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Matt Badiali is a financial analyst. While at Penn University, he studied Earth sciences. In Florida Atlantic University, he did his Masters of Sciences in Geology. These achievements have taken him all over the world. He has inspected the wells and mines of Switzerland, Turkey, and Haiti. He worked as a geologist teaching at the University of North Carolina. This was before receiving a call that changed his life. It was from a financial expert who needed to invest in the energy, mining and natural resource sector. Learn more about Matt Badiali at Crunchbase.

The media recently introduced freedom checks. One ad features Matt Badiali holding a 114,287 dollar check. It resembles the one given by the government for a tax refund. Many may dismiss this and label it as a scam or a get-rich-quick technique. This is due to the nature of most ads that makes the freedom checks concept seem impossible. Much of the confusion arises from the fact that most people don’t understand them. A big percentage of people aren’t familiar with Matt Badiali. They also do not know why he is talking about freedom checks for that case.

For this, a background check on freedom checks and underlying principles are necessary.

The check is private, not from the government. The same script used to bribe people into ‘Patriot Checks’ is the same one used in U.S Freedom Checks. The only thing that differentiates these checks from scams is the fact that it is an investment. Nobody is giving away money. It promises you cash from a thing it needs you to buy.

This investment is a commitment. To receive payouts in the future, you have to invest on a regular basis. This is the reason why it requires much thought. The ads are not going to tell you this.

The truth is that Matt Badiali is promoting Master Limited Partnerships. An MLP is a partnership playing the role of a public limited partnership. Thus, you get to enjoy tax-related advantages. Your profits also will only get taxed after the investors receive theirs. The MLP can enjoy the high liquidity that comes with a company that has gone public.

When using freedom checks, payments are not subjected to income tax. This is because of the consideration that they are capital returns. They also allow investors to skip opening a special account to benefit. Also, you can trade them for as low as 10 dollars or less.

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