to grow wealth while preserving their privacy.

More about Ted Bauman

Washington, D.C. is the birthplace of Bauman. He grew up on the eastern shore of Maryland. He later migrated to South Africa. He attended the University of Cape Town where he acquired his postgraduate degree in history and economics. He worked in South-Africa for about 25 years. He has helped about 14 million people in more than 35 countries.

Visit: https://www.linkedin.com/in/tedbauman