Every Dollar Has a Purpose with Infinity Group Australia

Graeme Holm and Rebecca Walker, Graeme’s business partner, started examining the problems that people were encountering when applying for loans at a traditional financial institute. They discovered that people were getting poor services, no support, and very little guidance on how to apply for loans. Financial institutions were giving everyone bad deals on loans and mortgages and it had to be stopped.


Infinity Group Australia, was founded to bring personal attention to individuals who needed financial help. Graeme Holm, has been in the financial world for over 17 years and has worked in the Big Four banking environment for over 10 years. With locations of Infinity Group Australia, in Bella Vista, Brisbane, Cronulla, Macquarie, and Melbourne, financial advisors will be able to help thousands of people who are at many different financial levels.


It came to Holm’s attention that most people were living on a paycheck to paycheck budget. On their loans, they were only paying the bare minimum for payments. Graeme had a passion for helping people and was great at financial matter. With Infinity Group Australia, he wanted to put clients first and help people to lower their debt and help them set up a better future for their families.


Infinity Group Australia has a different approach to helping people with their financial needs. They make sure the client gets ongoing help to reduce their debt. Infinity helps with the planning for retirement, property investments and helps people create a better portfolio. Infinity clients pay off more of their debt in 3 months then they did while at any other financial institutions.


Clients and the experts from Infinity Group work together to plan a solid cash budget. If the client can not pay cash for an item, then it is an un-needed item at that time. Each and every dollar has a purpose. Clients learn between a want and a need.


Each client has a banker that works with them. The banker helps them pay off loans quickly. Clients will receive performance reports so they know exactly how the loans are being paid off and by how much. Clients will also get monthly detailed reports so any adjustments can be made if needed


At Infinity Group Australia, they believe in giving support and guidance throughout the loan process. With Infinity, clients have their own trainer guiding them. The sooner clients pay off loans, the more interest they save, and the more money they can save for their future. Learn more : https://infinitygroupaustralia.com.au/testimonials/

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