Ted Bauman: Economist By Training And Editorial Director at Banyan Hill

Ted Bauman is the son of a former United States Senator and Congressman. A true boat-lover and aficionado of the sea, Bauman grew up in a rural area of Maryland on the eastern shore. On more than one occasion he has attributed his direct manner of speaking and the fact that he remains a bit rough around the edges to his rural upbringing. Don’t underestimate this self-professed country boy; however, because he is well-traveled, extremely financially savvy, and exceptionally astute at knowing what the prospective subscribers of his Banyan Hill published newsletters are looking for in a publication. Learn more at Crunchbase about Ted Bauman

After growing up in the U.S., Bauman emigrated to South Africa where he found himself deeply entrenched in the expansion and employment of post-apartheid urbanization and economic policy structuring. He became a consultant to the UN and numerous African and European governments. It was a period of extensive travel and learning for Bauman, and he developed quite a unique understanding of the dynamics involved in politics and finance throughout different societies. Additionally, he earned degrees in economics, political science and history from the University of Cape Town. Following a variety of executive roles within non-profits in South Africa, most frequently as the fund manager for low-cost housing ventures, Bauman moved back to Atlanta to hold a position with a non-profit for five years. In fact, he continues to reside in Atlanta with his family today. Searching for a different career choice, Ted Bauman sought out a new path for the next leg of his life’s journey. Read: http://sovereignsociety.com/bauman-letter-reports/

Ted Bauman’s father was a full-time finance writer in 2013 when he decided that he would like to retire. As he contemplated retirement, he offered Ted the prospect to audition for his job at Banyan Hill Publishing, which was then known as The Sovereign Society. Bauman replaced Bauman and then began to steadily climb and expand his position at Banyan. Ted Bauman’s broad background in economics and unique level of comprehension when it came to market dynamics allowed for his rapid advancement from writing solely about topics such as asset protection to covering investment topics, as well. He now operates two rules-based investment services utilizing algorithms to make investment decisions devoid of emotion. One of the services is known as Alpha Stock Alert, a stand-alone investment service, while the other is denoted the Smart Money System and is a portion of the Bauman Letter. Follow Ted Bauman at stocktwits.com

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