Preston Smith Clears the Air on the Questions arising about Rocketship Education

Rocketship, a global leader in providing alternative learning methods to students through their network of schools, recently came under scrutiny by Anya Kamenetz. Anya Kamenetz, an NPR blogger highlighted some issues about Rocketship Education through the NPR website. In response, Preston Smith, one of Rocketship Education’s founders, explained about all the things Anya got wrong when she talked about the institution.

Preston Smith clearly stated that there is one thing that Anya Kamenetz got right and that is the fact that the students at Rocketship perform exceptionally well. According to Mr. Smith, Anya was trying to undermine the success of Rocketship and defend her own anti-testing thesis. Additionally, Preston Smith stated the were numerous challenges that came with teaching in high-poverty schools like Rocketship and that the NPR Blogger only spoke from the perspective of someone who did not understand such things.

According to Mr. Smith, if what the NPR blogger said about Rocketship Education was true, why did 90 percent of the students enroll again for another year? Furthermore, 72 percent of the parents at Rocketship Education has recommended the institution to other families. To put it simply, Preston Smith explained that Rocketship is a magnificent school and a trendsetter in the education world, as their decision to incorporate technology into learning. He concluded by saying that Rocketship is nothing but the opposite of the image that the NPR blogger was trying to portray about it. For this reason, over 8000 parents send their children to Rocketship Education schools across the country. Furthermore, it is also because of the same reason that over 1000 parents are on the waiting lists looking forward to sending their children to Rocketship schools.

Headquartered in Redwood City, California, United States of America, Rocketship Education is a network of non-profit charters schools. Rocketship Education was founded by Preston Smith and John Danner in 2006. Rocketship is driven by its motto that every child deserves access to proper education, that every single child can go to a four-year college and that the journey to go to a college begins in kindergarten. True to this, the network of schools have played a key role in helping students, especially those from underprivileged families, get a quality education and chase their dreams.

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