Herbalife Nutrition Collaboration

Herbalife Nutrition has taken off since its founding in 1980 by Mark Hughes. Currently, Herbalife employs in the range of eight to ten thousand employees worldwide. A little about who they are, the company is a multi-level marking corporation whose focus is on nutritional supplements that help with weight control, nutrition for athletes, and products for personal care. As an all-inclusive company, they provide all their own developmental ideas, marketing, and distribution of their product. Mark Hughes founded the corporation in Los Angeles, California which is where their headquarters is still located today.


Taking the business to the next level, Herbalife Nutrition has recently announced they will be holding a design competition in association with the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising (FIDM). The competition will be focusing on international manufacturing and product development where students will have the opportunity to design a line of activewear for the company’s independent distributors.

This unique opportunity is a once in a lifetime chance for many. Students will be placed in teams to design the unsurpassed activewear they can come up with prior to presenting their final product to the Herbalife Nutrition team and FIDM faculty members. Not only must they design the activewear, but also provide a demonstration of how they would merchandise the product as a collection, plus creating a design on an individual level to show their creativity.


The collaboration between these two companies is going to provide new and improved techniques and products that have not been seen before as they are both elite companies with innovative focuses. The goal of this project is to provide an opportunity for the next generation of entrepreneurs and employees with the chance to provide products that can help others lead happier and healthier lives. Due to the elite nature of the work and being a new collaboration only fifteen students were selected to be apart of the project that will end in late spring of 2019. FIDM has collaborated with other corporations in the past, however, this will be the first collaboration with Herbalife Nutrition. With the focus being on the next generation the product that is produced will focus on the millennial market base rather than on past generations desires. This will not be a project that will want to be missed!





After Being Acquired By SoftBank, Fortress Investment Group is Poised to Blaze New Trails

Fortress Investment Group is an alternative asset investment manager which is wholly owned by Japan’s SoftBank. SoftBank completed its purchase of this company in late 2017 and takes a hands-off approach to managing it. The deal to buy Fortress Investment Group was for $3.3 billion and is the first company that SoftBank owns outside of the technology sector. Fortress Investment Group has its main office in New York City and other offices in San Francisco, California, and London, England.

This company manages around $40 billion in assets. These are invested in private equity firms, real estate, and debt instruments. This company was established in 1998 by three co-founders who were Randal Nardone, Wes Edens, and Rob Kauffman. Rob Kauffman has since retired from the financial industry and now focuses on professional car racing. Randal Nardone, Wes Edens, and Peter Briger are now the three principals of this firm and so manage its overall operations and investments.

As a consequence of Fortress Investment Group being bought by SoftBank, they went from being a publically traded firm to one that is now privately owned. This benefitted them because it allows them to be more nimble and efficient. They no longer have to deal with the requirements and scrutiny of being a publically traded company. Through SoftBank, they have also acquired access to a huge number of limited partners across Asia including in Japan, South Korea, China, and elsewhere.

One recent investment they made was into iPass. Fortress Investment Group offered $20 million in funding to iPass with half of that immediately available for use. IPass’ Chief Executive Officer and President Gary Griffiths said that the loan strengthened his company’s balance sheet and allowed them a way to increase their revenues and profits.

iPass created SmartConnect which is a technology they have patented. This company now has the world’s biggest Wi-Fi network already with plans to further extend it using the money it received from the loan. They have 64 million hotspots which are located in places like restaurants, hotels, train stations, airports, and convention centers. They expect to have 380 million of these set up before the close of 2018. Their goal is to provide unlimited Wi-Fi access to people and businesses and this goal is supported by big industry players such as Microsoft and HP.

Ted Bauman: Preparing for a Possible Stock Market Decline

The bulls remain in control of the US stock market and even with record stock valuations, most investors remain optimistic in this market. Other individuals, such as Ted Bauman, would probably start to adopt a more contrarian view of the market in present circumstances. Mr. Bauman is an economist who takes the less popular approach to the financial markets and preaches individuals to focus on defensive investing strategies to build long-term wealth. Ted Bauman traveled to South Africa in his earlier years and would earn his economics degree at the University of Cape Town. He devoted several years working with Habitat for humanity and has over twenty years’ experience working on housing projects for the less fortunate. These days he specializes in wealth preserving tactics an individual should follow.

Ted Bauman feels that the stock market could easily tank due to the record high valuations but that there could be an immediate bounce back after a decline. He brings up the year 1987, where out of nowhere the stock market plunged an extreme amount in just one day. There was panic selling and most of the investing public sold almost all their positions. The smart investors did not panic and held through the decline. The real savvy investors bought into the market at the decline. The individuals who held in the market and did not panic ended the year with a ten percent profit. This is a potential scenario Mr. Bauman feels investors should be prepared for.

Ted Bauman does not share the same enthusiasm as many of the investors currently have about US equities and believes they will return to fair value. He advises investors that when stocks start to fall, the process can take over a year before the investor realizes it’s a bear market. When the mentality of market participants flips, investors will no longer be seeking risky assets and will try to park their money in safer areas. Ted Bauman also points out that the current hawkish stance that the federal reserve is taking is eventually going to weigh heavily on the stock market. He advises strongly against trying to time the market. To know more about him click here.

Dr. Jennifer Walden’s Successful Career in Cosmetic Surgery

Born in Texas, Dr. Jennifer Walden is one of the renowned cosmetic surgeons in Texas. She started off her career with an undergraduate degree in Biology from the University of Texas after which she ventured into her medical doctorate studies from the University of Texas Medical Branch. Since her graduation from the university, Dr. Walden has ventured in numerous other fellowship studies including at the Manhattan Eye, Ear, and Throat Hospital where she participated in clinical trials in various researches including breast implantation.

Her research work has gained her tremendous experience, one that she has put into use in her field of practice. Her field of practice that she majors on currently includes the area of aesthetic-based surgeries such as facial and breast surgical procedures, a field that she has excelled in. Other specific areas of aesthetic improvement-based surgical procedures that she works on include blepharoplasty, Botox, breast improvement procedures, cheek implant procedures, and forehead lift; procedures that she has highly mastered.

Her 8-year experience in the field focusing on cosmetic surgery makes her one of the few female cosmetic surgeons available in the market today. She is part of the 851 certified female plastic surgeons in the country, an achievement that positively influences most aspiring surgeons.

According to her perception of her profession that is otherwise male-dominated, the field has some mild challenges especially when it comes to meeting the market expectations regarding performing her quota of surgeries upon her clients. This has delayed certain aspects of her personal life, something that she regards as a positive challenge.

The fact that 91 percent of all cosmetic surgeries are normally performed on women is a good incentive for her and other aspiring surgeons to invest in the discipline. Given the ethical demands that certain gender-sensitive procedures in cosmetic surgery demand, there is an undoubted need for challenging more women like Dr. Jennifer Walden to join the cosmetic surgery field.

Sheldon Lavin: Successful CEO of OSI Group

Sheldon Lavin is an accomplished entrepreneur. His role in growing OSI Group into a leading business in the world is exceptional. He has taken this company from a small-medium sized food company to a multi-billion dollar company with a global presence. OSI Group is now recognized as one of the top businesses in the United States. The company is ranked number #58 by the Forbes with a net worth of $6.1 billion.

The growth of the OSI Group has everything to do with the role of Mr. Lavin. When he joined the company in 1975, he was coming from the banking and investment sector, and he was therefore experienced in handling investments. OSI at that time was at a point where immediate growth was needed. Sheldon Lavin applied his knowledge in business to get the company off the ground in terms of growth.

Sheldon Lavin believed in this company right from the beginning. After handling the capitalization of the business, he realized that the idea was noble and that he would play a significant role by joining it. Mr. Lavin has lived up to the expectations. He has managed to take this company to a level that not many people would have anticipated.

He was made the chairman and CEO of the OSI Group few years later because the company needed an experienced mind handling operations. The main client at the time- the McDonald’s wanted him to take the mantle of leadership since he would ensure that operations were running smoothly and the supplies would be fine.

Since his elevation as CEO, the company has grown operations significantly in the international space. OSI Group is now in 17 countries and its food products being supplied to many other countries. Lavin hopes that one day, OSI will be supplying food to all parts of the world. The food business is a noble idea since it helps in feeding masses. The supplies done by OSI are mainly through large food chains stores and restaurants. If you have ever bought some food from the supermarket, probably you have eaten something prepared by OSI Group.

Sheldon Lavin is now 86 years old, and this signals that he could be in his final says in leadership. OSI’s Sheldon Lavin receives Global Visionary Award. Although he has no plans of retiring, it will surely come to the reality that he cannot lead the company further in a few years to come. He seems to be aware of this fact and is now preparing the next generation of leaders who will take over the leadership mantle.

Adam Milstein Featured in the Top Influential Figures in the World

Adam Milstein is an excellent figure in the Israel and Jewish people history. He was featured in the list of top 200 most influential Do-Gooders on the whole world. The ranking was based on philanthropy and social media entrepreneurs. This research was carried out by Richtopia in partnership with RISE. Richtopia is a London-based publication while Rise is a social media ranking system. Adam Milstein was ranked position 187. He managed to appear in this highly competitive list due to his influence when it comes to philanthropy via his Twitter and Facebook accounts. Adam Milstein is the chairman and the co-founder of IAC, Israel-American Council. He also served as a senior leader in various other renowned Jewish organizations such as Israel on Campus Coalition, StandWithUs, AIPAC, as well as Hasbara Fellowships.

This list incorporates multiple business leaders who get transformed to philanthropists such as Elon Musk, Wallen Buffet, Bill and Melinda Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and Eric Trump. This list also includes politicians such as Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Michelle Obama, as well as Barack Obama. There are also other incredible and highly influential public figures such as Oprah Winfrey, J.K Rowling, Arian Huffington, Ashton Kutcher, Sean “Diddy” Combs, Magic Johnson, and Elton John.

After the release of this list, Adam Milstein shared out a few sentiments regarding this success. In his conversation, he stated that his philanthropic activities are among the most crucial and impressive part if his life. Adam Milstein added that he is highly impressed and honored to be part of this highly competitive list. He also noted that he is very delightful and proud of his lovely wife Gila, Israel America Council and to several other organizations in the Jewish community that has contributed significantly towards his success and making a difference in the lives of the Jewish people all over the world.

Adam Milstein is the co-founder of MFF, Adam, and Gila Milstein Family Foundation. He established this organization alongside his lovely wife, Gila Milstein. The ultimate goal of this foundation is to protect and empower the Jewish community and the State of Israel. It is set to achieve these goals by enlightening and igniting the pride of the Jewish people in the upcoming future generations.