Jeff Yastine Recommends Individual Stock Investment

From the early 1990’s, until 2010, Jeff Yastine worked for PBS as an anchor and correspondent for the network’s Nightly Business Report. While in this capacity, Mr. Yastine had the pleasure of meeting with and interviewing many of the financial minds in the world, including Warren Buffet, Sir Richard Branson, and Michael Dell. These meetings allowed Mr. Yastine to become privy to a wealth of hidden financial strategies, creating new and exciting investment opportunities for his audience. Throughout his career, Jeff Yastine has also foreshadowed a number of economic pitfalls, including the bursting the dot-com bubble in the early part of the decade, as well the failure of the real estate market in the mid-2000’s. As an expert investor, he was also able to predict the economic turnarounds of many failing corporations, and in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, he gained substantial notoriety as one of the top reporters in his field. Mr. Yastine also reported on the effect that foreign automakers were having on the economy of states within the southeastern region of the U.S., and he was on the front line during the United States’ return of the Panama Canal to its government. Today, Jeff Yastine is one of the most highly regarded editors at Banyan Hill Publishing, overseeing the Total Wealth Insider column, while also routinely submitting pieces for Sovereign Investor Daily, as well as Winning Investor Daily. Read more about Jeff Yastine at Bloomberg

Jeff Yastine recently honed in on a new trend that is changing the way corporate entities operate. While many large corporations have traditionally focused on building their companies internally, according to a recent survey by Deloitte, which questioned 1000 executives from a number of private equity firms and corporations, mergers and acquisitions have replaced this school of thought. Dealogic, which has been keeping an account of these stats since the mid-1990’s, recently discussed the fact that, as the year closed out, mergers and acquisitions saw a considerate jump when compared to what has previously been seen. In order to make the most of this incoming trend, Jeff Yastine recommends investments on individual stocks. Considering the fact that several big-pharma companies, such as Bristol-Myers Squibb Company and Biogen are potentially in the market for buyouts, they may be companies to target. Akami Technologies Inc has been discussed in reference to a buyout in recent times, and as of late, its stock price has jumped by fourteen percent. Learn more:


GOP Leader’s Changes to DACA Put Economy and Dreamers at Risk but Not Without a Fight

The growing fear of the changes that were imposed with the Deferred Action for Children Arrivals (DACA) has escalated since September 2017 when Congress made the decision to implement the changes. The impact could be staggering to the immigrant population as well as the U.S. economy.

A letter from Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton was endorsed by several GOP leaders in other republican-led states. The letter gave threat to additional actions if changes to DACA were not implemented which Paxton clearly specified with detail.

DACA was implemented by former President Barrack Obama. The program was established as a way to permit the younger generation of the immigrant community, who arrived to the United States as minors, to be given a nominal time period to remain in the country undocumented. Although their illegal status is considered to be an issue of widespread conspiracies among many GOP leaders as well as President Trump, the DACA recipients that have remained in the country have been able to be productive members of the society. They’re referred to as –Dreamers. As of 2017, there is an estimated 800,000 Dreamers within the country. Dreamers receive social security numbers through the DACA program and are able to work in the country without any repercussions or fear of deportation. They’re also able to obtain a driver’s license.

After receiving work permits, Dreamers contribute to the economy by paying taxes through the workforce and have helped to build the job market. By rescinding the DACA program, GOP leaders are not only putting the U.S. economy and the job market on the line, but they’re also decreasing the tax benefits which Dreamers bring through the workforce. The effect of the reduction of tax benefits will not be felt for years, but GOP leaders appear to have forgotten that part as well as their compassion for human decency.

Among those that supported Paxton’s letter to President Trump are nine other attorney generals and one governor. Those individuals signed the letter before it was presented to Trump along with the threat of a lawsuit from each of the presiding red states.

Dreamers are not only outraged by the changes, but they’re also scared and fearful of what might occur if GOP leaders continue down this dangerous path. Although, the leaders have requested a phasing in period for the changes, it does not erase the fact that DACA recipients are choosing to fight now. There have been widespread protests around the country with support from many advocacy groups who want the program to remain such as the Hispanic Caucus which also met with Secretary of Homeland Security John Kelly.

The Lacey and Larkin Fund of Arizona is continuing to provide pertinent information about the status of the DACA program and give full access for those individuals who may be affected by the changes. Arizona has approximately 43,000 immigrant youth. The fund is continuing to assess the situation and provide assistance for those who seek the help needed.

Fabletics Is Rising Among New Fashion Companies And Going At Amazon

Announcements that retail chain stores are closing saddened many customers in 2017. JCPenney, Toys R Us, Dillards, Macy’s and other longtime retail chains have been battling losses and coming to grips with the future of shopping and even more so as Amazon swoops in and fills the void. But even though old stores may be moving out of brick and mortar locations, there are new online companies that are moving into them. Fabletics is one of them, and while this online first company offers most of its perks on its website, customers have still expressed their love of visiting stores to try on outfits. The reason this company may be primed to compete with Amazon is because of their affordability, their use of data analytics, customer reviews and being able to get items picked up in the store.


The owner of Fabletics is none other than the famous Kate Hudson who won the Golden Globe award for her role in “Almost Famous,” and won the People’s Choice award twice. She’s also been an Oscar award nominee though she’s never quite come home with it. But as a side hobby to acting, she’s taken up promoting athletic wear on social media for her company. She was offered the ownership as a partner of JustFab, Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler’s company. Now JustFab and Fabletics are operating under the parent company Techstyle Fashion Group, though Hudson has the independence to direct the company along with her colleague Gregg Throgmartin. Pop singer Demi Lovato also endorsed Fabletics at a fundraising event this last year.


What’s made Kate Hudson good at running this company is that even though she has no business expertise, those who know her know that she will never buy into something she will not use herself. She’s been enthusiastic about Fabletics ever since the day she bought into it, and when driving or walking around Hollywood on her daily routines, people see her in Fabletics outfits. Hudson also gives her input to all operations at Fabletics from the designing departments of the company, to the marketing and public relations departments and customer service centers. Hudson has especially taken the voices of customers into consideration by improving communication with them, and when hearing concerns about privacy or opting out of the company VIP program, Hudson had the company make those changes. It’s easy to get started as a Fabletics member. You just need to answer questions on their lifestyle quiz at

Weekend #workout plan inspired by @gingerressler's high-power moves ????

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Louis Chenevert Invested in the People and New Tech While at UTC

Louis Chenevert undoubtedly changed the course of United Technologies Corporation, helping to create the sustained powerhouse that it is today. In order to understand the role that he played, one must look to his past. After graduating from HEC Montreal, the business school belonging to the University of Montreal, Louis Chenevert spent fourteen years working for General Motors, helping to keep the company flourishing, while also creating an impeccable reputation for himself. He later moved on to Pratt & Whitney Canada, where after only six years, he became the President of the corporation.

During his time with Pratt & Whitney, he would continue to display his uncanny business sense and leadership abilities, and in 2006, became the head of United Technologies Corporation. Mr. Chenevert’s relationship with Pratt & Whitney played an integral role in his success with United Technologies Corporation, due to his foresight regarding a developing geared turbofan engine that was still in the early stages of development. Mr. Chenevert’s decision to continue the research and development of this innovative geared turbofan engine would effectively create a marriage between United Technologies Corporation and Pratt & Whitney.

Today, the geared turbofan engine, which cut emissions, as well as fuel consumption by an incredible margin, is utilized by 14 airlines and in 70 aircraft. The demand for this innovative engine helped to create jobs throughout the U.S. as Pratt & Whitney currently operates in a number of states, including New York, Connecticut, Georgia, Florida, Michigan, and Maine, with intentions on increasing exponentially over the next three years.

Although Mr. Chenevert constantly placed emphasis on remaining innovative, always seeking the newest technologies, he was just as dedicated to the people that worked for him, implementing an educational program that allowed his employees to garner degrees of their choosing at the expense of United Technologies Corporation. While Louis Chenevert has since moved on from United Technologies Corporation, his legacy will remain present, as current Chief Executive Officer, Gregory Hayes, continues to incorporate many of the ideas founded by Louis Chenevert to create a culture of winning.

Why Cellular Health Matters: A Look at Elysium

Cellular health is an important aspect of our personal well-being. Living a lifestyle that supports cellular health is a great way to stay healthy as you age. But not everyone realizes what daily habits they should follow to achieve a healthy lifestyle.

Elysium Health is a consumer science company that is dedicated to helping people live healthier, longer.

How to Invest in Health

Eating a diet composed of natural foods and one that is full of necessary vitamins and nutrients is a key aspect of supporting cellular health. When we eat healthy our bodies feel great and energized because our cells are functioning at their optimal levels.

Regular exercise is also a vital part of supporting our well-being. Some people avoid exercise because they are worried about the risk of injury.


Taking a supplement is a great way to support cellular health as well. Elysium Health sells a daily supplement called Basis. Basis works by increasing levels of NAD+ in our cells, which is a coenzyme essential for many cellular functions. As we age our levels of NAD+ decrease, but Basis has been clinically proven to raise levels of this coenzyme. By raising levels of NAD+, Basis supports critical cellular functions and our cellular health as a result.

Basis is a supplement that is both affordable and effective. For only $60, anyone can purchase a bottle of Basis to support their cellular health. Monthly subscriptions to Basis are also available, bringing the cost of the supplement down to between $40 and $50 per bottle depending on the length of the subscription.

In the coming years, Elysium Health is a company that is on the path to continue growing. Elysium is developing new products that focus on the microbiome, cognitive health, skin health, muscle function, and circadian rhythms. These products are in various stages of pre-clinical and clinical trials at the moment.

Jeunesse Global’s Growth Plans for the Coming Years

The health industry is growing rapidly. Many people are interested in improving their health and fitness this year. As a result, sales of health supplements have increased greatly. There are various companies offering different health supplements to customers. However, many of these companies use inferior materials in order to increase profits. As a result, customers are wary of spending a lot of money on health supplements.

Jeunesse is a new company within the industry. A few years ago, the founders of the company decided to start a business that would change the lives of people around the world. Although it was difficult to get started, Jeunesse is now growing rapidly. The company offers numerous products and services for people to use.

Why Health Matters

Living a healthy lifestyle is one of the best things that anyone can do. There are numerous studies that show the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle. Not only does a healthy lifestyle increase longevity, but it also makes people more productive in other areas of life.

The best way to live a healthy lifestyle is to eat healthy food choices and exercise regularly. There are few people who do this on a regular basis. As a result, the vast majority of people struggle with some health issues.

Working with Jeunesse

Jeunesse has numerous products that can help people improve their health and wellness. Over the past few years, the company leaders have worked hard in order to develop products to meet the needs of customers.

Jeunesse has several health coaches who can help customers design a fitness plan. Over time, following a plan is the best way to reach a goal.

The direct selling option offered by Jeunesse is a great way for customers to get a discount. Jeunesse allows customers to buy inventory at a lower price if customers spend over a certain amount. The excess product can then be sold to other customers for a profit. Many people are able to earn additional income each month due to this program.

Jordan Lindsey: The Power of Forex Dreams

The foreign exchange market enthralls many traders due to the prospect of becoming wealthy beyond their wildest dreams. The idea of a good life without either a boss or a real job is irresistibly enticing. The ability to travel anywhere on the globe as the master over your destiny – this by any other name is freedom.

Mr. Jordan Lindsey, the founder of JCL Capital, has advised traders not to be caught up on the limits which people outside of the forex trading community consider to be “realistic.” Jordan Lindsey wants traders to dream the impossible because those dreams are achievable. In fact, they will serve as your inspiration.

Every trader should have a vision board, and upon that board, he or she should pin pictures of things they hope to achieve through their trading. Forex trading is an art and a science. Think of it as the science of creating enormous wealth. There are many examples of traders who managed to do just that. Let them inspire you. Here are some names:

  • Steve Cohen
  • George Soros
  • Ray Dalio
  • William Ackman
  • James Simmons

There are thousands more, and you can add your name to the list someday, but there are prerequisites you must achieve first. Namely, you must qualify yourself as a consistently profitable trader (CPT). To do that study forex trading and make it your profession. Do not treat your trading as some hobby you found in the middle of the night. You can not bypass the education process and expect to triumph as a trader.

Your dreams can fuel you all the way to your ambitions. They will sustain you through the most challenging times, so hold on to them tightly. Mental clarity is a critical aspect of successful trading. As Jordan Lindsey says, traders must review their goals daily and commit to them. Your dreams are your ultimate goals.

Mr. Lindsey has described how it is possible with compound interest and a 7 percent monthly return to turn a $1,000 deposit into a $1,000,000 trading account in ten years time. Experienced forex traders know that this is doable, but your execution must be impeccable. Alternatively, as Jordan Lindsey says “Ideas are not what makes people prosperous. It is execution and follow-through which does it”. Dreams become possible for those who believe.

Volcanic Water from Hawaii – Waiakea

Waiakea water is really from a Hawaiian volcano, Mauna Loa. This volcanic water is alkaline and certified to be Carbon Neutral. Ryan Emmons wanted to share the Hawaii volcanic water, with the rest of the world.

Truly, this is just one of many fascinating facts about this premium bottled water. The next remarkable feature is the sustainable “plastic” bottle in which it is packaged. These plastic bottles are manufactured with 85 percent less energy than other recycled or original plastic bottles. These bottles are BPA free.

The CEO, Ryan Emmons, wanted to make the water he grew up with in Hawaii available to people all over the world and he wanted to have the smallest “footprint” possible for its production and packaging. This eco-friendly perspective was driven by his awareness of the large and growing amount of plastics in the ocean and bays.

Not only did Emmons, want to market a sustainable and healthy product, his social conscience guided him to become partners with the non-profit group Pump Aid to enable their work and to provide Waiakea water to rural villages without clean water supplies. For every liter of Waiakea water they sell, Emmons donates 650 liters of water to needy areas guided by Pump Aid. He has already donated several hundred million gallons of water.

Because the Waiakea water is volcanic in origin and quite remote from industrial pollutants, it is naturally clean and eco-friendly. This alkaline volcanic water has a ph which is known to provide multiple health benefits. This natural alkalinity is due to the volcanic source.

The business philosophy at Waiakea Water incorporates the environmental and social impact along with its financial growth. This is one company that walks its talk. Sustainability and social responsibility go hand in hand with the economics of this new volcanic water company. It was founded in 2012 and is prospering with Emmon’s leadership and commitment.

Doe Deere

Doe Deere is a successful beauty influencer and cosmetic company owner. She was born in Izhevsk, Russia. She has used her very bold personality and looks to create bold and bright makeup for people around the world. Deere has been imaginative and creative since she was an adolescent. She hosted slumber parties that had themes no one else would turn to. Instead of having princess themes she had witch themes. She was also an entrepreneur long before she started her makeup company. She was very confident in her abilities, so she moved to New York City to find new opportunities.

Doe Deere was then interested in becoming a musician. She started a band, sky Salt while in New York City. Years later she married her band mate Mark and began Lime Crime. She has acquired a great deal of success, but she continues to keep her life simple. She wakes up every day at 8:30 a.m without an alarms help. She eats breakfast, answers emails, and catches up with all that’s going on in the world. She does her makeup and then prepares to go to the office. She sticks to her routine to ensure that she takes care of herself.

She then heads to the office to get work done at her company Lime Crime. Lime Crime began as a fashion line on eBay in 2004. Lime Crime became a makeup company when she couldn’t find vibrant makeup colors that fit her. Doe Deere calls herself Queen Unicorn. In 2008 Lime Crime was launched and is now a thriving makeup company that sells makeup nationally and internationally. She works hard to make sure that she is serving her customers excellent quality makeup. Lime Crime is a vegan makeup company. She stands by her vegan makeup company very proudly.

Lime Crime has changed and recreated over the years to satisfy customers. Lime Crime and Doe Deere are very popular because they provided people with bold colored makeup when it was not able to be found anywhere else. She expresses her love for bright colors through her makeup and her bold colored hair. She calls herself and her followers unicorns because she is confident in her uniqueness. She believes that people are born different her difference is her love for color. Unicorns symbolize originality and boldness to express your uniqueness despite the things that society has to say. Learn more:


Barrett Jackson Auction Gets U.S. Money Reserve As Official Sponsor

If there is one thing we know about people from the Austin Texas area it is that they are collectors. The collections and things that people collect are often showcased at auctions and events held every year. One of those auctions is the 47th Annual Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale Auction.

This one caters to people who love cars. However, that does not mean cars are the nly things you can see there. This year the auction gained a new sponser who specializes in something else made from metal, namely coins made of gold and silver.

This year the comoany known as U.S. Money Reserve is the official sponser of the event. It is estimated that some 200,000 plus people will walk through the doors of the main salon of the Westworld of Scottsdale In Arazona. Some of them might have questions about precious metals and when those questions pop up, the leaders in the area of precious metals, U.S. Money Reserve will be on hand to provide answers.

People might wonder why it is beneficial for a company who has nothing to do with cars to sponsor this event. The reason is simple, this car brings out collectors. Read more: US Money Reserve Reports How to Protect Wealth From Increasing Global Risks in Exclusive eBook | PRNewswire and US Money Researve | Instagram

They might collect cars and the might collect other things too. It is a known fact that collectors have often have more than one thing they collect. As a result, U.S. Money Reserve may find some coin collectors in the mix. To be honest, it is a perfect match for both U.S. Money Reserve and Barrett-Jackson.

Located close to where U.S. Reserve is set up is a very rare vehicle. There were only 45 manufactured and this one has an odometer reading of 605 miles. Gary Bennett is handling the inquires for people who might want to purchase this rare beauty. It is a rare, one of a kind McLaren P1 GTR. If you can’t spare the purchase price, you can always collect some of the coins that U.S. Money Reserve features.

U.S. Reserve has a collector’s piece for every collector. You can start a collection or add to your existing collection. One of the things people seem to love is that you get actual coin collections with U.S. Money Reserve.

There is not just a certificate that says you own something that is tucked away in a vault somewhere. When you purchase an item from U.S. Money Reserve you get the coins shipped right to your door.