An Insight on Bruno Fagali

A popular personality, Bruno Fagali is based in Brazil where he was born and brought up. He is involved in legal matters and is the founder and head of the Fagali Advocacy which has its headquarters situated in Sao Paulo. The specialty of Bruno Fagali is in urban law, compliance law, ethics, regulatory law, electoral law and also the administrative law. Bruno has been practicing law for a very long time and has therefore acquired a lot of expertise and experience when it comes to legal matters. Bruno Fagali has earned a reputation as a very reliable and efficient legal practitioner who is skilled in his specialty.

Bruno Fagali has in the past served in many different firms since 2006 and this has assisted him to go up through the ladder of success. Apart from being the founder of Fagali Advocacy, he is also the head of Corporate Integrity at the Nova/SB. Bruno has an extensive educational background and he says that this is part of the success that he now enjoys. He is a graduate of Pontifical University where he was able to earn his bachelor’s Degree in Law. He also attended the University of Sao Paulo where he studied his master’s degree in Law. Bruno Fagali is licensed by the Brazilian Bar association and this has made him be recognized in the entire country.

The career journey of Bruno Fagali started when he went to work as an intern at the Office Model Dom Paulo Evaristo Arns. After working in other firms for a while, he made a decision to start his own company which is the Fagali Advocacy. Bruno Fagali holds in many different influence positions in the legal spheres of Brazil. He is involved with the Brazilian Institute of Business Law and Ethics where he holds the position of associate and coordinator. He is also the coordinator of the Advertising Agencies Commission. Bruno Fagali has also studied parliamentary law, marketing and advertising, electoral and compliance law. He is known to be conversant with many different languages such as English, Italian, French and Spanish. This has helped him when representing clients from all walks of life.



Luiz Carlos Trabuco Confirms That He Will Step Down As CEO

Recently, it has been announced that a big shakeup is in the works at Bradesco, the largest bank in Brazil. Luiz Carlos Trabuco, the long-time CEO, who has spent his entire nearly 50-year career with the bank, will be stepping down from his position at the helm of the firm. He will be replacing the outgoing Lazaro Brandao as chairman of the board.

While the moves have understandably made some shareholders question what will come next at the banking giant, both Brandao and Trabuco have reassured all stakeholders that the general tenor of the corporation’s overall strategy will continue apace, with almost no noticeable interruptions in any of the bank’s operations.

A legend of Finance Steps Down

Lazaro Brandao, at 91 years old, is, perhaps, the oldest currently serving board member of a major corporation anywhere in the world. The nonagenarian banker first came to work with Bradesco in its first year of operation. In 1943, the young Bradao, at just 16 years old, applied to work at the single branch of the bank, in a small town called Marilia, Sao Paulo. He was quickly hired and, over the next several decades, he climbed through the ranks, eventually managing to reach the position of CEO in 1981.

In 1990, Brandao was appointed as chairman of the board, a position that he has held, uninterrupted, until the present. He held both the chairmanship and the positions of CEO until 1999, when he was replaced as CEO by Mario Cypriano.


Throughout Brandao’s executive career with the bank, he oversaw a period of the most dramatic growth ever seen, not just for the bank but also for the country itself. Between 1990 and 2009, the stock price of Bradesco increased by more than 300 times. This explosive growth earned Brandao the respect and admiration of all of the bank’s shareholders, making him a legend within Brazilian financial circles.

Because Brandao has been so instrumental in the bank’s rise from obscurity to the dominant player in the Brazilian banking space, his departure, even at his advanced age, has caused some nervousness among shareholders and board members. However, he has unequivocally stated that Trabuco is the man for the job and that the strategic vision that both he and Trabuco have developed over their years of joint leadership will continue to be implemented.

For his part, Trabuco has until March of 2018 to appoint his successor. There has been a great deal of speculation about who is first in line to take the reins as the new CEO, with some even suggesting that Trabuco would likely recruit the next leader of the firm from outside company ranks. However, Trabuco quickly put that rumor to rest, stating explicitly that he would not break from company tradition and would promote the next CEO from among the junior executive staff.

This means that there are only seven people who are qualified to take over the position of CEO. But many experts agree that there are only two real candidates for the position according to Trabuco himself has given a fair number of clues, both through what he has said and through his past actions and philosophies, regarding who he is likely to tap to replace him.

It seems that the smart money is coalescing around Mauricio Minas, the 57 year old chief technology officer of the firm, who oversaw the integration of all of HSBC Brazil’s assets with those of Bradesco. Trabuco is reported to be highly enthusiastic about the continued adoption of new technologies by the firm. And it is said that he wants to install a CEO who understands technology and innovation as well as finance.

Learn more about Luiz Carlos Trabuco:á-presidência-do-conselho-do-Bradesco.htm

Obsidian Energy Is On Pace To Hit Volume Targets

Like most energy producers, Obsidian Energy is seeking to earn profits in an environment where retail oil prices remain flat. The company focuses on maintaining energy-producing assets while keeping expenses to a minimum. Obsidian Energy currently produces around 30,000 BOE (Barrels of Oil Equivalent) each day. The total output includes light oil, heavy oil, and natural gas.


The company’s management has set a strategy based on commodity prices that have been trending down for the past few years.


Obsidian Energy has been spending less capital in anticipation of declining returns. The company has been able to pay less cash as their current projects keep producing at significant levels. Even with less investment money in play, they plan on delivering 31,500 BOE daily by the end of the year. Learn More Here.


Obsidian Is Expanding Production


The energy business is volatile, but barrel pricing has remained down as many world importers expect a spike in output. The key to profitability moving forward is keeping a tight rein on production, investment outlay, and expenses. David French, the current President and Chief Executive Officer of Obsidian has announced a systematic production plan that’s in-line with potentially low retail prices. The company, which maintains its headquarters in Calgary, Alberta, plans on stepping up their development program to its highest levels in three years now that they are retiring several legacy assets that ran with higher operating costs.


Management is also reinvesting money into the production centers with the highest production. The Cardium Waterflood Platform will get the lion’s share or funds this year with $80,000,000 put in. That’s exactly half of the years $160 million total outlay. The current plan also involves cutting expense to $13.00 to $13.50 BOE. Belt-tightening has been going on in the oil industry since 2013, and the new emphasis on controlling expenses appears to be paying off. Obsidian has been able to diversify their production and continued to manage their assets carefully. At the current time, the energy sector continues to face the middle of the road pricing demand. Obsidian is well-positioned for a firming of retail energy demand and prices.

Obsidian Energy Performance After Its Renaissance

Obsidian Energy is an oil and natural gas production company. The middle-sized company is based in Calgary, Alberta in Canada. The company was initially called Penn West Exploration Ltd., Penn West Petroleum, and Penn West Energy Trust. It changed its name during a shareholders’ meeting held on July 2017 after a series of changes that restructured the structures within the organization. Approximately 92% of the shareholders were in favor of changing the name of the organization to Obsidian Energy.


The mother company, Penn West, went through various high levels of debt that it managed to survive. Moreover, it underwent numerous accounting scandals that accrued in lawsuits that were resolved in court. The transformation of Obsidian Energy from the mother company, allowed it to reduce its net debts. The company has also channeled its focus on only for production areas that it deems key. The company also reduced its number of employees to 300. This improvement has enabled Obsidian Energy to function properly.


According to Dave French, the Chief Executive Officer of the company, the name Obsidian was chosen because obsidian is a volcanic glass that occurs naturally. Moreover, the volcanic glass can be sharpened and refined. The organization has the potential of succeeding in the industry given its transformation that allowed it to emerge stronger. Moreover, its assets, entrepreneurial spirit and professional staff put the company in a better position of succeeding in the Oil and Natural Gas industry. Get More Info Here.


The company has taken positive steps of collaborating with other companies in the industry in order to achieve a common goal. Obsidian Energy jointly ventured into the Manufacturing of Cold Flow in Peace River with China Investment Corporation. The partnership is referred to as the Peace River Operated Partnership (PROP). The partnership has invested a lot of resources into the venture in to manufacture cold flow from crude oil.


Obsidian Energy also focused on building a Cardium Waterflood Platform. The waterflood platform will sustain a reservoir pressure during the initial stages of production that will decrease the declining rates experienced on the new wells. For over decades, waterfloods have been used in the Cardium to elevate production and rates of recovery.



The Incredible Achievements of Ted Bauman

     Ted Bauman has been in the research and writing business for a very long time. And when you couple it with the kind of experience he has when it comes to asset protection, low-risk investment strategies, privacy as well as migration issues, he immediately becomes a man that commands a lot of attention every time he opens his mouth to speak.

Apart from being very successful in his line of work, Ted Bauman has always been known for having the biggest heart. He never misses an opportunity to help others, be it with advice or projects that help to improve the quality of their lives. He began his journey after he graduated from the University of Cape Town with History and Economics degrees.

By 2000’s, Ted was buried deep in crunching numbers and coming up with meaningful financial reports, real estate valuation and just about everything financial. And that was how he managed to gunner all the knowledge that latter saw him rise to being The Editor of The Bauman Letter, Alpha Stock Alert as well as The Plan B Club.

During that time, Mr. Bauman also concerned himself with dealing with issues affecting the world bank, the European grant-making agencies as well as the South African government – matters that Mr. Bauman wrote extensively on. He found the Slum Dwellers International that has seen well over 14 million people spread out in over 35 countries is the direct beneficiaries.

He also worked as the director of International Housing Programs for Habitat for Humanity International but retired five years later. He then dedicated his entire life doing what was great at – researching and writing extensively. Ted also takes time to write in the free daily newspaper the Sovereign Investor Daily where he openly shares his experiences in a bid to make people aware of a good investment opportunity when they see one.

He also contributes to a handful of international journals which just shows that he is always ready to share his vast knowledge in a bid to help many people get enlightened as far as finances and investments are concerned.

Apart from being brilliant and dedicated to his job, Ted Bauman also takes pride in his other fulltime job, which is being a family man. He lives in Atlanta, GA with his beloved family where his heart is home. He is also a known globetrotter as he has already visited close to 75 countries all over the world.

The AvaTrade Forex Brokers Review Welcomes Everyone Into Their Realm

AvaTrade is one of the top Forex Brokers in the world and is a remarkable company because it offers an impressive list of varied markets for trading. The company’ base is located in Dublin, Ireland and opened for business in 2006.

Their offices span the globe and can be accessed in Dublin, Sydney, Milan, Tokyo and New York.

The website is user-friendly with the tabs easily read in English, Italian, French, Spanish, Arabic, German, Russian, Portuguese, Taiwanese, Chinese, and Japanese.

When the markets are open Customer Service is available to 34 countries using email, live chat or phone.

AvaTrade follows the regulations of the countries where they conduct business.

* The Central Bank of Ireland.

* They are licensed by the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive or MiFID in the European Union.

* The British Virgin Islands or B.V.I. Financial Services Commission.

* The Australian Securities and Investments Commission or ASIC in Australia.

* The Financial Services Commission or FSC in Japan.

The company made history by being the first to offer:

* Forex Brokers to present the Contract for Differences or CFD Trading on stocks, indices, and commodities.

* Trading Over The Counter or OTC for Basic Calls and Puts using the Ava Options Platform.

* Rollover for CFD contracts.

The CFD Rollover is the exchange for Matured Contracts for a new one before the contract expires and the difference in price is adjusted.

Many reviews have pointed out AvaTrade remembered the beginners and the seasoned traders by offering a free Demo account for 21 days for people new to using Forex Trading. The section labeled “Trading A to Z” provides the clients’ explanations and information for:

* What the Technical Terms mean.

* What and how to use Financial Instruments.

* How to use the Fundamental Concepts.

Actual accounts can be funded by:

* Wire Transfers and Credit cards.

* The minimum deposit is $100 to begin the trading for profit.

* When deposits of more than $1000 the client has access to Trading Central.

* Clients with active accounts can apply for the Ava Debit Card for deposits.

* Withdrawals are free and the online form is required to process the transaction.

The Oxford Club Succeeds by Analyzing Businesses, Not Predicting the Markets

Just recently the Wall Street Journal recognized one of the Oxford Club’s newsletters, the Oxford Communique, as one of the top financial newsletters of the year. This is quite an honor because it’s not based on subjective judgment. It’s based on the numbers.

The Communique’s stock recommendations produced a higher than market average return without taking on additional risk. And this is the twelfth year in a row it has done so. As Mark Hulbert, the foremost expert on financial newsletter performance, explained, the Oxford Club’s picks produced superior returns through both the up and down stages of the last three market cycles. That’s extraordinarily consistent. Many newsletters do well when the stock market happens to reward their style of investing, but then fall down when the market changes.

The Oxford Club has many experts who are happy to help its members. However, they do not have a get-rich-quick mentality. They are not market timers. They don’t attempt to predict market ups and downs. Instead, they focus on analyzing businesses.

That is the secret for editor Alexander Green, and the reason the Oxford Club has over 80,000 satisfied members around the world. They receive recommendations for bestselling authors, people familiar from their commentary on Fox and CNBC and former Wall Street portfolio managers. And they are all aiming to recommend good businesses. That is the key to consistently high, market-beating returns. Good businesses produce solid ROIs.

Through their educational arm and website, Investment U, the Oxford Club seeks to teach its members and interested followers how to invest for the greatest long term profits, no matter whether the stock market is in a bear or bull phase. They come and go. Good businesses remain. The Oxford Club goes back to 1989, and Investment U to 1999. Everybody is welcome to subscribe to their free email service, Investment U Daily. Investment U Plus, the premium version, supplies subscribers with actionable investment tips. The Oxford Club’s strategy has proven itself for nearly three decades. Don’t try to predict the market or what stocks will go up and down the most. In the long run, quality pays off.

Siteline Cabinetry is Changing How Cabinets Are Choosen For Homeowners

Is your kitchen due for upgrades? Are you purchasing a new home and want stylish cabinets in your kitchen? Are you simply looking for a new masterpiece or centerpiece for gatherings? If so, Siteline Cabinetry is just up your alley.

Corsi Group introduced this line of cabinetry in 2015. This line of cabinetry has a line of cabinets for all homes. No matter what your décor is, they have something to fit your style.

When it comes to updating your home, there is a number of choices available for you to choose from. Siteline offers competitive pricing with a much larger selection than most other brands. The line of cabinets is designer like but doesn’t have the design cost associated with other high end cabinet makers. If you are looking for something custom made, the custom made cabinets are everything that you could want in your cabinets.

Siteline Cabinets offers over 270 material finishes for you to choose from. This wide selection of finishes is what makes them stand out from other cabinet makers. Here are a few choices to choose from for finishes; metal door finishes, high gloss acrylics and a more modern appeal in Thermofoil finishes.

The Corsi Group which welcomed Siteline to their manufacturing line is ran out of Keysville, Virginia. They started working on the line for the third quarter in 2015. For Siteline, the purpose of their business is to focus on the person creating the cabinets. The designer is the focus point for all cabinets made by Siteline.

The CEO and chairman of Siteline started the business with a small business administration loan after he stopped working for a different manufacturer. The company which he started is now employing over 200 employees. They have an operation out of the Indianapolis region along with a different cabinet manufacturer plant in West Virginia which opened up in the year 2000.

The goal of the Corsi Group is to improve the way that cabinets are made, installed and flow within a person’s home. They strive to solve all problems that homeowners and contractors may encounter during the install portion as well as to answering any questions someone might have.

Some of the top foundations that champion for human, civil and immigrant rights in America

Numerous organizations have taken up the role to fight for a common cause of advocating for civil, human and immigrant rights. The purpose of these groups in the society is to implement the international human rights principles that uphold a civilized society as they strengthen the rule of law.

  1. Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund

This organization was established by the founding partners of Village Voice media and Phoenix New Times, Mike and Jim. The mission of this foundation is to fund and support all the migrant rights group in Arizona.

The organization was founded after the two journalists Jim and Mike did a story about a county sheriff. The two were apprehended in midnight hours and taken into custody.

Lacey and Larkin had run a story about the existence of grand jury proceedings that pursued the reporters’ notes on the story that implicated the sheriff. Michael Lacy and Jim Larkin who had dedicated their careers to fight for their First Amendment rights opened a lawsuit against the county, and the court ruled in their favor.

The US court of appeal granted the two journalists a $3.75 million settlement, which they channeled to their foundation. The Lacy and Larkin Frontera foundation offers financial support to the organizations that advocates for human, civil and migrant rights in Arizona and Mexican border.

  1. Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights (CHIRLA)

CHIRLA has its headquarters in California. This is one of the leading organizations that fight for the rights of immigrant families and individuals. On top of that, the foundation advocates for the freedom of movement of human rights and contribute to democracy.

The primary agenda of the organization is to create a society that everyone will feel included. CHIRLA was formed after the 1986 act, Immigration Reform and Control Act. The Act stated that it was unlawful for employers to employ the undocumented workers. Read more: Phoenix New Times | Wikipedia and Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund

It is evident that this was an approach to take advantage of the situation and abusing the employees. The advocacy organization intends to work by shifting public opinion and crafting power while transforming all policies for immigration, civil and human rights.

  1. The Advocates for Human Rights

This is one of the groups that are on the forefront in spearheading human rights movement in the world. It is an independent, impartial and non-profit making organization that was founded in 1983. Its mission is to create and uphold long-lasting, all-inclusive and wide-ranging conversion on the local, national and international scale.

Since it was founded, the group has been investigating and exposing any form of human right violation. It also represents refugees and immigrants that are in quest of asylum.

The Advocates for Human Rights supports those small organizations that are fighting for human rights. The group involves the public, policymakers, and children while it strives to push for legal modifications and fights for a comprehensive policy.

American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)

This is an immigrant foundation that is devoted to expand and enforce civil liberties and immigrant’s civil rights. They also advocate for public and private discrimination against immigrants.

Matt Badiali, an Expert in Mining Industry

     Matt Badial is a geologist, who used lecture at the University of North Carolina before he got a call from a renowned financial expert. The financial expert is said to have made over a billion dollars through the selling of top research to worlds famous investors. The financial expert was after the knowledge of Matt Badiali as a geologist since he wanted to invest in the energy, mining, and resources. For Matt Badiali to offer expert services, he had to visit specific companies worldwide to confirm what they present on the paper is the same as what they practice in the field.

Matt Badiali says that the idea of traveling around the world was interesting. Thus when he was offered a salary increment and be taught about investing, he agreed on the deal without a second thought. Though it has been more than a decade ago, he has been traveling since then. Having visited places like Yukon, Iraq, Hong Kong, Mexican desert and many other places. From the visits, he has been meeting with different CEO’s, investors in the resource sector and metal experts, who have been keeping him updated in the industry of its latest technologies and trends.

Matt Badiali has been able to meet famous people in the resource industry. The likes of legendary oilman T. Boone Pickens, talking with Ross Beaty and has developed a friendship with Rick Rule his mentor, and currently the CEO of Sprott U.S Holdings. So far, Matt Badieli has presented his findings at major geological conferences besides, placing them to big companies such as Exxon Mobil and Anadarko.

Mr. Badiali has worked on drill rigs in addition to exploring abandoned mines for him to make a gainful investment in natural resources. He has even gone ahead to own oil wells. Through his experiences, Matt has found that you do not know what is going on unless you see it by yourself, something that he says, it covers from the local politics to company results. He added that the best way to affirm that an investment is safe is by seeing it in person.

Before he joined Banyan Hill, Matt served as a geologist for drilling company as well as a consultant for the environmental company.

Matt Badiali graduated from the Universty of Penn State with a B.S. in the Earth Science. He later joined Atlantic University for a master’s degree in Geology.