Dick DeVos, the Trajectory of the successful Businessman

Born in the United States in the state of Michigan, Richard “Dick” DeVos is a businessman that has many talents at his disposition. DeVos has a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Northwood University and has obtained as well several honorary doctorates from different institutions. He began his career in Amway where he held responsibilities in many divisions such as finance, marketing, sales and research.


When I first read about him, it wasn’t hard to notice that he was an asset of much value in the company due to the fact that just ten years after he was hired he climbed to be one of Amway’s vice presidents and his decision making on his work had influence on a lot of counties.


In my opinion, DeVos is a man with a lot of vision who presented to Amway many other markets that would bring great profit to the company and that’s not even counting how he managed to increase foreign sales in a scale that was never seen in the company before. He is great in what he does because of the simple reason that he knows where the money is and how to get it.



After leaving Amway, DeVos was devoted to help his family manage their newly acquired National Basketball Team, Orlando Magic. DeVos stepped in as chief operating officer and some people had doubts on how well he could perform in such a different organization than Amway, for me it was clear that he would do a spectacular job judging by his work story and how well he had been doing and the fact is, DeVos was up to the challenge and did a spectacular job.



After working with the Orlando Magic, Dick DeVos decided to return to Amway as its President where he returned and did just what he was doing before he left, expanding and earning a large amount of money to the company. Seven years later after his reincorporation, Amway suffered a corporal restructuration process that led to the company known as Alticor. After two years since the restructuration, He left the company and I supposed he did it with a smile on his face knowing that he had a great influence on the company’s growth and large income. Without the initiative and decision making of DeVos, the former Amway would not have turned out the same. He is truly a business mastermind.



Nowadays, the businessman is helping his wife, Betsy DeVos, with her philanthropic movement to renew the American education and create a better school system for the future generations. Both of them have already achieved a lot in their “educational-choice movement.”


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Jose Auriemo Neto Taking JHSF to Its Glorious Days

JHSF is among the leading real estate companies in Brazil that have shown tremendous growth. Starting small, the company has become one of the top construction companies that are changing the entire construction industry. The company was set up in 1972 and since then has opened up new opportunities in the real estate business. The company has managed to build an extensive portfolio of services that include residential buildings, shopping malls, and even airports.

JHSF has its presence in many different cities in Brazil and is continuously spreading their foothold across many different areas within the real estate industry. The reason behind the immense growth of the company is because of the way they provide services to their clients. They are committed to providing nothing but the very best so that their clients are happy and not just satisfied. They use the latest technology in their service to keep up with the changing times and the changing taste of the people. Keeping innovation as the base of the company, the CEO of the company, Jose Auriemo Neto, is the one taking all the necessary decision.

Brazil is a fast growing economy that is rich in heritage and culture. It is the duty of the corporate world to ensure that it is not compromised in the name of growth. JHSF is one of those companies that try to match the culture of the country with each of its project that is undertaken. All works are started only after getting the necessary clearance from the authority to ensure that they are always on the right side of the law.

Working with the company for many years, Jose Auriemo Neto is the strength of the company. He is an important part of the JHSF family and is quite friendly with the employees and everyone working with the company. He is the one to take the company to greatness by making some tough decisions that others before him were afraid to take. Under his leadership, the company entered into new agreements with international clients such as Jimmy Coo and Hermes that has made it so popular in Brazil today.


The Nucleus Investment Insight by Igor Cornelsen as in Brazilian Economy

The choice of making an investment is awesome and even more when the investment is viable. Igor Cornelsen is one such great minds, with a pool of knowledge in matters; finance, banking, and investment – stock exchange.

His wide experience working in the Brazilian economy for about forty years as a financial analyst/adviser and a banker has made his gain great significance in the land.

Brazil enjoys some stability financially thanks to its well laid out banking system. In addition, the economy has valuable natural resources and climate and an advanced infrastructural system. Globally Brazil is among the leading food producers with the most attractive market.

Nevertheless, the country in the past has struggled hard economic times. Sound investment and bankers such as Igor Cornelsen and many others have been the backbone offering their knowledge and full support to ensure growth.

Igo Cornelsen, for instance, believes in investing in companies (scattered) so long as the company has been prior on scrutinized to guaranteed returns without going under. He understands the economic forces due to the rise and falls of the stock rates and is the most suitable person to consult for advice in making such ventures.

From his apprehension, investment banks offer a portfolio of product and services that people can invest in. Anybody can get engaged in a venture with the expectation of return, but professional adviser comes in handy in helping you break down your choices and weigh all the risk involved in each option.

About Igor Cornelsen

He believes that any diverse financial direction an economy, company or individual is taking; there are chances to refocus on the primary goal. Interestingly, he has helped firms get back on their feet using the portfolio diversification and the investment strategy to reverse the change.

He has worked as an advisor for the Ministry of Economics, Brazil. In the banking industry, he has worked with some popular brands and high caliber individuals guiding them through the international trade investment.

Igor is a proprietor at the Bainbridge Inv Inc. he advises hi clients to keen check on the banks’ details such as interest and exchange rates to remain on the advantaged side. The progress in the economy can largely be credited to him. He is a Golf fanatic, an avid adventurer/ explorer and values time spent with family.

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Kate Hudson’s Award-Winning Fabletics

Before Kate Hudson launched her fashion brand Fabletics, she had a lot to think about. Running a company is no small task; especially a fashion company. Fashion requires a constant awareness of trends, designs, social attention, economic shifts, as well as dozens of other factors. What convinced Kate to do it was remembering how dedicated her mother was to her craft.

Kate Hudson is the daughter of two famous parents, so she grew up in the spotlight. For decades, she’s been seen as a fashion icon. So, it should come as no surprise that Fabletics is now one of the most popular brands in the world.

Fabletics is part of the ‘activewear’ trend; made popular by millennials. Activewear combines the functionality of fitness wear with the comfort of casual wear. The problem with most activewear is that it’s rarely fashionable. Fabletics not only creates stylish fitness wear but at affordable prices.

This is what keeps Fabletics at the top of everyone’s shopping lists. Fabletics also found a way to use a subscription mechanic to make its members feel special. One perk of Fabletics is the monthly selection of outfits experts recommend for each member, based on their personal styles.

This feature is one of the main reasons Fabletics is such a high-value brand. They even offer a free lifestyle quiz so that non-members can see which outfits expert would recommend them if they were members. Fabletics understands that the modern consumer cares about more than just price and quality these days.

Part of that understanding is continuously expanding their brand. The next step Fabletics took was opening physical stores. Transitioning from e-commerce to local markets is a difficult task. Most brands don’t survive the jump unless they use other avenues of transitioning. Instead, Fabletics is doing in a similar way as Warby Parker.

To thrive in today’s economy, Fabletics had to figure out a way to overcome people urge to buy elsewhere for cheaper. They solved that problem by relying on relationships with local members and getting to know the local markets.

Over the years, many have reviewed the quality of Fabletic’s products. Surprisingly, many found Fabletics to actually be worth the money. Some said that a pair of Fabletic’s leggings can rival a pair of Lululemon’s leggings. Not to mention, Fabletics has more styles than anyone.

Future Entrepreneur Sawyer Howitt Shares His Ideas And Vision

Sawyer Howitt is the perfect example of a rising star. He already understands business and finance and has insightful ideas regarding brands and technology. He is simply a nice guy who enjoys charity work, mentoring youths, fishing, and racquetball. He believes the time is right to launch a startup and is aware of all the considerations and criteria involved. The cities he feels are the best for this purpose are listed below.

San Francisco, California has a strong business community and numerous prestigious, thriving companies. Median earnings are high with nearly half of the residents in possession of a Bachelor’s degree. The city additionally boasts a unique cultural scene and lovely surroundings.

Austin, Texas is experiencing an amazing boom. Entrepreneurs are welcome, higher education is pursued, millions are issued for small business loans, and roughly a fifth of the population consists of millennials. They additionally have a spectacular nightlife and music.

Additional cities include Salt Lake City, Utah, Palo Alto, California, Denver, Colorado, Yorba Linda, California, Minneapolis, Minnesota, and Santa Monica, California.

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Sawyer Howitt must have been born with a keen sense of business because he has understood the financial and operational aspects since he was very young. His accomplishments for such a young man are quite astounding and include a unique aptitude for brands and a special way of connecting to clients. He was born for the world of business.

Sawyer Howitt is currently a senior in school and in his second semester in Finances and Business. His efforts have already impacted the future of technology and commerce. Despite his age Sawyer Howitt is already well on the path to becoming an entrepreneur.

Sawyer Howitt is a devout champion of mentoring youths and women’s rights. He is involved with a group centered on ethnic studies with a work plan that is beyond impressive.

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