Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero: The Leader That Grupo Televisa Needs

     Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero is a highly influential person in the media industry. He is the CEO of Grupo Televisa, one of the largest television networks in Latin America. The network puts out a large number of shows, in a variety of different genres. The network has numerous channels under its name and has an enormous viewership from North and South America. The company is based in Mexico and is one of the most viewed television networks there. Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero has been instrumental in making the company the industry leader that it is today. He has worked extremely hard to make the company what it is today and believes in constantly improving always to stay ahead of their competition.

Before working for the television network, he used to work at an organization known as the Comisión Nacional Bancaria y de Valores. He has been an extremely beneficial to the company and is an excellent leader to all the employees. He believes in motivating them to be the best that they can be at their jobs. Quality has always been something that Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero wanted to enforce at the company, and through that, tried his best to hire only the best professionals to put out high-quality content to their audiences.By doing this, the company has managed to keep their position at the top of the media sector.

Even though the media sector is highly competitive, Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero has always tried to stay afloat. He believes that the company must adapt and progress with the times, sot that they can always appeal to their newer generations of viewers.

Eli Gershkovitch on Quality Craft Brewery

Canada is best known for its crafted beers. There are numerous breweries in Canada that work towards the production of the best beer types and flavors. The wineries include Phillips Brewery, Powell Street Craft Brewery, Jasper Brewing Company, Wild Rose Brewery and Muskoka Brewery among others. The most recognized Canadian beer type is the India Pale Ale. With the knowledge of the IPA craft brew, every individual in Canada and the world will quit using the Coors Light and drinks.

IPA is a beer style characterized by a hoppy flavor, intense and a medium body. IPA is golden hue in color. The IPA beer type is tasty. For it to be more enjoyable, IPA goes along with foods containing spices. Most spicy foods are prepared by the Indian and Thai cuisines. A shot of IPA unleashes a mouth characterized by flaming rages. The Canadian IPA is of various categories prepared by different breweries.


The most recognized Canadian IPA is the Hop Circle IPA. The Phillips Brewery manufactures this style of beer. Hop Circle IPA contains a mild percentage of sweetness. It is usually powerful regarding its scent and has a hoppy flavor. The beer contains an ABV percentage of 6.0.


Powell Street Craft Brewery designs the Hopdemonium IPA. Dryness characterizes the brew. The source of Hopdemonium is the West Coast of Canada. The key ingredient of the beer is the citrus fruit that gives it a bitter taste. In case the Hopdemonium IPA is not suitable for you, McAuslan Brewing provides another IPA category ( The company produces the St Ambrose India Pale Ale which is balanced and mildly sweet. It is the easiest beer type to drink.


Eli Gershkovitch is the Chief Executive Officer of Steamworks Group of Companies. Eli has been involved in the crafting of beer for twenty-one years. Eli Gershkovitch invented his company in 1995. Since then, Eli has boosted the beer industry. Currently, Eli Has built out floor spaces in Gastown. Eli has provided a boost from a count of 184 to 754-floor spaces.


Eli Gershkovitch is also involved in activities that enhance his well being (CalgaryHerald). Eli Gershkovitch takes part in branding, market expansion, new products realization and the development of concepts. Eli supports craft brewery by providing his piloting services.

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Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega​ Helped Make Grupo Televisa What It Is Today

     Ever since Grupo Televisa was first opening as a company, they have tried to make sure that they are making all of the right decisions. It is something that they have worked hard to be able to try and something that they have sometimes struggled with because of the issues that they have in different areas. Thanks to Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega​, though, they no longer have to struggle. They are now the most well-known company in the entire Spanish-speaking world and that has allowed them to grow their business much more than what other people were able to do in the past. Since they have been working to do more with their company, Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega​ is behind all of it and has shown people what he is capable of no matter what is going on in the business or what he is able to get out of the experiences that he has.

As an attorney, Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega​ is able to provide the advice that his company needs. He knows the right moves to make and has been doing this for a long time because he is a media attorney. There are many different ways that he has been able to do more and try more than what he was doing in the past. The ideas that he had for change made Grupo Televisa better than what it was in the past. It also helped the company to try new things and to get more out of the situations that they were in while they were experiencing more in their business.

Since Grupo Televisa has been doing well, Alfonso de Angoitia Noriega​ knows that he is doing the right thing. He is confident in the advice that he gave to the CEO of the company and that has allowed him the chance to keep trying new things so that he will be able to experience more with it. The company is a positive influence on the media center in the area that he is in and it is something that has been able to help people with the options that they have.

Empowerment and Wine: How Julia Jackson is changing the industry


As the youngest daughter of the wine industry archetypes Jess Jackson and Barbra Banke, the co-founders of the famous Jackson Family Wines, Julia grew up in the industry. Julia used to pick and sort grapes with her father as a child. She now is a prominent figure in the industry. Julia holds a certificate in General Management from the Stanford School of Business, as well as a degree from Scripps College in Studio Arts. Julia, along with her mother and sister Katie, own and run the Cambria Estate Vineyards and Winery in the Santa Maria Valley.

Inspired by her mother’s business acumen and ambition, Julia wanted to empower inspirational women, who push through hardships and obstacles to lead and support their communities. Julia noted that strong female role models are necessary to inspire women empowerment. From there, Cambria Seeds of Empowerment was born. The Program provides up to $100,000 each year in grants to organizations that are working towards equality, community, and spirit. The initiative was launched in 2014. Cambria Seeds of Empowerment grants were awarded to activists working in Myanmar and Tanzania, both women, working on related projects. As a consumer, you can purchase Seeds of Empowerment Wines, to support the program. Seeds of Empowerment Wines have the added bonus of including an original watercolor painting by Julia herself, highlighting one of her many creative talents.


The Family’s different brands of Cabernet, most notably La Joie, Le Désir, and La Muse, have continually received high praise and scores from wine experts.

Whitney Wolfe Dazzles Singles With Bumble Dating App

     The great thing about Whitney Wolfe is her innovative nature. She is someone that decided to make a dating app that people would praise because it is different. Bumble is the app that is taking the world by storm, and young singles are going to love this app. It has become quite obvious that Whitney Wolfe is not trying to do the same thing that everyone else is doing. She is pushing buttons and making people notice her dating app.

The dating app that Whitney Wolfe created is getting a lot of attention because she has promoted this app in a different way. There are matchbooks that people can buy for Bumble. There are also hats available as well. This makes it easier for people to recognize this dating app. This is the thing that enhances the dating app. More people are going to inquire about it because there is merchandise is available for this company. It is the type of app that is exciting because it presents a new way for people to interact.  It is a true sign of the change in dating app industry, and Whitney Wolfe is the one that heading up the change.

Whitney Wolfe started with Tinder, but she was just getting warm when she decided to do this. When she decided that the Bumble app would not be another typical dating app like the Tinder app that she started. That is why she decided to bring a new touch of femininity to the dating app world. There are people that are impressed with what the dating app industry presents because Whitney Wolfe does not conform.

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The Outstanding Support that George Soros offers to Communities

George Soros is a billionaire who has given a significant portion of his wealth to charity. He was born in Hungary and has accumulated his riches from finance and investments. Soros came from a humble background has worked to become one of the world’s most successful individuals. The donations that he has given throughout his lifetime add to about $2 billion. He has channeled most of his contributions towards fighting for freedom of speech, equality, justice, and transparency in governments. Soros uses the Open Society Foundation in bettering the lives of people who are discriminated in the community.

Soros comes from a Jewish family that lived in Hungary. Jews were discriminated in the country at that time. In the 1940s Hungary was unstable, and this led to the creation of the Nazi Occupation, which worsted the situation. The movement occurred from 1944 to 1945, and its primary goal was to kill all the Jews that were based in Hungary. It led to the death of the more than 500,000 people. Soros assisted people from his community in forging fake identities that enabled them to survive the deadly war.

The billionaire was based in Hungary until the late 1940s. He later relocated to London and had an opportunity to study at the London School of Economics. Soros is a bright and hardworking individual, and this enabled him to score the highest honors. While living in London, he had to work as a railway attendant and bartender to raise money for his tuition fee and other expenses. George later traveled to New York where he got an opportunity to work in various finance and investment firms. After a few years, he had gained sufficient skills and experience to establish his hedge fund company. The company is known as Soros Fund Management, and it is worth billions of dollars.

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George has been appreciated by communities for the past four decades that he has been taking parts in charity work. He has been implementing his ideologies by using the Open Society Foundation. The organization currently runs its operations in more than 100 countries across the globe. The Open Society Foundation has been supporting initiatives that pressure governments to respect the rights and freedoms of their citizens. Visit to know more about George.

Many charity activities have benefited from the donations that are offered by George Soros. He has funded the operations of the European Council on Foreign Relations and International Crisis Group, which are organizations that are committed to making the world better. George Soros has also been empowering young people by offering them scholarships to study in top universities across the globe. The billionaire supports the ideologies of the Democratic Party and is among its major donors. He funded the election bids of President Obama and Hillary Clinton. Learn more on Discover the Networks about George Soros.