Beneful: Full of Goodness for Your Furry Loved Ones

Beneful is much more than just a dog food. According to a company spokesperson, the name means “full of goodness”, which to the brand also serves a mission statement; to provide your dogs with healthy and nutritious food day in and day out, at a competitive price to other similar products on the market.

With keen eyes and big hearts set on making a healthy and affordable product for your pup, its no wonder that the company has grown so much. In just under a decade it has grown to the 4th most popular brand among consumers, quickly becoming one of manufacturer Nestle Purina’s top sources of revenue. Combining healthy ingredients and cutting out problem additives like grain filler and added sugar, Beneful quickly became a favorite among pet owners. Customers wanted a healthy and affordable option for their furry loved ones, and that is exactly what Nestle Purina delivered when they brought Beneful into the world.

Providing a much needed service to pet owners who truly care about the health of their animals, Beneful continues to set standards when it comes to healthy food for your dogs. They combine all-natural, nutritious ingredients with affordable pricing that your pup will adore. And, with more and more homes taking in and adopting pets every day, it can be expected that Beneful will continue to grow and remain a titan in the pet care industry. It’s healthy, nutritious, and delicious- and with a name like Beneful, can you really expect anything else?

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