Fabletics Wear on the Rise

In recent years, a brand of athletic wear has been growing rapidly. The brand is a branch of the very famous JustFab company and was founded about four years ago. It was co-founded by the famous American actress Kate Hudson, and it is called Fabletics – a play on the words fabulous and athletic.


Fabletics sells online. It mainly focuses on sportswear such as shorts, sports bras and running shoes, tracksuits, sports gear and much more. Fabletics offers a subscription service. Costumers receive products that have been picked out specifically for them. When someone signs up for the brand’s monthly subscription service, they are asked to fill out a survey. The survey collects data about the preferences of the person in terms of sportswear. For example, if they prefer shorts and tank tops or long legged and long sleeved tracksuits. The answers of each person are added to a personal database that is referred to by in-house stylists at Fabletics who curate the monthly subscriptions to fit with the costumer’s preferences. For each person, there are about 50 outfits available from which they can choose.


Fabletics has been well recognized ever since it first launched. A big part of the reason why is their choice of marketing strategy. Just like Amazon, Fabletics use the so-called ‘’reversed showroom technique’’. This means that the customers are allowed first to see and feel the product they are thinking of buying before they actually make their purchase. It allows the customer to check for any flaws or inconsistencies with the product. This marketing strategy requires constant delivery of high quality and making sure there have been no ungrounded claims made for the products that Fabletics are offering on their website. That prompts Fabletics always to deliver exactly what they have promised. While it keeps standards high, this marketing strategy also allows the brand to build a close rapport with their customers. The ‘’reversed showroom technique’’ has a higher chance of turning first-time buyers into loyal long term returning ones. That kind of trust is very important for a company’s success not only in term of clothing but any other line of work as well. There, the buyer can check out the clothing for themselves and even consult the in-house stylists.


The kind of sportswear they offer can be found in other high-end brands that are far more expensive. Fabletics has the goals of providing very high quality as well as elegance for an affordable price. The pride themselves on the quality they provide with and more and more people are reaching towards their products. Recently, not only athletes have been buying their sportswear but non-athletes as well. The comfort of the clothing has prompted people that don’t work out to wear their clothes as well. That only proofs the quality of Fabletics.