More into Partnerships in Development of the Infrastructure with Felipe Montoro Jens.

The main aim of any government is to grow the respective economies and improving the living standards of the residents. One of the main drivers of economic development is good infrastructure, the governments of various have initiated numerous infrastructural projects. Some developing countries have resulted to acquiring grants from international financial bodies such the International Development Bank and from developed countries. The other common means of financing infrastructural projects include partnering with the various players in the private sector. The practice has gained prominence even in the developed countries and has yielded good results.

Various development banks in the United States have been holding talks on the possible partnerships to improve the infrastructure. Scholars have always stressed the importance of developing economic partnerships among various players in the economy. With the talks, there is a possibility of developing and implementing transformative infrastructural projects. The talks have often resulted to increased infrastructural developments sponsored by the private sector. Scholars have stressed the importance of training individuals with the necessary skills to drive the infrastructural projects. There is a need to have better solutions in promoting private investments in infrastructure. Read more about Jens at

The governmental plays a key role in encouraging private investments, with a good political will, the rate of infrastructural developments is likely to increase. New investments are crucial to the development of infrastructure, the government plays a key role in promoting new investments. New investors prefer a stable environment that could explain the reason why countries with an unstable political environment lag behind in infrastructural development and the whole economy as a whole. There is a need for governments to partner in developing infrastructure to foster trading among the states. With the partnerships, the trading between the states becomes easier and boosts the local economies.

The government should put in place good plans for infrastructural projects, some projected end up stalled as a result of poor planning. The private sector’s main challenge in initiating infrastructural projects lies in financing. In some countries, the players in the private sector have formed alliances that help in pooling funds together for various development projects, this could be the solution to the problem in financing.

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