Stream Energy Cares For It’s Community

In August of 2017 hurricane Harvey brought several feet of water to the city of Houston. Many individuals watched the horrific devastation the storm brought with it. Hurricane Harvey would claim the lives and homes of many individuals. One of the first company’s in the city of Houston to step up and help with the recovery process after the storm was Stream Energy. The company is involved in selling energy to its customers and took it upon itself to assist its customers who ended up undergoing financial hardships due to the storm. Stream Energy is a company that prides itself for partaking in philanthropic efforts throughout its community. The company started “Stream Cares”, which is the charity the company recently founded.

Stream Energy launching a new part of their business specifically dedicated to philanthropy is very new in the corporate world. This allows for the company to give back to its surrounding community, but also earns admiration from those who live in the area and who may potentially become future loyal clients. A company undergoing scandals, profit losses and hard times may utilize this method to improve the image of the company. While many people view corporate America as completely greedy, the statistics show that corporate America donates to numerous charities across the United States.

Stream Energy has a history of working with organizations such as the Red Cross and Habitat for Humanity. Company management and the day to day employees make a combined effort to give to the local community. The company encourages its employees to choose ways to help the local community. The workers at Stream Energy are all passionate about caring for the members in their local community who are homeless.

Stream Energy joined efforts with the Hope supply company to help pay for an event called the Splash for Hope. This event helps to bring over one thousand homeless children to a local water park. The entrance to enter the park and their food costs are paid for. Many of these children have never experienced a waterpark before. The companies also offer money and supplies to help the children as well.

Sheldon Lavin: Successful CEO of OSI Group

Sheldon Lavin is an accomplished entrepreneur. His role in growing OSI Group into a leading business in the world is exceptional. He has taken this company from a small-medium sized food company to a multi-billion dollar company with a global presence. OSI Group is now recognized as one of the top businesses in the United States. The company is ranked number #58 by the Forbes with a net worth of $6.1 billion.

The growth of the OSI Group has everything to do with the role of Mr. Lavin. When he joined the company in 1975, he was coming from the banking and investment sector, and he was therefore experienced in handling investments. OSI at that time was at a point where immediate growth was needed. Sheldon Lavin applied his knowledge in business to get the company off the ground in terms of growth.

Sheldon Lavin believed in this company right from the beginning. After handling the capitalization of the business, he realized that the idea was noble and that he would play a significant role by joining it. Mr. Lavin has lived up to the expectations. He has managed to take this company to a level that not many people would have anticipated.

He was made the chairman and CEO of the OSI Group few years later because the company needed an experienced mind handling operations. The main client at the time- the McDonald’s wanted him to take the mantle of leadership since he would ensure that operations were running smoothly and the supplies would be fine.

Since his elevation as CEO, the company has grown operations significantly in the international space. OSI Group is now in 17 countries and its food products being supplied to many other countries. Lavin hopes that one day, OSI will be supplying food to all parts of the world. The food business is a noble idea since it helps in feeding masses. The supplies done by OSI are mainly through large food chains stores and restaurants. If you have ever bought some food from the supermarket, probably you have eaten something prepared by OSI Group.

Sheldon Lavin is now 86 years old, and this signals that he could be in his final says in leadership. OSI’s Sheldon Lavin receives Global Visionary Award. Although he has no plans of retiring, it will surely come to the reality that he cannot lead the company further in a few years to come. He seems to be aware of this fact and is now preparing the next generation of leaders who will take over the leadership mantle.

Adam Milstein Featured in the Top Influential Figures in the World

Adam Milstein is an excellent figure in the Israel and Jewish people history. He was featured in the list of top 200 most influential Do-Gooders on the whole world. The ranking was based on philanthropy and social media entrepreneurs. This research was carried out by Richtopia in partnership with RISE. Richtopia is a London-based publication while Rise is a social media ranking system. Adam Milstein was ranked position 187. He managed to appear in this highly competitive list due to his influence when it comes to philanthropy via his Twitter and Facebook accounts. Adam Milstein is the chairman and the co-founder of IAC, Israel-American Council. He also served as a senior leader in various other renowned Jewish organizations such as Israel on Campus Coalition, StandWithUs, AIPAC, as well as Hasbara Fellowships.

This list incorporates multiple business leaders who get transformed to philanthropists such as Elon Musk, Wallen Buffet, Bill and Melinda Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and Eric Trump. This list also includes politicians such as Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Michelle Obama, as well as Barack Obama. There are also other incredible and highly influential public figures such as Oprah Winfrey, J.K Rowling, Arian Huffington, Ashton Kutcher, Sean “Diddy” Combs, Magic Johnson, and Elton John.

After the release of this list, Adam Milstein shared out a few sentiments regarding this success. In his conversation, he stated that his philanthropic activities are among the most crucial and impressive part if his life. Adam Milstein added that he is highly impressed and honored to be part of this highly competitive list. He also noted that he is very delightful and proud of his lovely wife Gila, Israel America Council and to several other organizations in the Jewish community that has contributed significantly towards his success and making a difference in the lives of the Jewish people all over the world.

Adam Milstein is the co-founder of MFF, Adam, and Gila Milstein Family Foundation. He established this organization alongside his lovely wife, Gila Milstein. The ultimate goal of this foundation is to protect and empower the Jewish community and the State of Israel. It is set to achieve these goals by enlightening and igniting the pride of the Jewish people in the upcoming future generations.

Do You Know Why GreenSky Credit Is So Great? You’re About To

GreenSky Credit, a popular lending program supported by GreenSky of Atlanta, Georgia, has been in operation for the past 12 years. Over that span – beginning in 2006 and continuing to the present day – GreenSky Credit was responsible for facilitating upwards of two million transactions with a total dollar value exceeding $13 billion.

This lending program is different than most traditional means of financing for several reasons – here are a few of the most important.

GreenSky Credit operates through the Internet

That’s not to say that GreenSky and its GreenSky Credit program are the only businesses in all of financial services to utilize the Internet; GreenSky Credit is, in fact, one of the few companies in the industry to conduct all of its business through mobile applications and web browsers.

However, customers can apply by taking snapshots of their identifying documents and fill out a handful of forms – both of them – through its mobile app or the World Wide Web.

GreenSky doesn’t take on any substantial financing – at least not directly for lending

It’s true that most businesses – especially those that are traded openly on public stock exchanges, which includes GreenSky – take out financing for various purposes. In short, all such financing is dedicated to beefing up operations and not having to go without cash in the short-term or sell a company’s long-term assets in the name of paying important bills and obligations in the interim.

It’s also true that GreenSky has debt on its balance sheet; however, none of the money it took out loans for was used to lend money to customers. A vast majority of companies that compete in the lending arena simply take on major, colossal loans in the hundreds of millions of dollars range just to break them down in smaller amounts and charge higher interest rates on such smaller loans.

The company employs a boatload of workers

How many financial institutions that lend relatively small amounts to consumers employ more than 1,000 individuals? Not very many, especially not local financial institutions. This mass of employees encourages potential loan recipients to shop with GreenSky Credit due to GreenSky having enough employees on duty at all times to deal with any problem thrown at them.

The Greatest Invention of Canadian Businessman Louis Chenevert at UTC

Louis Chenevert is a Canadian businessman and the former CEO of United Technologies Corporation (UTC). He held the position of the CEO between 2008 and 2014. He is among the people who have done so much in upgrading the conglomerate business which has various multi-billion businesses under its name. The contributions of Louis Chenevert includes among other things taking the company through the global financial crisis that hit the world in 2008.

As the CEO, he ensured that the company was cushioned from losses that would bring the business to a halt. He did his work marvelously and attained the short-term goals that he had set out to accomplish. He carried out his work with diligence focusing on the long-term survival of the business. He used his term as a foundation upon which other executives will build on. By facilitating development in the company, he ensured that everything was running in the right and that growth was being recorded.

Before Louis Chenevert was appointed the CEO of the company, he had proved his value to the company when working as the president of one of the businesses under UTC known as Pratt & Whitney. This company deals with the production of jet engines. With the level of growth that the company was experiencing when he was the president, he managed to convince the management of UTC that he could accomplish the same targets with them.

For the years that he worked as the CEO, he proved exactly why he was the best. His performance was better than anyone else who has ever been in this business. UTC recorded growth in its annual returns as well as the products it was producing. During his reign, he led to the invention of the Turbofan geared engine. This is the biggest invention which has ever taken place in the company. Although some people argued that the cost of producing this engine was too high, he proved them wrong when the engine became the biggest income earner in the company.

Louis Chenevert is a qualified production manager who holds a degree in production management from HEC Montreal School of Business.

Know the Driving Force behind the Success InnovaCare Health Has Achieved

Whenever you see a thriving organization or company, know there is a committed and passionate team of professionals working behind the scene. Great leadership in every business doesn’t strain to drive the stability and growth the business needs. InnovaCare Health happens to be one of the lucky companies that ever had great and reputable leaders. No wonder, the company has become influential in most parts of the world. The company has several core-values its leaders majored in and ensured they were fully implemented. According to great leaders in this company like Rick Shinto, success doesn’t come unless it worked for or sought. Rick believes that every company should succeed whether by involving a tug of war or not.


Rick is not just a leader in the health industry, but he is also a figure of authority. With his innate leadership abilities and his medical experience and skills, he has managed to take InnovaCare to a higher level in the market space. He has shown positive energy in this global company since he became the president. Rick has helped the company team to set their mind on the resources available to make the company great. There are not many people like Rick in the world today. What makes him exceptional is his ability to serve as a reputable medical healthcare expert and an inspiring leader.


Rick didn’t start big in his career as he is today. He started his career in Southern California as a pulmonologist and grew his career day after day. He got his bachelor’s degree in Science from California University before he went to New York University for his degree in medicine. Rick’s passion for his medical career pushed him to Redlands University for his M.B.A. Rick is a man who believes in combined efforts and cohesiveness when working towards a common goal. For this reason, he also worked with Penelope Kokkinides who also looked forward to making InnovaCare great.


Through his hard work and an unmatched devotion to this company, Rick got several awards. He was named the Young Entrepreneur of the year. It’s only people who show exceptional efforts and hard work toward the success of the organization they work for who receive such awards. He has also been acknowledged as a selfless philanthropist who believes in community transformation through innovative ideas and financial assistance. What bothers Rick today is not the great success the company has amassed, but what else he needs to do to maintain that path of excellence.


Successful Investor Shervin Pishevar Tweetstorm Is Full Of Predictions

Famous investors like to talk about how they made their millions. Investors like George Soros and Warren Buffett are always being interviewed. Small investors want to be just like the big dog investors when it comes to building wealth and prestige. Other big money investors don’t like to be in the limelight for a number of reasons, but it seems Shervin Pishevar, one of the early investors in Uber, and the founder of Sherpa Capital is not one of those wealthy capitalists.

Mr. Pishevar sort of disappeared after announcing he was walking away from his main company during a mid-December interview. But the people who know Shervin Pishevar know he doesn’t like to be silent for very long. Pishevar is the investor who convinced Menlo Ventures to take a chance on Uber. And he’s the investor Elon Musk is working with to get Hyperloop One off the ground. He is the executive chairman of Hyperloop One, and he has a stake in other companies like the Dollar Shave Club, Warby Parker, Didi, and Slack.

So when Shervin Pishevar went on a tweeting rage recently, investors got a taste of how talkative he can be when he wants to be. Shervin’s tweetstorm was an eye-opener for many people who follow what he says and does. When he tweeted that Bitcoin’s value will drop to the $2,000 to $5,000 range that message sent a chill through the minds of Bitcoin investors. And that was just one of the 50 tweets Shervin Pishevar sent during his 21-hour rant on Trump’s favorite way to get his frustrations out.

But Pishevar wasn’t tweeting to relieve frustration or to throw anyone under the bus like the commander-in-tweet likes to do. Shervin’s tweets were predictions, not insults. Pishevar sees a financial crisis brewing, and the stock market will drop by 6,000 points during that crisis. Silicon Valley’s potential demise was in another tweet, and the bond market is not going to be as solid for investors as it has in the past. And another tweet claims the U.S. is falling behind China in terms of infrastructure modernization and economic growth. And Pishevar didn’t stop there. But Shervin Pishevar did get a lot of things off his chest. Maybe more Pishevar tweets are coming now that he has everyone’s attention.

How Reliable is AvaTrade?

Established in 2006, AvaTrade takes pride in having managed to open more than 200,000 trading accounts globally. The broker handles more than two million transactions every month with a volume of up to 60 billion dollars.

If you seek an industry leader trusted by thousands, AvaTrade have you covered.

Admittedly, scammers have targeted the online trading industry. Naturally, you want to confirm that you are dealing with a legitimate and reputable company before signing up as a trader. For the last ten years, AvaTrade has handled every transaction with integrity and reliability, building an excellent reputation among the online trading communities.


The Company’s Trading Platforms

What sets this broker apart from the rest of the providers is that the company offers much choice when it comes to the issue of trading platforms. The company offers traders eight main types of platforms: Meta Trader 4, MT4 Floating Spreads, AverTradeAct, AVAoptions, Mobile Trading, Web Trading, Mac Trading, and Automated Trading.


Automated Trading

You can access all these platforms on your mobile device. If you are inexperienced, consider using the company’s automated trading platforms. Such platforms allow you to “copy” the trade choices experienced traders are picking, increasing your chances of turning a profit.


The company provides five different automated platforms namely Robox, Mirror Trader, API Trading, ZuluTrade, and MQL5.


Trading Accounts

You can open a demo trading account or a standard trading account. A demo trading account helps you practice trading and perfect your strategies. With as little as 250 dollars, you can open a standard trading account and start doing business immediately.


Muslim traders can open a swap free account that operates based on Sharia principles. Professionals managing many client accounts choose Multi-Account Manager accounts, aka MAMs.


Looking for an award-winning and reliable broker? Singing up with a trusted broker like AvaTrade provides peace-of-mind and profits.

Larkin and Lacey Air Out Their Views After President Trump Pardons Joe Arpaio

It was a piece of surprising news to the residents of Arizona after the Trump’s pardon for the former Maricopa County’s sheriff, Joe Arpaio was formally validated by Judge Susan Bolton of U.S District.

This happened in 2017 October, just a few weeks before his sentence after being convicted in July for ignoring the order of a federal judge in a racial-profiling lawsuit in 2007. Arpaio is considered the worst sheriff in the United States, following his acts of racism and misuse of office during his 24-years service.

Arpaio was a man full of sagas and in 2007, he ordered an outrageous arrest of Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin, who by then used to work and so-own Phoenix New Times. Under the leadership of Lacey and Larkin, New Times was unafraid to expose the misdeeds and scandalous reign of Sheriff Arpaio.

The worst scenario was when New Times covered about a grand jury subpoena issued to Arpaio under the title “Breathtaking Abuse of the Constitution”, a story which went rampant.

As a result, Arpaio ordered his armed deputies to arrest Larkin and Lacey, who was picked from their homes in Phoenix area in unmarked SUVs and booked in separate jails. This arrest raised a strong outcry, and the two were released within 24 hours.

Though the two were compensated for the illegal arrest which violated the First Amendment, the enmity still remains between the sheriff and the two men, Larkin and Lacey.

After Arpaio’s pardon, Lacey said that by pardoning Arpaio, it was enough proof that Trump was a moron. He further said that the two were corrupt after recalling the many mutilated bodies removed from Arpaio’s jails during his term of service.

Lacey said that Arpaio was full of racism, and for his terms in office, the jail conditions were pathetic, with cases of inmates suicides and brutal beatings, several sexual harassment cases, torture of expectant mothers, and harassment of the Latinos and Hispanics.

According to Lacey, the justice system has failed, if it could convict him for ignoring a judges order rather than for the many cases of torture and abuse he is accountable for.

Serving on the Village Voice Media, Larkin as the CEO and Lacey the Executive Editor, the two understands the sadism and corrupt ways of Arpaio.

These they constantly published in New Times, including the case of the diabetic woman who died after the prison guards denied her, her medication. Arpaio would respond to New Times by offering arrest threats or banning them from his press conferences.

Remembering how the New Times was always on Arpaio’s neck, Lacey says that that could be the main reason him and Larkin were arrested.

Lacey and Larkin sold the company in which had 17 publications in 2013. This is after they founded the Frontera Fund, a grant-giving nonprofit organization that fights for the rights of the Hispanic and Latino people.

This was possible after the court ordered Maricopa County to pay Larkin and Lacey $3.75 million as compensation for the ferocious arrest.

Read more: Village Voice Media | Wikipedia and Phoenix New Times | Wikipedia

Louis Chenevert Invested in the People and New Tech While at UTC

Louis Chenevert undoubtedly changed the course of United Technologies Corporation, helping to create the sustained powerhouse that it is today. In order to understand the role that he played, one must look to his past. After graduating from HEC Montreal, the business school belonging to the University of Montreal, Louis Chenevert spent fourteen years working for General Motors, helping to keep the company flourishing, while also creating an impeccable reputation for himself. He later moved on to Pratt & Whitney Canada, where after only six years, he became the President of the corporation.

During his time with Pratt & Whitney, he would continue to display his uncanny business sense and leadership abilities, and in 2006, became the head of United Technologies Corporation. Mr. Chenevert’s relationship with Pratt & Whitney played an integral role in his success with United Technologies Corporation, due to his foresight regarding a developing geared turbofan engine that was still in the early stages of development. Mr. Chenevert’s decision to continue the research and development of this innovative geared turbofan engine would effectively create a marriage between United Technologies Corporation and Pratt & Whitney.

Today, the geared turbofan engine, which cut emissions, as well as fuel consumption by an incredible margin, is utilized by 14 airlines and in 70 aircraft. The demand for this innovative engine helped to create jobs throughout the U.S. as Pratt & Whitney currently operates in a number of states, including New York, Connecticut, Georgia, Florida, Michigan, and Maine, with intentions on increasing exponentially over the next three years.

Although Mr. Chenevert constantly placed emphasis on remaining innovative, always seeking the newest technologies, he was just as dedicated to the people that worked for him, implementing an educational program that allowed his employees to garner degrees of their choosing at the expense of United Technologies Corporation. While Louis Chenevert has since moved on from United Technologies Corporation, his legacy will remain present, as current Chief Executive Officer, Gregory Hayes, continues to incorporate many of the ideas founded by Louis Chenevert to create a culture of winning.