Do You Know Why GreenSky Credit Is So Great? You’re About To

GreenSky Credit, a popular lending program supported by GreenSky of Atlanta, Georgia, has been in operation for the past 12 years. Over that span – beginning in 2006 and continuing to the present day – GreenSky Credit was responsible for facilitating upwards of two million transactions with a total dollar value exceeding $13 billion.

This lending program is different than most traditional means of financing for several reasons – here are a few of the most important.

GreenSky Credit operates through the Internet

That’s not to say that GreenSky and its GreenSky Credit program are the only businesses in all of financial services to utilize the Internet; GreenSky Credit is, in fact, one of the few companies in the industry to conduct all of its business through mobile applications and web browsers.

However, customers can apply by taking snapshots of their identifying documents and fill out a handful of forms – both of them – through its mobile app or the World Wide Web.

GreenSky doesn’t take on any substantial financing – at least not directly for lending

It’s true that most businesses – especially those that are traded openly on public stock exchanges, which includes GreenSky – take out financing for various purposes. In short, all such financing is dedicated to beefing up operations and not having to go without cash in the short-term or sell a company’s long-term assets in the name of paying important bills and obligations in the interim.

It’s also true that GreenSky has debt on its balance sheet; however, none of the money it took out loans for was used to lend money to customers. A vast majority of companies that compete in the lending arena simply take on major, colossal loans in the hundreds of millions of dollars range just to break them down in smaller amounts and charge higher interest rates on such smaller loans.

The company employs a boatload of workers

How many financial institutions that lend relatively small amounts to consumers employ more than 1,000 individuals? Not very many, especially not local financial institutions. This mass of employees encourages potential loan recipients to shop with GreenSky Credit due to GreenSky having enough employees on duty at all times to deal with any problem thrown at them.

Sahm Adrangi: A Successful Short Seller

Sahm Adrangi is a famous name in the world of managing investments. He is the founder Kerrisdale Capital Management LLC. On top of that, he is the Chief Investment Officer of the entity. These are senior positions in the organization. As such, he has a lot of influence. He has been in the firm since its inception in the year 2009 and has been influential in the development of every aspect of the firm. The legendary businesses man has a lot of experience in investment management. He has worked for Longacre Fund Management, LLC. In this firm, he held the role of a financial analyst. Sahm Adrangi was a dedicated staff who gave valuable advice to the clients and the management of the firm based on his careful research and analysis.

Many firms have benefited from his skills in the world of finance. One of such firms is Chanin Capital Partners. In this firm, he did a lot of assignments concerning bankruptcy restructuring. He gained extensive knowledge which he uses up to today in his firm. In this role, Sahm Adrangi closely worked with creditors on how to solve outstanding loans issues with their borrowers. Most of the assignments involved out of court settlements in a bid to speed up the debt recovery process. In the credit market, he represented various parties such as banks, bondholders, holders of preferred equity and the firms which had advanced finances to these distressed institutions. Sahm Adrangi was successful in most of his engagements. This helped to cement his name on the world of finance. He has also worked for Deutsche Bank.

Sahm Adrangi holds a Bachelor of Arts in Economics. This academic qualification was obtained from the prestigious Yale University. The certification formed a foundation for his knowledge which he uses to execute the various deals entrusted upon him. He is a renowned short seller. In his dealings, he takes the approach of an activist. Sahm Adrangi has done a lot of research and publications on Chinese companies. As a successful short seller, he made a return of 180% in the year 2011. This illustrated his firm grasp of the investment markets. He continues to inspire many people who have an interest in the financial markets.

The Life at Sussex Healthcare

Sussex Healthcare is an institution that provides psychological and physical support to the seniors. The institution began in 1985. Today, we have more than 23 homes and 530-bed spaces around Sussex. We have caregivers who receive training from time to time as part of our model and practices. Also, in every home, we employ a qualified nurse to aid in checking the health of our residents. Also, we have a chef in every home with an experience to prepare the excellent meal, especially for people who need special dietary. Our level of understanding is exceptional.

Apart from taking care of the older people, Sussex Healthcare is a welcoming place for the adults with developing disorders like autism, learning disability, neurological condition, and brain injury. We hold various activities at Sussex Healthcare that gives mental stimulation and can cure multiple states such as depression, mental illness, and some cancer. The events that take place in the institution are fun, and they give a sense of healing. We offer a conducive environment for leisure and recreational activities. The residents can participate in community activities like gardening. The amenities available at the institution are spa pools, multi-sensory rooms, specialized gymnasium, and track hoists.

The institution runs under the leadership of two co-founders. Shiraz Boghani is also the chairperson of the Splendid Hospitality Group. The leader is an expert in hospitality management. The individual ensures that the new patients receive a healthcare plan. Also, we have Shafik Sachedina. Sachedina is a qualified dental surgeon. Sachedina ensures that all the patients receive the most appropriate medical attention. Early this year, Sussex Healthcare announced the appointing of the new Chief Executive Officer, Amanda Morgan-Taylor. The appointment shows the willingness to improve the services this year and in the future.

The CEO determines to join hands with the senior officials in the quest to bring substantial development to the residents and community at large. Morgan-Taylor is much respectful of her seniors. The leader worked in various public and private medical centers. Plus, the individual brings with herself a 30-year experience in care giving. Morgan-Taylor began her career in 1984 as a mental health nurse.

Madison Street Capital Raises the Bar, Bringing in Clients Like Infiniti HR

Madison Street Capital, a global investment banking agency, served as the sole financial advisor, providing a debt department for Infiniti HR. Established in 2008 and based in Maryland, Infiniti HR provides human resource and company process resolutions that allow small to medium-sized companies to focus better on core services. The department was presented by Oak Street Funding.


The deal was declared by CEO of Madison Street Capital, Charles Botchway, and directed by Barry Petersen, Senior Managing Director. “Admittance to capital is the sole thing that’s been holding us back from bringing Infiniti HR to a whole new level,” Scott Smrkovski, Infiniti HR CEO, detailed. “This latest partnership can let us continue to give innovative resolutions to the SMB and Franchise communities.”


Rick Dennen, President & CEO of Oak Street Funding stated, “As a loaner within the insurance arena, we’re used with the sophistication of Infiniti HR’s business plan. Our talent, paired with the force of Infiniti HR’s management operations, and Madison Street Capital overseeing the transaction, concluded in a reciprocally advantageous funding and relationships.”


“Infiniti HR grants a specialized service program in the PEO field, allowing for a more widespread service platform using key direct coverage product provisions which have generated extremely strong increases,” Petersen closed. “Oak Street’s experience in granting capital to growth businesses with work in the insurance service world is the ideal partner for development.”


Regarding Madison Street Capital


Madison Street Capital is a worldwide investment banking company committed to excellence, integrity, service and leadership in delivering corporate economic consulting services, financial opinions, merger and acquisition advising, and valuation work to privately and publicly owned businesses. Such services position their clients in a place to succeed amidst the international marketplace.


When starting a new project, the client’s objectives and goals become theirs, varying from M&A transactions to financial advisory and successful capital improvements to transference of ownership. Madison Street Capital believes emerging markets to be the core element driving the global improvement of their clients and will remain to focus significant funds on such markets. Their agency has gained the trust of clients all over the world with their unwavering commitment to the greatest levels of professional services.


About Infiniti HR

Infiniti HR is a service provider for human resource and company process plans that enable small to medium-sized company a better concentration on their core functions.


Visit to learn more.

Every Dollar Has a Purpose with Infinity Group Australia

Graeme Holm and Rebecca Walker, Graeme’s business partner, started examining the problems that people were encountering when applying for loans at a traditional financial institute. They discovered that people were getting poor services, no support, and very little guidance on how to apply for loans. Financial institutions were giving everyone bad deals on loans and mortgages and it had to be stopped.


Infinity Group Australia, was founded to bring personal attention to individuals who needed financial help. Graeme Holm, has been in the financial world for over 17 years and has worked in the Big Four banking environment for over 10 years. With locations of Infinity Group Australia, in Bella Vista, Brisbane, Cronulla, Macquarie, and Melbourne, financial advisors will be able to help thousands of people who are at many different financial levels.


It came to Holm’s attention that most people were living on a paycheck to paycheck budget. On their loans, they were only paying the bare minimum for payments. Graeme had a passion for helping people and was great at financial matter. With Infinity Group Australia, he wanted to put clients first and help people to lower their debt and help them set up a better future for their families.


Infinity Group Australia has a different approach to helping people with their financial needs. They make sure the client gets ongoing help to reduce their debt. Infinity helps with the planning for retirement, property investments and helps people create a better portfolio. Infinity clients pay off more of their debt in 3 months then they did while at any other financial institutions.


Clients and the experts from Infinity Group work together to plan a solid cash budget. If the client can not pay cash for an item, then it is an un-needed item at that time. Each and every dollar has a purpose. Clients learn between a want and a need.


Each client has a banker that works with them. The banker helps them pay off loans quickly. Clients will receive performance reports so they know exactly how the loans are being paid off and by how much. Clients will also get monthly detailed reports so any adjustments can be made if needed


At Infinity Group Australia, they believe in giving support and guidance throughout the loan process. With Infinity, clients have their own trainer guiding them. The sooner clients pay off loans, the more interest they save, and the more money they can save for their future. Learn more :

Whitney Wolfe Created Bumble for Every Woman

Whitney Wolfe made sure that Bumble was a safe spot for women. She knew there were things that would help them connect. By putting the power into the hands of women around the world, Wolfe knew what she could do and how she could help other people with the issues they were fighting. She didn’t want women to deal with harassment any more than they had to so she made a point of always showing people what they could do on their own. There were times when she had to help people understand the right way to do things and that’s how she did business when she came up with the idea for the app. Now Bumble is better than any other app that was a part of the industry before. For Whitney Wolfe, this meant she had to help people have a clear understanding of the things that were happening around the world. Follow Whitney Wolfe on Instagram for more updates.

When the women signed up for Bumble, they could get more from the experiences they had. Bumble gave women a chance to try different things and a chance to do things on their own. With Bumble, they had to initiate the contact. Men couldn’t just start harassing women in a way that was uncomfortable for them. Wolfe made the app so it would be different from any of the other apps that people had access to. The dating app world is changing and Whitney Wolfe is setting the stage for it.

Whitney Wolfe had experience with other dating apps. She wanted to help people make sure they had a chance to do things and she felt it would give her the ability to do things on their own. Since Wolfe knew what they needed, she felt there were times when they could come up with positive experiences. She always wanted people to understand they could do things on their own without the help of a man. She also felt things would change based on the way she ran the app. Wolfe set the scene for apps in the future. It helped them see things that would be different on their own. Read more:

Shiraz Boghani: Why is He worth Emulating?

Shiraz Boghani is an accomplished British businessman living in Harrow, UK. Besides being an entrepreneur, he’s also a chartered accountant who has managed to launch a firm in the healthcare industry and a successful chain of hotels.

Shiraz Boghani is a business-minded fellow. The first company that he established was known as Splendid Hospitality Group, a business entity based in Haydon House in Middlesex. He founded this firm way back in 1986 with the firm currently operating a significant number of hotels across the United Kingdom. Mr.Boghani plays a vital role at Sussex Healthcare chief among them being ensuring that the medical staff is able to effectively offer quality healthcare services to people living with disabilities and the elderly. Another vital role that Boghani plays includes guiding Sussex Healthcare in the right direction by providing excellent leadership in the face of cut-throat competition.

Besides being at the helm of Sussex Healthcare, Shiraz Boghani also owns and subsequently manages Splendid Hospitality Group, a company that has a good number of hotels all across the entire region of the United Kingdom. Just like his other businesses, Boghani’s role at Splendid Hospitality is to ensure that clients are able to get a grand place to stay as long as they desire by making sure that all their needs are taken care of. Another equally important role that he plays includes making more additions to Splendid Hospitality Group, a move aimed at satisfying the increasing number of clients.

Shiraz Boghani is a committed and hard working individual and due to this, he has won a number of awards. For instance, in 2016, Mr. Boghani was awarded the Asian Business Award for recognition as the best and most impressive hotelier of the year due to his leadership skills and the willingness to offer his clients more than they expected.

Boghani is an educated fellow. With a desire for education, he moved from Kenya all the way to the United Kingdom and immediately studied accounting in a small chartered accounting firm before joining the Thomson McLintock (KPMG) to advance his studies in the field of accounting.