The Best Music Producer – Clayton Hutson

Clayton Hutson has made a successful career at becoming a audio engineer. He has extensive knowledge, experience and training in his field, and he has even picked up the skills needed to be a project manager. Clayton has started his own company where he creates amazing concert premiers for many different artists – mainly in the rock genre. Hutson is dedicated to his clients, and he is willing to do whatever it takes in order to create that perfect song, concert and sound!


A few of Hutson’s clients feature artists like Pink, Garbage and OneRepublic. He has traveled multiple times with his clients on world tours and has put in many hours to ensure these artists success on stage, as well as in booth.


After the business he was previously working for took a turn for the worst, he was inspired to try out a business of his own. Clayton has established his business on nothing more than the hope that it would succeed, and succeed it did. Clayton will stay up all night in order to get the perfect sound for his clientele. He is dedicated to them and their individual sounds and needs.


Clayton Hutson is very passionate about his work, which plays a big role in how he has been able to become so successful solo. He has a great effect on his clients due to how professional and caring he is. His clients see this and they then promote his services to friends, family and other artists.


By staying well organized, Clayton is able to manage the artists performances in a quick and effective manner. He will lose sleep in order to assure that the concert goes as good as can be. He has employed a great staff who can quickly clear the stage after performances and who are great at their jobs. Each concert he manages is always guaranteed to have great outcomes and wow all of the concertgoers.  Learn more:


About Clayton Hutson


Clayton is a long time DiGiCo fan and has used/is currently using many of their products for his work. He has been working in the field since 2005 and he has made great career out of it. Once starting with nothing more than training, he has built an empire all of his own. This man truly is the best of the best, and you can best believe that all of his clients would agree!

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